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As Su Ming continued laughing wryly, in the distance, Tian Xie Zi took one step, and a distorted wave of ripples appeared in the air. Just like when Su Ming used that extreme speed, he disappeared in a flash. When he reappeared, he was already standing before the white-haired old man.

The old man’s pupils shrank and he was about to retreat when Tian Xie Zi’s thin left hand grabbed his shirt.

"I’m not a lunatic! I’m really not! I’m cured! I’m completely cured… Why do you say I’m crazy!"

With bloodshot eyes, Tian Xie Zi started roaring at the white-haired old man. No matter who it was that saw his expression then could tell that he was nervous and frightened, as if his secret was just discovered and he was trying hard to explain himself to hide something.

This scene fell into the eyes of Phantom Dais tribe members, and all their gazes when they looked at Tian Xie Zi were filled with deep terror.

The white-haired old man was shaken to the core. This was not the first time he had met Tian Xie Zi, and he also knew some of the rumors regarding the man.

He originally didn’t pay too much heart to it, yet when he was seized by Tian Xie Zi at that moment, he suddenly discovered that this Tian Xie Zi instilled a terror within him that made even his heart tremble in fear.

"Damn it, I already told you I’m not crazy! You don’t believe me? You don’t?" As Tian Xie Zi shouted, some of his spit flew out out of his mouth.

The white-haired old man who was really close to him wanted to struggle and get away, but clearly… it was not possible. "Tian Xie Zi, you lunatic! What are you doing?! This is Phantom Dais Tribe! This is the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky’s Northern Frontier Tribe! I’m Phantom Dais’ Chief of the Hunters!

"If you dare hurt me, I’ll make sure your entire ninth summit dies with me!"

The white-haired old man growled as he struggled. His face was filled with rage, but underneath that rage was well-hidden terror.


Tian Xie Zi was so agitated that tears started welling up in his eyes, looking as if they were about to fall at any moment, and then… he started shouting madly.

"Why do you insist that I’m a lunatic?! I’m not! I’m not a lunatic! I’m really cured now! If you don’t believe me… If you don’t believe me, then look at this!"

It was as if Tian Xie Zi remembered something, and with one hand still holding onto the white-haired old man, he stuck his right hand into his bosom and brought out a small wooden slip.

Once he brought it out, Tian Xie Zi threw it behind him, and that wooden slip turned into a dim ray of light that flew towards Su Ming, who was standing not too far away.

"Fourth, read the words on the slip for me. Let them hear it!"

A smug expression appeared on Tian Xie Zi’s face, but he still continued glaring at the white-haired old man before him.

Su Ming was momentarily stunned, but still caught the wooden slip. When he lowered his head to look at it, his expression immediately turned odd.

"Read it!" Tian Xie Zi yelled at him, displeased.

"Er…" Su Ming hesitated for a moment before he spoke in a voice that echoed in the area.

"Western Region Tribe of the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky… admits that Tian Xie Zi is not a lunatic and that he has been cured…"

Su Ming blinked, then laughed wryly as he lifted his head to look at Tian Xie Zi.

Tian Xie Zi’s face was filled with smug pride. He glared at the white-haired old man, then with an arrogant demeanor yelled at him, "So? That’s the proof. Did you see the proof Western Freezing Sky gave me?!"

"Fourth, flip it over. There’s still some at the back. Continue reading."

Su Ming flipped the wooden slip over. When he saw the words written on the back, he laughed wryly once again and shook his head before his voice echoed through the air once again.

"Eastern District Tribe of the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky admits that Tian Xie Zi is not a lunatic and that he has been cured…

"The Barren Southern Tribe of the Great Tribe of Freezing Sky admits that Tian Xie Zi is not a lunatic and that he has been cured…

"The Great Tribe of Freezing Sky admits that Tian Xie Zi is absolutely not a lunatic…"

When Su Ming finished reading all the words, the smug expression on Tian Xie Zi’s face became even more prominent.

He grabbed the stunned white-haired old man and yelled at him, "Did you hear that? I’m not crazy, I’m already cured! That’s my proof. If you don’t believe me, I have more!" This time, Tian Xie Zi brought out a large amount of wooden slips from his bosom and threw them all to Su Ming.

"Silver Grass Meadow Tribe admits that Sir Tian Xie Zi is not a lunatic…"

"Promised Lattice Tribe admits that Sir Tian Xie Zi… has been cured…"

"Sky Mist City admits that Tian Xie Zi is no longer a lunatic. He is normal…"

"The Great Tribe of Western Sea admits that Tian Xie Zi is not crazy…"

As Su Ming continued reading the words out, he was shocked. All the handwritings on the wooden slips were different, and it was clear that they were from different people. It was as if the wooden slips were telling the truth and they all came from different tribes. Then Tian Xie Zi…

Su Ming sucked in a deep breath. He just saw Sky Mist City and the Great Tribe of Western Sea…

As he continued reading the words, not only was he shocked, all the people around the area who heard it were also stunned. They all looked towards the smug looking Tian Xie Zi floating in midair.

"I said it before, I’m not a lunatic! Now you believe me, right?!"

