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Su Ming could not see through the old man’s power, but he gave him a feeling that he was extremely dangerous. In fact, when Su Ming had executed his strongest slash, instead of acting on his own, he had used a divine ability that Su Ming did not understand and gathered up smoke to create that giant lizard.

Theslash might only have touched the lizard’s tongue and caused it to crumble, but it also made Su Ming’s strongest attack only kill one person!

More importantly, Su Ming had a strange feeling that besides using the smoke lizard’s tongue to counter his slash and reduce its power, there was another meaning as to why he had summoned the creature.

That feeling was deeply rooted within Su Ming’s mind. He had guessed that when his slash crashed into that tongue, countless pairs of invisible eyes appeared in the air and were all watching closely for the fine details when he drew that line.

It was… as if they were learning it!

That feeling turned into a sense of danger that made Su Ming run without hesitation. In the blink of an eye, he charged into the forest.

Su Ming knew that if he fought here and used all the attacks he had to keep that old man busy, due to the existence of other Shamans in this place, it would be difficult for him to survive the battle.

Instead of doing so, he would rather use the chance to escape. As he led them to chase after him, perhaps he could find a chance to counterattack.

Once Su Ming left, the remaining six people who had not died in the air turned towards their leader, their supreme Patriarch.

The old man’s face was dark and he slowly closed his eyes. After a moment, he opened them once again, and right at the instant he did so, the gigantic lizard that had lost its tongue and was now floating behind him immediately lifted its head and howled towards the sky.

As it howled, wisps of smoke appeared out of thin air around it. Most of them came from the place where its tongue had crashed into Su Ming’s slash just now. They gathered up and seeped into the gigantic lizard’s body, and soon, the shattered tongue appeared once again in the lizard’s mouth!

The moment its tongue appeared, the lizard stuck it out and drew out an arc at lightning speed. If Su Ming was there, he would recognize that the arc was incredibly familiar to the one line he had drawn previously.

However, it was simply similar to it.

"I didn’t expect… that the Berserker who entered our land this time would have gained such an epiphany. That one style I saw just now was incredibly different from what I saw in other Berserkers…

"I will capture this Berserker personally. I’ll capture him alive and turn him into a Shaman Puppet. He will become the servant of our tribe’s sacred spirit!"

As the old man spoke, another two pupils appeared in both of his eyes. It made him look bizarre, and at the same time, all those who looked at him would feel dazzled and not dare to look him in the eye.

A cruel smile appeared on his lips, as if this sort of chase excited him. With one leap, he charged into the forest, towards where Su Ming ran.

The people on the land looked at each other, and in their silence, they saw respect within the eyes of their comrades towards what had happened just now. After a long while, these people turned into long arcs and flew back to their tribe, supporting the wounded.

Su Ming’s breathing was ragged as he ran. His body was like an illusion as he dashed through the forest filled with rotten leaves and mud. Sometimes he would leap up and jump from tree to tree. His feet would almost never touch the ground. It was as if he was flying at low altitude, and he was traveling so quickly it was difficult for anyone to catch him with the naked eye.

Su Ming was not unfamiliar with the forest. Yet as he continued running, the apprehension he felt became stronger. He did not even need to cast out his divine sense to know that there was someone chasing after him.

‘I wonder how many people came…’

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and a golden stone coin appeared in his hands. He hesitated for a moment before he changed it to a white stone coin. The stone coin quickly grew dull once he held it in his hands and turned into ashes after a moment. However, the area Su Ming could see with his divine sense increased by several fold, and as his head throbbed in pain, he directed that area behind him.

1,000 feet, 10,000 feet, several tens of thousands of feet… He swept through the area with his divine sense as far as he could.

After the time taken for an incense stick to burn, Su Ming’s pupils shrank. Once the area he could expand with his divine sense reached its limit, he used a few more stone coins, and only then did he see a ghastly figure chasing after him from far behind him.

‘He’s alone…’

All of Su Ming’s hair stood up on end and a wary look appeared on his face. He saw that the person chasing after him was that old man, and his familiarity with the forest far exceeded his own. This, however, was nothing. What really made Su Ming’s heart sink was that the tracking skills he used were also incredibly difficult to understand.

As Su Ming was running away, he created several signs to throw his opponent off, but the old man did not change his direction at all. He merely continued with his pursuit. This not only made the sense of danger Su Ming felt become stronger, it also made him clearly sense the person’s power once he swept through the area when his divine senses were stretched to the limit.

‘This person’s power must be equivalent to the Bone Sacrifice Realm, and by the looks of it, he’s not any ordinary Bone Sacrifice Realm Shaman either… He might be in the later stage of the Bone Sacrifice Realm! But when I used my divine sense to scan the area, he didn’t notice me. I wonder if that’s true, or he’s doing it intentionally…’

Su Ming was yet to reach the Bone Sacrifice Realm and it was difficult for him to be certain. He could only guess, and even though he had been prepared for this, his heart still sank.

