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Su Ming’s voice was calm when he spoke languidly, looking at Si Ma Xin. There was no pride in his voice, neither did he have the condescending manner Si Ma Xin adopted while he stood on the Seven Colored Mountain, but the meaning behind his words was a form of condescension under the rules of Freezing Sky Clan itself!

"I am your uncle master."

This sentence instantly made the people around him fall silent. There may be anger on their faces, but they did not dare refute his words. They could only accept the high status of the ninth summit with resignation.

A piercing, chilling light instantly appeared in Si Ma Xin’s eyes. As he looked at Su Ming, his lips gradually curled up in a cold smile.

Hu Zi immediately brightened up and placed his hands on his hips as he lifted his head and shouted pridefully towards Si Ma Xin, "Oh, that’s right. Hey, jerk. Your Grandpa Hu is your uncle master. Come here, Si Ma Xin, greet your uncle master."

Si Ma Xin simply ignored Hu Zi’s existence. At that moment, only Su Ming existed in his eyes. With such close proximity and with the slight connection he had with Han Mountain Bell in the past, he could tell with certainty that Han Mountain Bell was within Su Ming.

"Uncle master, eh? Then allow me to consult you and see whether you have the right to be my uncle master."

As Si Ma Xin spoke, he took a step forward with his right foot and lifted his finger to point at the sky.


With his voice, a large amount of green, freezing air suddenly manifested on the originally cold sky. That freezing air seemed to have a physical form, and the air would freeze as it passed by it. Rumbling sounds echoed in the air.

An illusionary hand formed from the green mist appeared in the freezing air and manifested abruptly in the sky. That hand gave off a freezing presence and gathered together out of nowhere before it charged towards Su Ming to catch him.

"The Creation Art! As expected of senior brother Si Ma, he’s indeed the person who will become the God of Berserkers! His first move itself is the Creation Art!"

"No ordinary person could cast the Creation Art so easily, even if it was just the One Creation Art."

"Besides Leader Liu on the ninth summit, the other people there are all trash. I heard that their eldest senior brother isolates himself all the time, the second is always planting flowers like a weak woman, the third is an unreasonable fellow, and that newest addition to the ninth summit just had the galls to block senior brother Si Ma’s path!"

The green hand charged towards Su Ming, and a glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. Yet at that moment, anger appeared on Hu Zi’s face and he let out a low growl.

"Youngest junior brother, move back. Jerk, how dare you attack my youngest junior brother in my face!"

Hu Zi lifted his head and sat down in midair. He lifted his right hand swiftly and overlapped his index and middle fingers together. As he lifted his hand, he drew an arc in the sky.

A mighty presence erupted forth from Hu Zi’s body. The strength of that presence seemed to have caused the weather and earth to change, causing the incoming green hand to falter for a moment in midair.

"Entering… Dream…"

Hu Zi’s expression was stern. At that moment, not a hint of recklessness could be seen on his face. His act of drawing an arc with his two fingers seemed to have contained some mysterious form of Creation, and when Si Ma Xin saw this, his expression turned grave.

The people around him also became nervous. As they looked at Hu Zi, expressions of surprise appeared on their faces, as if during that instant, the Sun Da Hu before them became completely different from the person in their memories.

Right at the instant the green hand froze in midair for a moment, Hu Zi’s right index finger touched the center of his brows. His eyes immediately fell shut and he started snoring.

Nothing changed, except for the appearance of Hu Zi’s snores in the air, and since he was in deep sleep, he could not cotinue floating in the air and fell from the sky…

All the people who saw this were stunned and burst out laughing a moment later.

Even Si Ma Xin started chuckling after the stun wore off. Yet a chilling glint appeared in his eyes and he pointed towards the falling Hu Zi with his right hand. Immediately, the freezing green hand charged towards Hu Zi, whistling through the air, a clear sign that while Si Ma Xin had laughed at Hu Zi’s actions, he was also displeased, and for that, he wanted to hurt him.

Su Ming was silent. He did not laugh. It was clear that Hu Zi chose to act that way just now because he already considered Su Ming as his youngest junior brother under the same Master, and as his senior brother, it was his duty to protect him.

Hu Zi’s power may not be great, but it was precisely because of this that his actions reflected what he thought even more prominently when he stood before Su Ming. That alone was enough.

Right at the moment Hu Zi started plummeting downwards, Su Ming turned into a long arc and charged towards him, catching his body in midair and landing on the ground.

But the green hand was still chasing after them. Su Ming did not bother with that hand. Right at the moment he landed on the ground, Zi Che flew up and charged towards the hand.

He had to act, or else he had no idea what sort of horrible fate would befall him when he went back to the ninth summit. Besides, he was also angry towards Si Ma Xin.

Rumbling sounds echoed above Su Ming, but he did not lift his head up to look. Once he landed on the ground, he gently placed the snoring and drooling Hu Zi on the ground.

He looked at Hu Zi’s face. That silly look on his face made Su Ming smile.

Amidst the rumbling sounds in the air was Si Ma Xin’s downcast voice.

"Zi Che, what’s the meaning of this?!"

"Si Ma Xin, there’s no use talking. If you attack Su Ming, then I have to act against you!"

