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That one stroke was Su Ming’s strongest attack from all the divine abilities he had learned!

That one stroke came to being after he copied the first style from Si Ma Xin’s God of Berserkers Transformation and drew it repeatedly day and night with a clear mind, allowing this one line to contain his own Creation!

That one line was no longer Si Ma Xin’s sword slash, neither was it that stroke he had used that day when he competed against Tian Lan Meng. It was instead a combination of his life up to this point, all the difficulties he had went through in the Land of South Morning, his memories in Dark Mountain, and once all these things combined together into this one line, this one stroke became Creation itself!

This line that Su Ming drew couldn’t be found in the world before this. This line seemed to have been born out of nothing, and because of this, it became Su Ming’s… first ever Creation!

With that one line towards the sky, the weather changed, but the wind and clouds remained still. As that line sliced through the air, the tongue from the lizard that was formed from the old Shaman through the smoke that came out of his pores clashed into it.

A piercing cry and thunderous bang suddenly reverberated through the forest and the entire land of the Shamans. It was as if the sounds had pierced through the sky itself and spread in all directions.

The tongue from the gigantic smoke lizard shattered instantly, destroyed by the one line Su Ming had created with his fingers in the world.

Things were far from their end though. The moment the lizard’s tongue exploded, the expressions on the seven Shamans who had pounced onto Su Ming changed. A light flashed briefly in their eyes, but that light did not come from within them. It was instead a reflection of the light caused by the line Su Ming had drawn.

And the instant the light shone, these seven people started trembling, and the person standing right at the front exploded, turning into a layer of blood fog that scattered in the air.

Vicious trembles wrecked the two people behind that man, and their right arms and right legs were separated from their bodies as if they had been cut off by a sword. Screaming in pain, they fell back.

As for the person behind them, a terrifying long mark had appeared on his chest. It was as if his chest had turned into a drawing board and that one line from Su Ming fell on his chest. He coughed out a large mouthful of blood and his face turned deathly pale. Horrified surprise appeared on his face.

The fourth person behind the man who exploded was a man in his twenties. He was handsome and did not have a lot of Tattoos on his face. However, there was now a line of blood tearing apart his face, stretching from his forehead right up to the right side of his chest. Blood flowed from the corner of his lips and he staggered back a few steps before he finally managed to stop.

The beast skins on the upper body of the fifth person disappeared like ashes in the wind. There was a faint bloody line where his heart was, but even though it was faint, it had still cut through his skin and made blood flow from that wound.

The sixth person’s clothes were also torn apart, but there was no wound on his chest. Nonetheless, his face had gained a deathly pale hue.

The final person was completely uninjured, but he was also the one who was shaking the hardest. He had just witnessed one of his comrades killed, two mutilated, another one heavily wounded, while the rest of them sustained various degrees of injuries.

The source of it all was the Berserker before them, who had done all this with a seemingly effortless slash from his right hand!

That one slash captured his soul and stunned his heart. As this person fell into a state of shock, a feeling that he could not fight against Su Ming rose uncontrollably in his heart.

He was not the only one who felt this way. The other people beside him were the same. When Su Ming drew that line, he had his eyes closed and executed that attack in what seemed to be an effortless manner. It was as if he had just Created a Picture in the world with a wave of his hand. They were not just wounded in their bodies, their courage had also taken a heavy blow!

Including their hearts!

They became afraid, frightened. To Su Ming, he had limited experience fighting against the Shamans, but similarly, there were also a lot of Shamans who did not have much experience fighting against Berserkers.

While Su Ming thought that the Shaman Spells were strange and unpredictable, at the same time, the Shamans also felt that Su Ming’s divine abilities were not just strange, but also filled with a power that they could not understand, and it horrified them.

It was just like how no one knew why lightning would appear in the sky, like how they did not understand why rain fell from the sky instead of rising from the land. There might be some people who understood those things, but most of the people in the Shaman Tribe, they did not.

Similarly, Su Ming’s line was something they did not understand!

In their eyes, this was not a divine ability or an Art. They could not understand just how power that could even shock the sky and move the earth be contained in that one stroke which he drew when he lifted his hand.

They also did not know that this one line was rarely found within the land of the Berserkers, because this was indeed not an Art. It was Creation!

This was Su Ming’s World Picture Creation!

This could be said to be the first time Su Ming truly let loose and revealed the complete form of his Creation! It was just like his eldest senior brother’s Sound of Creation and like his second senior brother’s Hands of Creation. Right then, Su Ming was showing off his Pictures of Creation!

With the sky as the board and the people as paper, he drew one line through seven people… It was as if he had just drawn on rice paper with ink. That one line contained such powerful permeating abilities that it spread through several papers!

The first paper contained the biggest stain, and the power of that line was continuously weakened until it eventually faded away when it reached the final paper.

Su Ming opened his eyes and coughed out blood. The moment he did so, he gained an epiphany. Before this, he had only a fuzzy understanding towards the meaning of Creation. There were also things he did not understand about the Creation Arts that the other Berserkers casted.

Tian Xie Zi was a good Master, but at the same time, he was also a terrible Master. There were many things that he did not tell his disciples, leaving them to understand it on their own.

