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‘Master could have killed him himself… but he wanted me to do it…’ Su Ming stood up and once he looked around, a light flashed through his eyes and he sped forward like a ghost.

‘It’s because he saw that I wanted to join Sky Mist Shaman Hunt. That’s why instead of having me experience the terrors of the Shamans only at that time and fight against them without prior knowledge, he would rather give me this chance!

‘He’s allowing me to begin my very first… Shaman hunt!’

The light in Su Ming’s eyes flickered. As he traveled through the forest, he would occasionally stop and observe the place before he continued onward. Sometimes, he would change his direction and continue the chase down another path.

As time passed by, Su Ming started speeding up. The number of times he stopped also became fewer. He had already determined the location where his target was running, and even when he closed his eyes while he continued running, he could somewhat feel the now hideous man escaping in the direction before him with a dark expression, his white robes stained with blood.

When a day passed by, Su Ming could feel that the distance between him and the other was rapidly closing up. Su Ming knew that this was the land of the Shamans. There might be other Shaman Tribes within the forest, that was why he had to catch up to this man as soon as possible, and he had to kill him quickly as well. Dragging the fight out was something to be avoided at all costs.

Else, not only would he be in danger, he might also face the risk of not being able to go back like his Master had said if he went back too late and three days had gone by.

Tian Xie Zi mentioned that he had three days, and hence Su Ming believed that he had three days and only three days. Perhaps the three days did not mean that Tian Xie Zi was not willing to wait, but instead meant that if three days went by, then someone who Tian Xie Zi might not be able to fight would appear!

That was why he told Su Ming that he would only wait three days! Even right up till the end, Tian Xie Zi never said anything about wanting Su Ming to retrieve the man’s head. He only told Su Ming to chase him down.

Su Ming understood all of these. The meaning behind his Master’s words was clear as day. He only wanted Su Ming to experience the process of hunting a Shaman. He did not ask him to be successful in it.

His only demand for Su Ming was that final sentence – three days!

Within three days, he must go back!

When half of the second day went past, Su Ming had already entered the deep parts of the forest. It might have been noon by then, but it was difficult for sunlight to break through the layers of leaves in the forest. The ground was filled with mud and it was letting out a rotten stench.

Su Ming continued moving before he came to a sudden halt. In the forest before him, he saw a small hill. That hill was not tall and was filled with plants, and Su Ming saw a person at the top of the hill.

That person was crouching down on the mountain, his hideous face filled dreariness. He was staring at Su Ming.

Their gazes met and clashed with each other. Su Ming felt his mind go blank, but his divine senses were instantly activated and he regained his senses. As for the man on the small hill, a grave expression appeared in his tired eyes and his body swayed. With the momentum provided by that sway, he rushed down the back of the hill.

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and he charged towards the small hill. When he stood at the top of the mountain, the first thing that entered his vision was the man lifting his hands and pressing them against his chest at the hillside. He coughed out a large mouthful of black blood, and that black blood churned as it floated in midair before turning into black arrows that sliced through the air towards him.

Su Ming could tell that this person had already spent all of his strength, and he had also noticed him as Su Ming was chasing him down, that was why he could not heal his injuries. Now that he chose to attack, he was revealing the extent of his injuries.

With a cold snort, Su Ming took a step forward and did not even bother to dodge the arrows coming his way. With his speed, he could simply ignore them.

As he moved forward, green light flashed at the center of his brows. The sword mark flickered and the sword was about to fly out, but at that moment Su Ming’s expression suddenly changed.

His legs were moving down the hil,l but the moment he started moving down, he immediately noticed…

There was something off about the slope!

The man lifted his head swiftly and a tinge cruelness appeared on his lips. He charged towards Su Ming with a single leap, and he moved so quickly that Su Ming could barely keep track of him with his naked eye. If the man had been preparing for this burst of shocking speed since a long time ago, then Su Ming would have definitely not been able to catch up!

Just as the man’s speed suddenly increased, Su Ming also felt that his tempo as he went down the mountain suddenly decreased in a manner that completely went against all that he understood.

It was as if he had just exchanged places with this man and that he was going up the hill while the other person was going down. That was why this difference in speed appeared, even though this was clearly not the case.

All of this only lasted for an instant. The man’s arrows closed in on Su Ming. Although he avoided them, the moment he did so, the man closed in on him with that shocking speed of his.

A sense of life-threatening danger immediately rose within Su Ming’s body like a tidal wave. The hairs on his body rose. His body felt as if it was stuck on the mountain. Even if he wanted to fly, his greatly reduced speed and the man’s shocking speed would not let him avoid the man’s clearly prepared killing move.

It had been a long time since Su Ming last felt as if his life was being threatened. Now that it happened once again, it allowed the emotions in his eyes to quiet down in an instant and a calm that was akin to still water in an ancient spread through him.

His first act was to let his entire body be surrounded by black fog. A black armor that seethed with a murderous aura appeared on his descending body. It was his Divine General Armor!