Tens of thousands of feet away from Su Ming, the thin old man’s lips curled up in a cruel smile as he continued walking through the forest. He had grown up in this forest since he was young, and even if he had become the Patriarch for his tribe, there were few who knew this forest better than he did in the tribe.

Using the clues provided by the forest to track down wild beasts was his favorite past time. Once in a while, he would personally lead his tribe to go through this activity.

Right now, he was hunting his prey alone, and this was nothing difficult to him.

‘Looks like this little Berserker Child is also familiar with the forest. The tracks he set up are pretty good, but…he’s still too naïve.’

The old man licked his lips and with one leap, he traveled several hundreds of feet forward.

‘Run. Run faster…’

The old man’s smile became even crueler. However, it was clear that he did not notice Su Ming had used his divine sense to scan the area.

Su Ming’s face turned pale and his chest continued bleeding as he ran through the forest. This ceaseless fleeing not only made him tired, it also made the murderous aura in his eyes grow stronger.

He had brought out a medicinal pill multiple times as he ran, but a glint would appear in his eyes and he would force himself to not use it.

"It’s not time yet… I was originally weaker than he was to begin with. With my injuries now, I’ll give an even weaker feeling to that old man," Su Ming muttered under his breath and he started slowing down.

As he slowed down, Su Ming’s divine sense immediately noticed that the old man became faster. The distance between them was closing down at an alarming speed.

‘If I turn my head back suddenly, he’ll definitely think I’m going for a desperate attack, but the weaker I am, the more he won’t be worried about me, since he’s so powerful!’

The murderous aura made the light in Su Ming’s eyes flicker, and his body came to a halt before he changed his direction. He no longer ran away but instead dashed towards where the old man was.

The two of them might not be able to see each other in the forest with their naked eye, but they could both sense the other person’s Qi. The instant Su Ming turned around and ran towards him, the old man immediately noticed his actions and a cruel sneer appeared on his lips before his speed increased.

‘A desperate attack, is it? I’ll fulfill your wishes!’

The old man charged forward, and the distance between him and Su Ming started diminishing rapidly…

When there were only several thousands of feet, multiple trees, and an innumerable amount of leaves between them in the forest that welcomed no light, Su Ming jumped past a big tree and the murderous glint in his eyes shone as he lifted his right hand and slammed it down towards the ground, his body landing.

The instant he slammed his hand down, a beast skin appeared between his right hand and the ground. The beast skin spread outwards until it reached a circular area of 100 something feet, and that area instantly turned into a red meadow. The meadow was red in Su Ming’s eyes, but to other people this area still looked no different to the forest around it.

The moment the meadow appeared, Su Ming shuddered and instantly sat down cross-legged while bringing out some medicinal pills that could heal him. He quickly swallowed them, and the medicinal pills turned into wisps of warmth that began nourishing his body.

Once he swallowed the pills, a freezing glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. He lifted his right hand and a white scale appeared in it.

This item was a gift from uncle master Bai. The scale contained some of his power, and this was Su Ming’s final trump card.

The green sword mark shone in the center of his brows and lightning swam around his body. Black fog also appeared on his body and turned into his Divine General Armor, and at the same time, Han Mountain Bell’s form began to form faintly within him!

Spirit Plunder was also brought out and placed by his side. The pearl floated in midair and shone with an enchanting glow, and like a vacuum that would endlessly suck in other things, it absorbed Su Ming’s presence into its own body.

Dark clouds filled the sky and dusk was about to be over. The faint form of the moon appeared in the sky along with the setting sun. Not much light was shining on the land, and that little bit of light found it hard to penetrate through the big leaves in the forest. Only a little bit of moonlight fell through, but even so, besides the murderous light and calmness existing in Su Ming’s eyes, there was a circle within his eyes that looked like the burning moon.

With a freezing glint in his eyes, Su Ming brought out another item – the golden stone coin Tian Lan Meng had given him. Once he held it in his left hand, a vast and seemingly endless amount of spiritual power surged into his body and traveled through the opened path within his body before granting incredible power to Su Ming’s divine sense, and it was just waiting to attack!

Su Ming’s breathing gradually evened out until it was eventually so quiet that it could practically not be heard. His eyes were extremely calm, and the murderous aura in his right eye had sunk down as if it was waiting for the critical moment to strike.

Su Ming stood up and stepped onto the red meadow, andthe moment his presence disappeared, the old Patriarch that had closed in was taken aback.

However, there was already only 2,000 feet between him and Su Ming.

Right when the old man stopped, stunned, a powerful divine sense along with a shocking sword aura sliced through the air from the direction before him, and it did so in a manner that spoke of absolutely wanting to end him with a calmness dripping with killing intent.

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