Once they gained complete comprehension towards the word, they would understand it.

At that instant, Su Ming understood what was meant by Creation.

Accurately speaking, that one line he drew just now could only be considered as One Creation. However, even though it was just One Creation, he had still truly Created something. It may seem the same as Si Ma Xin’s Ten Creations or even any other Hundred Creations, but it was in reality completely different.

When Su Ming could draw ten such lines containing his strongest power, every single stroke containing the power of the world but being completely different from each other, then once he drew those ten lines, it would be known as ten Creations.

If he drew 100 of such lines, then it would known as Hundred Creations. If he drew a thousand lines, then it would be known as Eternal Creation. If Su Ming could draw something incredibly and unimaginable at his 1,000th line, then he could step up his game and draw 10,000 lines. If they still contained a different form and a different spirit in each and every single one of them, then this final line would be known as the Eternal Creation that only belonged to the God of Berserkers!

This one line of his was different from the tens of thousands of lines he drew when he competed against Tian Lan Meng. The tens of thousands of lines that eventually gathered together and developed into his final and complete one line was what was required by the Eternal Creation Art. It was a line that could only be formed by integrating at least 10,000 different lines together.

Su Ming understood now.

Yet at the moment he understood this, he also realized that an incredibly powerful change had happened in his heart!

That change was the chaos that appeared in his heart. Two different girls appeared in his mind due to that one line he drew just now. One of the two girls was the white robed Bai Ling standing in the snow, and the other was the purple robed Bai Su who was looking at him with scorn, her head lifted in determination.

These two different people had the same face and the same wild beauty.

"Change of heart…" Su Ming had heard this phrase multiple times from Tian Xie Zi. He also knew that he was going through his first change of heart, but in reality, he had no idea what this change of heart was.

Tian Xie Zi did not explain in detail either. He still continued with his usual method of teaching and left his disciples to understand it on their own.

When Su Ming drew that line, it was as if his heart and spirit had fused into that line. As the line became connected with the world, his emotions surged out as if a dam had been broken. Once they were completely let out, his heart and spirit became empty.

During that instant his mind became blank, he understood the meaning behind Creation, and it was also because of the emptiness in his mind that he understood what ‘change of heart’ meant when the two girls appeared in his heart.

A person’s emotions and desires were one of the sources that affected a person’s life. They would make a person be unable to clear his mind and cause disorder within him. When that disorder appeared and the person did not deal with it properly, then it would be difficult for him to continue with his practice. If his heart was no longer calm, then it was impossible for him to immerse his mind in anything else.

This was what was meant by change of heart.

At that moment, the person must think of a way to remain in a tranquil state. One of the methods to do so… was to fight!

That person must fight against the source of that change of heart, thereby using the battle as proof! Just like when Tian Xie Zi brought Su Ming to fight against his seventh junior brother!

The second method… was to destroy!

That person must destroy the source of the change of heart! Just like how the purple robes would not disappear without 1,000 drops of blood from the hearts of Shamans!

The third method… was to forget… Once he forgot the source of the change of heart, then it would be gone.

It was just like the sentence Tian Xie Zi had told Su Ming once he brought him to see the old xun maker.

"He is blind. Did you manage to see it..?"

It did not matter whether the old man was blind or not. The meaning of the sentence itself was a form of telling him to forget, just like how Su Ming forgot to realize that the old man was blind.

At that moment, Su Ming understood the meaning behind the change of heart, and he also understood his Master’s love for him. He did not tell Su Ming what a change of heart was through his words or expressions, but through his actions, and not just that, he also told him how to deal with those changes of heart!

Even more so, he understood why his Master told him to chase down that male Split Dawn.

‘Perhaps in Master’s mind, there’s another meaning for him to do this besides telling me about the cruelty of the Shamans…’ At that moment, Su Ming could tell just what Tian Xie Zi had not said to him at that time. ‘Battle, destroy, forget… Master’s choice for me is… to destroy my change of heart!

Destroy the source of the change of heart… By killing Bai Su, he could remove this change of heart within him. Without Bai Su, Su Ming’s memories of Bai Ling in his heart would not be pulled out, and her shadow would not be left to affect his heart, which would in turn cause him to be unable to calm his mind.

If he could not, then he must forget. He must forget everything to get through this change of heart. If he could not, then he must fight, be it against Si Ma Xin or anyone else, then use that battle to find proof for his heart!

This was the road Tian Xie Zi pointed out for Su Ming.

The moment Su Ming understood everything, more questions arose within him.

‘If a person is unfeeling and merciless, has no emotions and desires, then would he not experience changes of the heart..?’

All these thoughts appeared within Su Ming’s head once he gained his epiphany when he opened his eyes after he finished drawing that line. It might have seemed slow, but in truth, it only lasted for the duration of his right hand drawing the line across the sky.

As blood flowed from the corners of his lips, Su Ming’s body swayed, tumbled backwards, and he ran into the deeper parts of the forest.

His strongest attack could allow him to battle against those seven people, but he knew that he could not fight against the old man in the sky looking at him darkly. He could only use the shock brought to the Shamans after he drew that one line and turn it into a chance to escape!

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