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Zi Che shuddered and shock appeared on his face. He turned pale instantly and instinctively staggered a few steps back. Once he coughed out a mouthful of blood, he quickly retreated and rose into the air to leave the mountain immediately.

His heart pounded and raced against his chest. Terror had replaced all his thoughts. He had never expected that such a frightening person would exist on ninth summit of Freezing Sky Clan.

Those terrifying hands, those hands that seemed to control life itself, those hands that made him feel shaken to the core and made him injure himself badly the moment he made a move.

"He left just like that..?"

Su Ming’s second senior brother continued smiling as he looked at Zi Che. His smile was gentle and no hint of anger or happiness could be found beneath it. Yet the moment he spoke, all the plants in the ninth summit shuddered at the same time.

"I didn’t act last time because you didn’t touch the ninth summit’s bottom line. It doesn’t really matter that Hu Zi gets hit. He’s built tough, he’ll get better if he just takes a nap after getting hit."

Su Ming’s second senior brother spoke with a smile, and as he did so, the plants in the ninth summit trembled. A shocking presence erupted forth. There was an endless amount of life force within that presence, and it came simultaneously from all the plants in the mountain.

Zi Che’s expression changed drastically. As he ran, he groaned in his heart. All the other people from the ninth summit may be trash, but the man before him was not!

He was as terrifying as a monster!

"With just a breath, he drew out the force of all the plants… This is… This isn’t a normal Berserker Art… This is…"

Zi Che sucked in a sharp breath, and as he retreated, the giant human face formed by the blizzard behind him gathered together and let out a faint growl towards the second senior brother.

"But this time, you spoiled a lot of my plants, broke Hu Zi’s gourd, and even came to hurt my youngest junior brother. These… aren’t good…"

Second senior brother sighed softly. The moment he said ‘not good’, all the plants in the ninth summit floated into the air and with an indescribable speed, they covered the sky and earth before charging towards Zi Che.

Zi Che was in shock. The snow human face behind him immediately surrounded him, attempting to fight back as they retreated, but the moment the snow face touched the innumerable plants, it exploded with a loud bang.

It exploded and the world rumbled, turning into mountains of snow that fell down. At the same moment, Zi Che, who was wrapped inside the face, coughed out once again. His face immediately turned pale, and before he could retreat once more, the plants charged straight towards him and instantly surrounded him. Some of them even crept into his body, causing Zi Che to look like a person made of plants.

He trembled, and when he fell face down, he was wrapped by the plants and pulled back to the ninth summit.

"I won’t kill you. I’ll punish you instead to repair my third senior brother’s gourd at the ninth summit, then to help me check who is stealing my plants at night. Listen to the other people in the mountain during the other times, like making sure my youngest junior brother is safe when he leaves the mountain.

Second senior brother retained his gentle demeanor as he smiled and explained. "Do this for three years."

At that moment, Hu Zi let out a loud roar and stormed out of the cave. He grabbed the plant covered but not unconscious Zi Che and lifted him up with a ferocious smile.

"You jerk! How dare you break your Grandpa Hu’s gourd?! Just you wait, just you wait and see how I’ll deal with you. D*mn you, I’ll drag you into my dreams."

There was anger in Zi Che’s eyes, but he had already lost all his strength. When he was lifted by Hu Zi, who he had deemed as trash previously, a feeling of humiliation spread through his entire body.

At that moment, two long arcs arrived from the sky, before they revealed Han Cang Zi and her companion within. The two of them stood in midair and were stunned for a moment.

"We have guests. Are you here to visit my youngest junior brother?"

Second senior brother looked at the two beautiful women in the sky with an even gentler smile on his face.

Fang Cang Lan remained stunned for another moment before she quickly bowed towards second senior brother. "Greetings… second senior brother."

The woman beside her had a steely expression on her face. She glared at the gentle looking second senior brother standing beside Su Ming, then looked at Zi Che who was being dragged into the distance by Hu Zi, but she did not say a word.

"We seldom see such pretty ladies on the ninth summit. Looks like my youngest junior brother has a lot of luck with ladies… but you came at a bad time. He’s currently training. Why don’t you stay here and help me take care of him?"

Second senior brother winked and laughed.

With that one laugh, Fang Cang Lan immediately blushed.

"It’s not what it looks like, it’s…" she quickly explained.

At that moment, the woman with the oval shaped face glared at second senior brother. With a cold harrumph, she turned around and walked away.

Fang Cang Lan hesitated for a moment, looked at Su Ming, who had his eyes closed and was meditating, then at her clearly livid senior sister, and then shot an apologetic look to second senior brother.

"Since Su Ming isn’t in danger, then… then… I’ll be leaving first. Second senior brother, when he wakes up, please tell him…"

As Fang Cang Lan spoke, she saw the teasing look on second senior brother’s face and blushed again. She quickly made her leave and went after her senior sister as if she was chasing something.

Second senior brother looked at the two leaving figures and shook his head before looking at Su Ming again. Just when he was about to feel moved, he suddenly narrowed his eyes and looked towards the sky in the distance once again.

There was an old man wearing a purple-red long robe walking forward with a calm expression on his face in the sky in the distance. He was alone, but as he got closer, the wind around him froze. An intimidating presence spread out and covered every inch of the plants and the ice on the ninth summit.

"Urgh… I knew it. Once I hit the young one, the old one immediately popped out. Master, I can’t deal with this one, you’ll have to do it."

Second senior brother smiled and sat beside Su Ming.

"Youngest junior brother, how is that you already offended others when you just came..? Hmm? Are you waking up already?!"

There was a puzzled look on second senior brother’s face when he looked towards Su Ming, but he suddenly smiled, and there was eagerness hidden within that smile.

"I wonder what method you found to clear your mind…" second senior brother mumbled.

Beside him, wisps of fog seeped out of Su Ming’s pores and gradually spread around him. The fog tumbled around in an illusionary state before it gradually took form.

In Su Ming’s mind, the fog that covered the world he saw was thinning out, causing his sight to no longer be obscured and allowing him to see the world behind the fog.

No, it wasn’t a world he saw—it was a painting. The painting was slowly filled with mountains, water, grass, trees, and people.

Gradually, a sort of epiphany formed within his mind…

"My answer is that I will bring things into being myself. I… am Creation…" Su Ming mumbled.

He understood it.

In the sky of the physical world was the old man in the purple-red long robe calmly getting closer. He stood in the air beyond the ninth summit. There was no sign of any emotion in his eyes as he stood there and stared at Tian Xie Zi standing at the top of the ninth summit.

"Tian Xie Zi, let go of my disciple."

The purple-red robed man’s low and deep voice reverberated in the sky.

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