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Su Ming fell silent. With one leap, he quietly went towards the male Shaman that was the closest to him in the area he could sense with his divine sense.

A serious expression settled on his face and blood-red light shone in his right eye, filled with a murderous aura. The moment he closed in on the cruel looking man, that murderous aura erupted all at once from within him. That man immediately stopped and slammed his lifted hands onto his face.

That strange sight made Su Ming’s pupils shrink.

The very moment the man’s hands struck his face and he coughed out a large mouthful of blood, a dozen teeth broke off in his mouth and spilled out with the blood.

They turned into a dozen sharp thorns that charged towards Su Ming at shocking speed.

Su Ming had never seen such a skill before, and he was just about to dodge it when those thorns changed direction and followed him closely as if they possessed a high amount of intelligence.

‘What an incredible Shamanic divine ability!’

Su Ming knew that it was impossible for him to kill the man before him quietly now. Green light shone on the center of his brows and the small virescent sword charged out swiftly before clashing against the dozen thorns with a loud bang.

As the bang echoed in the air, those thorns shattered, and the small virescent sword charged towards the retreating male Shaman, penetrating through his forehead.

His pained cries before his death fused together with the bang and broke the silence in the forest at night. It was like a stone had been thrown suddenly into a well with only still water and it caused a large amount of ripples to appear on the water’s surface.

Right when the scream rang out, Su Ming noticed the remaining Shamans in the area of his divine sense immediately changing direction and charging towards where he was. There was now only around 2,000 feet between them.

Su Ming knew that he could not escape from being surrounded and decided to charge towards one of the Shamans. He dashed forward at an extremely fast pace, and as green light shone beside him, a bang resounded in the sky. A corpse without his head fell down before Su Ming.

Right then, there was only 1,500 feet between the remaining people and Su Ming. He lifted his head and lightning swam through his entire body. Right at the instant crackling sounds reverberated in the air, a ball of lightning surrounded him. It spread outwards, and the sky and earth rumbled. If anyone was to look from above, they would see that the land had turned into a pool of lightning, and Su Ming stood in its center.

The swimming lightning spread outwards at a frenzied pace, and as lightning traveled through the land, mud would shatter, trees would whither, grass would turn into dust, and most of the people who were about 1,000 feet away from him shuddered.

However, two of these dozen people could not be held back. Their bodies faltered only for a moment before they charged towards Su Ming.

Right when these two people closed in and appeared within Su Ming’s sight, bell chimes reverberated from within him. Those rumbling bell chimes turned into sound waves that crashed into the incoming duo. They forced one of them to slow down, but there was still one who did not slow down in the slightest and closed in on Su Ming!

That person was a middle-aged man with a long scar left behind by a knife on his face. That scar caused the Tattoo on his face to look as if it was split in half. There may have been ruthlessness reflecting off the light in his eyes, but under that ruthlessness was calmness.

This person’s power would be equivalent to a Berserker between the later stage to the peak of the Awakening Realm, and he was only one step away from reaching the Bone Sacrifice Realm!

If Su Ming had been at full health, he could fight against this man and win. However, Su Ming was injured, and his knowledge regarding Shamanic Spells was terribly limited, that was why if he fought against him, he would not be able to end the fight quickly. Once the fight was dragged out, then the chance he created with lightning and the bell chimes would be wasted.

Once it was wasted and the people around him recovered, they would surround him. If Su Ming wanted to break through, he would have to pay a big price to succeed.

Besides, Su Ming had no doubt that there were other Shamans who had sealed off his path in the sky. If he dragged this out even further, then there would be more Shamans who would arrive on land as well.

Once a Shaman who was equivalent to a Berserker at the Bone Sacrifice Realm arrived, then Su Ming would not be able to fight back!

In the face of danger, calm surfaced in Su Ming’s eyes. However, that calmness was almost akin to aloofness. The enchanting blood-red glow in his right eye flickered, and right at the moment the middle-aged Shaman closed in, Su Ming lifted his right hand, and an ice piece appeared on his palm!

Within that ice… was fire!

Right when Su Ming crushed that ice, a sea of fire spread out furiously from hia hand. However, that sea of fire was not hot. It spread out with a freezing chill.

This ice was naturally the gift Su Ming’s eldest senior brother had given him!

That middle-aged Shaman’s face instantly changed and many scales immediately appeared on his skin. By the looks of it, this person was rapidly changing from a human to some sort of ferocious beast.

However, the speed of his change could not catch up to the fire in the ice Su Ming had summoned. The fire exploded forth like a monstrous big mouth and swallowed the incoming middle-aged man. At the same time, the chill that was just spreading out a moment ago swiftly gathered around the middle-aged man.