Tian Xie Zi had a deeply wounded look on his face. Even if he was still wearing the hood, all of them could still see it through his words, and from his eyes and his mouth, which were not covered by the hood.

The white-haired old man, who was captured by Tian Xie Zi, had his eyes as wide as saucers and found himself completely speechless. He no longer dared say anything, because he was already very certain that Tian Xie Zi was absolutely and without a doubt a lunatic. If he insisted on his words, then there was a high possibility that he would make him angry.

There was no predicting what a lunatic would do.

‘He’s crazy… He’s a lunatic. If those wooden slips are real, he’s still a lunatic. A normal person wouldn’t go to so many places just to get proof that he isn’t crazy…

‘If those are fake, then he’s definitely a lunatic…’

The white-haired old man, Phantom Dais Tribe’s Chief of the Hunters, kept his lips sealed tight.

"Huh? Why aren’t you speaking? You’re looking down on me!" Tian Xie Zi glared at him, and the moment those words came out, even Su Ming began to pity that white-haired old man.

"How dare you look down on me, you… why are you looking down on me?! You still think I’m crazy, right?!" Tian Xie Zi flew into a rage, and as he grew even more agitated, a glow appeared in his eyes, one that said he wanted to kill the man to silence him.

Perhaps the others could not tell the meaning behind that glow, but the white-haired old man who was captured in his hands could see it clearly.

"You’re horrible! I respected you and brought out all my proof for you, and yet you still think I’m a lunatic?!" With his face burning with anger, Tian Xie Zi lifted his right hand. Judging by the looks of it, it seemed like he wanted to strangle the white-haired old man to death.

The old man’s eyes grew even wider, and he began struggling desperately. Yet he had already noticed something before this happened - all the circulation of power within his body was cut off when Tian Xie Zi grabbed his throat. It was as if he had lost his power and could not summon even the tiniest bit of it.

As Tian Xie Zi lifted his right hand, a terror of death filled the white-haired old man’s heart and mind, making fear appear on his face. He opened his mouth, looking as if he wanted to say something, but Tian Xie Zi did not give him the chance. He seized his throat and started squeezing with both hands. The white-haired old man’s face instantly turned red.

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He knew that if the white-haired old man died, then this would instantly turn into a big problem, but he was not afraid. Killing intent appeared in his eyes instead. The moment the white-haired old man died in his Master’s hands, Su Ming would immediately act. Before anyone could strike back, he would kill them all first.

Nearby, second senior brother and the dark skinned man had already crushed the eighteen young Phantom Shadows. Quite a number of them were even swallowed by second senior brother. Right then, he was still in his night appearance. His entire body gave off a chilling aura and his expression was aloof, but within his aloof gaze, there was killing intent.

However, just as the white-haired old man was about to be strangled to death by Tian Xie Zi and the Phantom Dais tribe members on the ground began to show expressions of madness driven by fear and were about to throw everything to the wind and fight back...

...An old voice spoke in a resigned voice, "You’re not a lunatic, you’re already cured… I, Mo Shan, can be your witness."

Once that voice spoke and spread through the land, the white-haired old man in Tian Xie Zi’s hands suddenly shuddered and immediately turned into countless black bugs as if he had just shattered into them. Those bugs quickly fell back and flew several thousands of feet away while crammed closely together before they turned back into the white-haired old man.

There was still terror lingering on his face from having experienced the fear of having narrowly escaped death and knelt in the air.

"Greetings, Elder. Thank you for saving my life…"

Ripples appeared in the spot where the white-haired old man was kneeling, and an old man dressed in a black robe gradually walked out. That old man ignored the Phantom Dais Chief of the Hunters and looked towards Tian Xie Zi.

"Tian Xie Zi…"

His words had just left his mouth when Tian Xie Zi let out a cold harrumph. He too, did not look at Phantom Dais’ Chief of the Hunters. He glared at the black robed old man instead. "I’m not Tian Xie Zi!"

The moment Phantom Dais’s Elder appeared, Su Ming trembled. He felt a faint pressure coming from the old man, and it made his entire body’s Qi freeze. A grim expression appeared on his face, yet when he heard his Master’s words, that pressure vanished in an instant.

Su Ming smiled. He had a feeling that if Phantom Dais’ Elder continued speaking, he would perhaps be brought back to the previous topic as his Master continued talking in circles.

"Then I must have mistaken you for someone else. How should I address you?" The black robed Phantom Dais Elder smiled softly. There was not a hint of emotion on his face when he spoke slowly and looked at Tian Xie Zi.

"I’m Tian Xie Zi! Blood hell, don’t you recognize me?! I even held you in my arms when you were young! How could you not recognize me?! How could you ask me who I am?!" Tian Xie Zi glared at him with a face burning with anger.

A resigned look appeared on the face of the Phantom Dais Elder before he shook his head and wrapped his fist in his palm towards Tian Xie Zi.

"Uncle master, please stop joking around… I only learned of what had happened just now. It’s my tribe member’s fault… I already brought that accursed spawn here," he said with a wry smile and waved his right arm.

Immediately, a person staggered out from the air beside him, and with a thud, he was forced to kneel in the air.

It was man at the prime of his life. He was half-naked, and his hair encircled his neck several times. There was anger and great unwillingness on his face, along with terror.

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