The instant the armor appeared, Su Ming’s second act was not to bring out Han Mountain Bell to defend himself. Instead, he activated the power of his divine sense. His body might have slowed down, but with his divine sense, he could still see the trajectory of his incoming opponent’s line of attack.

He saw the man lifting his right hand as he was quickly closing in on him and his fingernails turning into sharp claws that were surrounded by black mist. They went straight for his chest and would arrive in an instant.

When he saw all of this clearly, Su Ming moved to the side slightly.

A loud bang rang through the air and he jolted. Unable to withstand the attack, his Divine General Armor started shattering. Yet even though it was shattering, it recovered within an instant, and this continued multiple times until the armor completely cancelled out the man’s attack. However, sharp pain that came from the jolts shot through Su Ming’s entire body because his Divine General Armor was just an illusion and did not have physical form.

Su Ming had not yet gone to the Great Yu Dynasty to retrieve his true armor.

That was why while the armor could resist the power of the five fingered claw, it could not withstand the shell knife that was formed after the five fingernails gathered together once the man brought all five of his fingers together!

That was a black shell that was about the size of a knife. If anyone took a closer look, they would see that it was tortoise shell, but if that shell was taken apart, it could be stored within the man’s fingers. They looked like fingernails, but if they were gathered together, then its real form would appear!

That shell knife pierced through Su Ming’s Divine General Armor and stabbed right into his chest!

The knife’s target was originally Su Ming’s heart, but due to Su Ming moving his body slightly once he activated his divine sense, the knife missed his heart. It might hurt immensely, but at least he was not heavily wounded.

All this happened in an instant. Once the shell knife in the man’s hand pierced through Su Ming’s right side of the chest, a stunned expression appeared on his face. Clearly, he did not expect that Su Ming could still avoid the attack when his speed had decreased while the man’s speed increased! He was also shocked by the fact that Su Ming was one of the Divine Generals in the Berserker Tribe, and his desire to kill him grew stronger.

His shock quickly turned into a cold sneer. Just as the man was about to pull out his shell knife, he saw Su Ming lift his head and a monstrous killing aura appear within his eyes. That was not all. He also saw a brilliant red hue in Su Ming’s right eye that made it clearly different from his left eye!

That enchanting brilliant red made his eye seem like a moon that was dyed in blood. When the man saw it at such close proximity, for some unknown reason, he was horrified!

"This knife is pretty good. I’ll be taking it!" Su Ming spoke in a hoarse voice and grabbed the shell knife that had stabbed into his chest with his left hand with such a tight grip that the man could not pull it out.

At the same time, a bell chime spread out from within Su Ming’s body. That bell chime boomed and reverberated in the air, causing layers of ripples to form around Su Ming and the man.

The bell chimes were filled with a sense of graveness, but when they fell into the man’s ears, they sounded like the heavens themselves were howling in anger, and those howls turned into thunderous roars. It caused his body to shudder, and even if he had used the mysterious power residing within the hill to increase his own speed, he could not help but flinch.

The moment he flinched, with the shocking murderous aura spilling out from the red in his right eye, Su Ming crashed his head against the man’s head before him.

A bang rang in the air, and it was followed by the man’s shrill and pained screams. He wanted to move away, but Su Ming’s right hand had already flown up to grab the man’s shoulder. He lifted his head, took a step forward, and pushed the man’s body before he crashed his head against the man’s again.

He was forced back a dozen steps and his head suffered a similar amount of pain. The man’s face was covered in blood and horror appeared in his eyes. He was already running on empty, and the amount of power he could use was only about the level of a Berserker in the middle stage of the Awakening Realm. If he had calmed and used the unique divine abilities of the Shaman Tribe, then he might have had a chance to escape.

However, he was first intimidated by Tian Xie Zi, then witnessed his lover killed before his eyes. As Split Dawns, once their other half died, then it would be very difficult for them to be of any threat to their enemies. The Split Dawns may be powerful, but their weaknesses were similarly great!

He originally wanted to kill Su Ming to take revenge while mid-escape, but he did not expect him to be so vicious. That blood-red light in his right eye especially made terror flood the man’s heart.

In the midst of his terror, he saw green light flash at the center of Su Ming’s brows, and since they were so close to each other, the small virescent sword swept through the man’s neck with just one slight move.

Blood gushed out and his head fell to the ground.

Due to the strangeness of the hill, the gushing blood and blood on the ground did not flow down the hill, but flowed up…

As Su Ming let go of the man’s hand, his corpse fell to the ground and Su Ming caught the man’s head by its hair. Su Ming’s face was pale and his breathing rapid. The shell knife remained buried deep in the right side of his chest.

Su Ming took a deep breath and was just about to leave the hill when he suddenly turned his head to look at the forest not too far away from him.

He saw a boy there. He was dressed in beast skins and his face was deathly pale as he stared at Su Ming with a stunned expression. There was a crude looking bow in his hands.

Su Ming saw… the Tattoos that belonged to the Shamans on his face!

This was a child of the Shaman Tribe!

Su Ming cast a glance at the boy in silence, then pressed a hand against his chest, turned around, and quickly walked down the hill...

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