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"I am Chen Chan Er, disciple of the seventh summit. I came on orders from my eldest senior sister to invite uncle master Su of the ninth summit to meet her," a melodious voice asked, traveling up the ninth summit on that morning.

That voice belonged to a girl in an emerald green robe. The girl looked to be either 17 or 18 years of age. She stood at the foot of the ninth summit with her back straight and a hint of curiosity on her face as she observed her surroundings, which happened to be a place that she had never been before.

It was a pity, however. Her lack of understanding towards the ninth summit guaranteed that once her voice traveled into the mountain, Hu Zi would continue drinking and snoring with a pleased smile on his face as he dreamed about something again.

Second senior brother would continue tending to his flowers as sunlight fell on his side profile.

Zi Che would continue sitting outside Su Ming’s cave, grouping words together in his head and having the time of his life as he occasionally muttered the poems and songs he had created.

Eldest senior brother spoke even less and kept himself in isolation.

The way the ninth summit operated led to the girl receiving absolutely no answer even though her voice traveled through the mountain for quite some time.

Su Ming heard her, but did not bother with it. He did not know the eldest senior sister from the seventh summit and did not want to meet with people he did not know.

The girl waited for a little while longer before frowning and dashing up the mountain stairs. She might not have come to the ninth summit before, but it was still clear that before she came to the place, she had learned the location of Su Ming’s cave from someone and was now walking up as if she was very familiar with the place. After a moment, she arrived outside Su Ming’s cave on the quiet ninth summit, but her path was blocked by Zi Che.

Zi Che sat outside with a cold and aloof look as he stared at the girl.

"Uncle master refuses to see anyone. Please go back."

"So it is senior brother Zi Che. I am Chen Chan Er. You should know who eldest senior sister of the seventh summit is. I came on orders by my eldest senior sister to ask uncle master Su to see her. Please relay my message to him."

The girl’s expression was passive as her clear and melodious voice echoed in the air. It was as if she did not care about Zi Che’s power at all.

Zi Che frowned. Naturally, he knew about the eldest senior sister of the seventh summit, Tian Lan Meng. That woman was ranked first on the Great Frozen Plains ranking board. Just like Si Ma Xin, she was one of the people who were known to have the possibility of becoming the God of Berserkers.

He hesitated for a moment before he got up and walked into Su Ming’s cave abode. After a short while, Zi Che came out and with a flat expression. He waved his hand dismissively and said, "He won’t see her."

The girl frowned and cast a glance at Su Ming’s cave, which was located not too far away from her, before she turned into a long arc and left.

After a moment, the long-haired woman sitting on the big rock that stood at the top of the seventh summit and had witnessed the fight between Su Ming and Si Ma Xin while also copying the power of that one stroke executed by Su Ming smiled faintly.

"He won’t see me, hmm?"

"That’s right. Eldest senior sister, that Su Ming is far too arrogant, he actually thinks he is our uncle master! I already said that I went there under your orders…"

The person who spoke was the girl who just came back, and her face was red with anger.

"It’s fine. Take this with you and go there again."

The long-haired woman was breathtakingly beautiful. She pushed her black hair with her hand away and brought out a jade box, handing it to the girl.

The girl took the box, and while she was curious about what was hidden in there, she did not ask anything. She simply nodded and left.

After a moment, on the ninth summit, Zi Che stood inside Su Ming’s cave and placed a jade box before him respectfully, then took a few steps back to wait for instructions.

Su Ming looked at the jade box quietly for a while before he opened it. The moment he did so, the entire cave abode lit up. Sitting inside the jade box was a golden stone coin!

The golden stone coin was diamond shaped and sparkled in a manner that gave a clouded, dreamlike feeling to others while also making people feel as if their souls were about to be sucked into the coin.

"A superior grade stone coin!"

Zi Che sucked in a sharp breath. The value of a golden stone coin, even if there was only one, was incredibly high. It was also extremely rare. One of these golden stone coins was enough to exchange for 100,000 normal stone coins.

However, this golden stone coin gave Su Ming a different feeling compared to Zi Che. There was a shocking amount of spiritual aura within it, and the density of it made Su Ming’s divine senses feel as if they were being sucked in.

‘She brought out a spirit stone of this quality just to see me…’

A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes and he closed the lid on the box with his right hand before pushing it back to Zi Che.

"I won’t see her."

Zi Che licked his lips, picked up the box, and exited the cave.

A long arc flew towards the risen platform on the seventh summit. Soon, Chen Chan Er’s angry voice rang on the summit.

"Eldest senior sister, that Su Ming is just too arrogant. He still refuses to see. Just who does he think he is? You already asked him to come twice, and he’s still ignoring you."

Once the girl returned the box back to the woman and stood fuming by her side, she glared in the direction of where the ninth summit was located in the distance.

"It’s fine. Send this box over."

The long-haired woman smiled gently and brought out another box. It was as if she had long since expected this to happen and had prepared more than one box such as this.

Yet the girl did not seem to have noticed this in her anger. When she heard the woman’s voice, she originally did not want to go, but in the end she still took the box obediently and flew away in a long arc.

‘Su Ming, I’d like to see just how many things you’ll make me bring out before you’re willing to come.’

The long-haired woman smiled in an unaffected manner before she closed her eyes.