Zi Che’s appearance made all the people watching immediately burst out in to an uproar again.

"That’s senior brother Zi Che, ranked ninth on the Great Frozen Plains ranking board! Isn’t he good friends with senior brother Si Ma?!"

"Why is he suddenly helping an outsider?!"

"I saw him with the people from the ninth summit just now…"

The oval shaped faced woman beside Han Cang Zi let out a cold harrumph as the discussions raged around her, but it was clear that she had let out a sigh of relief when she saw Zi Che just now.

Si Ma Xin stared at Zi Che. As they gazes met in midair, his eyes gradually turned cold.

At that moment, as Su Ming looked at Hu Zi snoring as he slept on the ground, he slowly lifted his head and looked at Si Ma Xin standing beside the Seven Colored Mountain in the sky.

"Zi Che, stand back. Take care of my third senior brother," Su Ming said unhurriedly, then lifted his right foot to take a step into the sky. The moment his foot landed, his body left the ground and he stood in midair.

Zi Che hesitated for a moment before he wrapped his fist in his palm to salute Su Ming, then returned to Hu Zi’s side.

"My power is not as great as yours, and I didn’t want to fight you…" Su Ming said calmly, looking at Si Ma Xin. "You have your own thing to do, as do I… but you shouldn’t have tried to hurt my third senior brother once he lost all power to fight back!"

Su Ming’s voice still remained calm.

"He is my third senior brother… If you want to fight, then… I will fight!"

At that moment, a chilling glint appeared within the calmness in Su Ming’s eyes.

At that very moment, an incredibly powerful killing intent surged out from Su Ming’s body. That murderous intent came from his right eye, from the Picture of the Blood Moon and Dark Mountain!

The instant Su Ming declared his intention to fight, his entire demeanor changed. While he may still look calm, there was a pressure coming from within that calmness that made people feel as if it was pressing heavily on their bodies from above.

He lifted his right foot and took his first step towards Si Ma Xin. At the moment it landed, a clear Mountain Mark appeared on Su Ming’s face.

It was the Mark of the mountain with five summits – Dark Mountain!

When that Mark appeared, an illusion immediately formed in the sky above Si Ma Xin. In the blink of an eye, the gigantic Dark Mountain that was exactly like the Dark Mountain Mark on Su Ming’s face appeared in the sky!

The moment it appeared, an incredibly powerful pressure spread out and caused the people who were watching on the sides to withdraw with changed expressions.

Si Ma Xin gave a cold sneer and lifted his right hand and clenched his fist around empty air. The moment he did so, a large amount of cold air gathered together underneath Dark Mountain and turned into a gigantic ice fist that charged towards it.

Rumbling sounds reverberated through the air and the ice fist crashed into Dark Mountain, triggering a vicious wave of force that turned into a large wave of ripples that spread thorugh the air.

Once that punch was thrown, an ice layer instantly appeared on the spot where the ice fist touched the five peaked Dark Mountain formed from Su Ming’s Mountain Mark amidst the rumbling sounds. The ice layer spread out rapidly, and in the blink of an eye, ice covered the entire mountain, turning it into a five peaked ice mountain.

The ice mountain floated in the sky. It was originally just an illusion, but at that moment, due to the ice fist created by Si Ma Xin’s Creation Art, the mountain was caught between a state of having physical form and being an illusion.

"A simple trick. You are… as weak as you were when I met you in Han Mountain! I don’t even need to use the power of my Berserker Mark, neither do I need to use my Origin Vessel, the Seven Colored Mountain!" Si Ma Xin said languidly.

There was no disdain in his voice. He was merely speaking in a tone that suggested he was looking down on Su Ming because they were not of the same level and he was more powerful.

As he spoke, Si Ma Xin placed his hands behind his back and looked at Su Ming coldly.

"I’ll give you a chance to attack. If you disappoint me, then I’ll make you despair! Bring out Han Mountain Bell. Let me see how powerful it is in your hands," Si Ma Xin said coldly.

Su Ming did not speak. He had firsthand experience of Si Ma Xin’s arrogance, and this was not the first time he heard such words from his mouth.

His expression turned even more aloof in his silence. Underneath his robes was the other part of the Berserker Mark Si Ma Xin could not see, and it was now manifesting on his body. As it did so, Su Ming lifted his right hand and waved it in the sky.

A large area underneath the frozen Dark Mountain started distorting. The distortions spread out, and in an instant, an illusionary Dark Mountain Tribe appeared in the world.

The plants, the trees, the houses, all of these things were shown in such fine detail that they looked real. They covered the entire sky, and those who saw it felt as if their entire beings were about to be sucked into the tribe.

A grave expression appeared on Si Ma Xin’s face.

"This is your complete Berserker Mark?!"

A depressing feeling that pressed heavily on the hearts of all those looking surrounded the entire area when Dark Mountain Tribe appeared…

The manifestation of this Berserker Mark made Si Ma Xin feel a force pressing heavily against him. This was the most complex Berserker Mark he had ever seen in his life. There was even a vague and indistinct grief coming from within the illusionary tribe formed from the Berserker Mark that affected his heart.

‘What is with this Berserker Mark?! Why are there emotions in there?!’

Si Ma Xin’s expression changed drastically.

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