Cracking sounds that made Su Ming suck in a sharp breath rang through the air, and a scene of icy fire that shocked even Su Ming appeared before his eyes.

The middle-aged man, caught in between the state of being human and beast, was sealed inside a large block of ice. His horrified expression was filled with disbelief.

Su Ming saw a ball of fire within his body. That fire did not seem to be burning, but Su Ming saw that frozen man’s body turn black, and within the ice, he turned into a mass of black ash…

All of this happened in an instant. The power of that ice let Su Ming gain a new understanding towards his eldest senior brother’s power. However, this was not the time for him to think too deeply into it. With one leap, he charged towards the Shaman who was forced to stop due to Han Mountain Bell.

That person was not a man but a woman!

The woman was already in the middle stage of her life and had an ordinary face. The Tattoo on her face flickered, and she had an equally vicious look on her face as the man had. However, when she saw Su Ming making one of the incredibly powerful Shamans in her tribe die in such a bizarre fashion, that viciousness turned into shock.

She was about to move back, but another bell chime rang through the air instantly, causing her mind to ring and her body to stop once again. This would also be the last time her body stopped moving like this ever again!

In the span of a breath, Su Ming went past the woman like lightning, and once he did so, he brought with him a head gushing with blood.

The woman’s body fell to the ground twitching.

The moment her corpse fell to the ground, Su Ming panted harshly. His face was pale and the wound on his chest worsened. In the short amount of time, he had killed multiple people. Although he had killed the most powerful person among these people with his eldest senior brother’s gift, the high speed movement exhausted his injured body.

Nonetheless, he did not stop. As the murderous aura in his right eye flickered, he charged towards the remaining people who were frozen from lightning continuing to swim around him.

Moonlight from the sky gathered behind Su Ming and formed a moonlight cloak reminiscent of the time when he was in Dark Mountain. As it floated behind him, the light turned into countless threads that danced behind Su Ming as he moved.

He went past all the Shamans who were stunned by his lightning, and their heads flew into the sky. Green light shone, and the small virescent sword let out piercing sword whistles as it was dyed in blood.

When Su Ming closed in on the final person, he waved his hand, and the moonlight threads behind him swarmed forward, wrapping up the Shaman swiftly, then right away they tore through him. The final Shaman of those that had surrounded Su Ming in the forest let out a piercing scream before his body was ripped into shreds. Blood gushed into the air.

However, the battle was far from finished. Su Ming did not even have time to calm his ragged breathing. Almost at the instant after the final Shaman was slaughtered by the moonlight threads, a furious roar came from the sky.

"How dare you, Berserker?!"

The voice was like thunder, and shook Su Ming. He lifted his head and saw eight people coming from the sky!

Among these seven to eight people was an old man. He was as thin as bones, but there was a mighty presence coming from him, and that presence made an incredibly grave expression appear on Su Ming’s face.

The old man was not the one who spoke. Those words came instead from a man standing among the eight people. That man’s power was at about the same level as the strongest Shaman Su Ming had killed just now!

There was something else that made Su Ming’s pupils shrink. Besides the old man, all the people in the sky stood on ferocious beasts that looked like ligers, and all of them were roaring at him. The old man did not move, but the remaining seven people all charged towards Su Ming.

The ruthlessness in their eyes, their thirst for blood, and the mighty presences made the exhausted Su Ming feel as if he was caught between life and death.

Su Ming hadn’t expected that the results of that one merciful act could be so terrible!

He had clearly saved the boy’s life before he had knocked him out. He had clearly killed that poisonous snake… Su Ming closed his eyes. He knew that he… might have made a mistake.

"Perhaps… I really made a mistake…"

As Su Ming mumbled under his breath, he sat down cross-legged and lifted his right hand. In the face of death, right at the instant the seven people from the sky came charging towards him roaring, his mind became empty. There was no terror, no regret. He even forgot about life and death itself. The only thing in his heart was the one strike that had become his own after the tens of thousands of strokes he had practised.

He lifted his hand and closed his eyes, then sliced at the sky with a gentle swipe of his fingers.

That single slice caused the weather to change. It was as if some seal was broken, but it was also different from the time he had competed against Tian Lan Meng in the seventh summit!

Even if Si Ma Xin bore witness to that single slice right then, he would also find it difficult to find any sort of similarities between this attack and the first style of the God of Berserkers Transformation!

This one slice was Su Ming’s…strongest attack!

The instant he drew that line, the aloof old man in the sky suddenly changed his expression and waved his arm. Wisps of smoke immediately spread from his body and turned into a gigantic lizard formed from smoke. It stuck out its tongue at Su Ming.

Its tongue charged towards him and crashed into the line he had drawn!

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