In the ninth summit, Zi Che’s ragged breathing echoed within Su Ming’s cave as he stared at the beast skins folded on top of each other in the box lying before Su Ming. There were four words on the skins, and they were… God of Berserkers Transformation!

‘Only when the disciples are acknowledged by the school and have the possibility of becoming the God of Berserkers would they be given the mystical ability of God of Berserkers Transformation… Tian Lan Meng actually sent this thing here?!’

Zi Che could manage to not pay too much attention towards the golden stone coin, but he could not afford to not care about these beast skins. His breathing became quicker. If he was Su Ming, then he would accept these things without hesitation.

‘It’s just meeting her…’

With much difficulty, Zi Che turned his gaze away from the beast skins and looked at Su Ming.

Su Ming’s expression remained calm. He simply cast a glance at the beast skins within the box before he closed his eyes. When he reopened them after a moment, he closed the box once again and pushed it towards Zi Che.

"I won’t see her!"

Zi Che was stunned. He opened his mouth as if he was about to say something, but when he saw Su Ming’s expression, he quickly swallowed his words and picked up the box and walked out with begrudging reluctance, feeling that it was a great pity.

‘She must be aiming for something big by showing off all these valuable treasures to me… I’ve never seen this woman before, so it’s best that I don’t take her things!’

The melodious voice rang once again not long after the previous time on the seventh summit. This time, that voice was clearly more high-pitched, and the anger in the voice also became more apparent.

"I’m not going anymore, eldest senior sister! I won’t go! Just who does that Su Ming think he is?! He can’t even win against Si Ma Xin, and he’s acting so arrogantly! You invited him three times, and that alone is already enough for him to see that you’re showing him enough respect, but he still refused!"

The long haired woman continued smiling. However, that smile not only did not contain any hint of coldness, it instead held a hint of profoundness within that the girl did not understand. It was as if she was not offended by Su Ming’s actions but grew to admire him because of it.

"It seems like I’ve viewed him too superficially. Give him this thing."

The long-haired woman was silent for a moment before she grabbed at the air and another box appeared once again in her hands. This box was clearly different from the previous ones and was about seven feet long.

"If he still sends this back, then give him this wooden slip."

The woman passed the long box to the girl and then brought out a wooden slip about the size of two fingers from her bosom before placing it in the girl’s hands.

"Alright, sister Chan Er, this is the last time. If he still returns them, then we’ll forget about this," the long haired woman said gently.

There was a tone in her voice that made Chen Chan Er unable to refuse her request. She could only dip her head down and nod obediently.

"This is the last time?"

"Yes, it’s the last time."

The long haired woman smiled, and it was a breathtaking smile. She patted the girl’s hair.

Only then did Chen Chan Er turn into a long arc and go to the ninth summit.

Peace was bound to be robbed away from the ninth summit that day. Zi Che’s breathing had become much more rapid in Su Ming’s cave compared to the time he saw the beast skins that recorded the skill for the God of Berserkers Transformation.

"Freezing Sky Sword! The Freezing Sky Sword that will only be forged once every 500 years within Freezing Sky Clan! Only the disciples who have contributed to the school will be given this sword by Heaven Gate… Tian Lan Meng actually brought this out? This… This is…"

Zi Che was shaken when he saw what lay in the opened box before Su Ming. He simply could not fathom why the woman would do so.

Su Ming looked at the sword inside the box calmly. That sword was an ice sword and was completely transparent. It was letting off a chilling air that made his hair stand on end.

This was a great piece of treasure!

"There are only 14 Freezing Sky Swords given out inside Freezing Sky Clan. There is an Art embedded within each of these swords. Apparently, it’ll also be much easier if you enter Freezing Sky Cave with them…"

A great look of longing appeared on Zi Che’s face.

Su Ming was silent as he looked at the sword. Yet even though his eyes were trained on the sword, his heart was not on it. Instead, he was immersed in his own thoughts.

‘First it’s the golden stone coin, then it’s the God of Berserkers Transformation, now it’s this Freezing Sky Sword… The eldest senior sister of the seventh summit, Tian Lan Meng who is ranked first in the Great Frozen Plains ranking boards… just what are your goals?!’

Su Ming frowned.

Zi Che hesitated for a moment before he spoke in a low voice to try and persuade Su Ming, "Uncle master, this sword… you should take this sword!"

"She’s leading me into something…"

Su Ming lifted his head and gave Zi Che a look before he closed the lid on the box before him with his right hand and pushed it away once again.

"I won’t see her!"

Zi Che felt his jaw fall slack and only let out a breath after a moment. He hesitated for a moment before sighing eventually and taking the box, then he left the cave with great reluctance.

Yet after a moment, he returned. This time, there was an odd expression on his face. When Su Ming looked over, he held out a wooden slip to him respectfully.

"They said that this is the last item they will offer," Zi Che whispered.

Su Ming took the wooden slip and cast a glance at it, and the very moment he did so, his expression changed. Even when he saw the golden stone coin, the God of Berserkers Transformation, and Freezing Sky Sword, such a drastic change of expression had never appeared.

Zi Che was momentarily stunned. He had stolen a glance at that wooden slip before and found that it was empty. There was absolutely nothing carved on it, so when he saw Su Ming’s expression, he could not understand what caused him to have this reaction.

Su Ming stared at the wooden slip in his hands blankly and only closed his eyes after a long moment. When he opened his eyes once again, he stood up.

"Zi Che, I’m going to go out for a while. You don’t have to follow me."

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