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"There’re a lot of rumors regarding Freezing Sky Clan’s ninth summit. Since I’m here today, I might as well see whether those rumors are true…" the person wearing the bamboo hat said with a cold sneer at the foot of the ninth summit.

"I don’t understand just how this unassuming Su Ming could make senior brother Si Ma pay so much heed to him. He even sent me a long distance letter and used that one favor I owe him to make me come here and take away something from him."

The moment the person took a step up the ninth summit through the blizzard, his entire body seemed to have blended together with the snow. The blizzard in the sky suddenly turned into a human face and let out a low, savage growl at the ninth summit. That growl became the wind the lifted up the snow.

The moment the person stepped on the mountain, the entire ninth summit seemed to tremble.

Su Ming’s third senior brother who was drinking in his cave opened his eyes, surprised. He quickly took a few steps forward and bent his body down to exit his cave abode before looking down the mountain.

"That’s Zi Che from the second summit. He’s placed ninth on the ranking board among the disciples on the Great Frozen Plains in Freezing Sky Clan! Why did he appear on the ninth summit? Could it be to fight me? But I didn’t offend him."

Hu Zi was momentarily stunned. He scratched his head.

In the midst of his surprise, his expression suddenly changed, because at that moment, Zi Che, who was dressed in a straw cape and bamboo hat, took his second step since up the ninth summit.

The instant his foot fell, his body suddenly appeared before Hu Zi. His appearance was so sudden it looked as if he had just forced his way through. The moment he stood a few hundred feet before Hu Zi, a monstrous presence erupted forth with a bang. That presence made Hu Zi quickly take a few dozen steps backwards. The wine gourd in his hand also shattered with a bang.


Zi Che’s face could not be seen under the straw cape and bamboo hat, but a chilling glint appeared in his eyes, and the shocking presence caused the ice around him to show signs of cracking. It was especially so for the land behind him. The savage human face that was formed from the blizzard let out a roar, and more snow gathered in the sky, as if it wanted to bury the entire ninth summit underneath.

Zi Che cast Hu Zi a cold glare and took his third step.

The moment he took the third step, he disappeared from Hu Zi’s sight. Because he had left, he did not see that Hu Zi was staring at the shattered wine gourd on the ground at that moment. Red filled his sight and viciousness appeared in his eyes.

"How dare you break your Grandpa Hu’s gourd!"

Hu Zi lifted his head swiftly and let out a loud shout towards the sky. He turned into a long arc and charged towards Zi Che, who was leaving.

At that moment, two people were running out of the seventh summit towards the ninth summit. The two of them were women and pleasing to the eye.

One of them was Han Cang Zi. There was worry on her face as she ran at full speed towards the ninth summit.

The woman beside her wore a yellow robe. Her petite, oval shaped face gave her an elegant and beautiful air. It was a strikingly similar look to how Han Cang Zi usually looked like.

There was a lazy expression on her face. When she saw just how nervous and worried Han Cang Zi was, she teased her, "Junior sister Fang, just what sort of person is this Su Ming for you to pay so much attention to him? Could it be…"

The woman’s voice was very attractive. She chuckled after her own words.

"Junior sister, this isn’t the time for this!"

Han Cang Zi travelled incredibly quickly, charging towards the ninth summit.

"Alright alright, I won’t say anything more. Don’t worry, Zi Che may be wild, but he’s not a bad person. I’ll just ask him not to cause trouble to Su Ming."

"He’s your younger brother, of course you’ll be siding with him."

There was a hint of a complaint in Han Cang Zi’s words. The woman behind her smiled, but did not mind. She simply continued trying to soothe Han Cang Zi with a gentle voice.

They gradually got closer to the ninth summit as they spoke. However, right at the moment they got closer, they clearly felt the power of a blizzard charging towards them and forcing them to slow down.

At that moment, both of them also saw the savage human face formed by the blizzard, which was previously obscured from their sight by the ninth summit. The face was howling at the ninth summit.

Han Cang Zi’s expression immediately changed. The woman beside her also turned grave.

"He activated the Art for his Berserker Mark!"

The woman took a step forward and charged towards the ninth summit in the face of the blizzard. Han Cang Zi bit her bottom lip and followed behind her with worry.

On the ninth summit, Zi Che, who was dressed in a straw cape and a bamboo hat, arrived 300 feet away from where Su Ming sat the moment with his third step. He stood there with a cold and detached expression as his gaze fell on Su Ming’s body.

"Just another piece of trash. The ninth summit is not as spoken in the rumors!" Zi Che said coldly and lifted his right hand.

But just as he was about to point towards Su Ming…

At that moment, Su Ming was completely unaware of what was happening outside. He was immersed in his own world. The fog he saw was currently raging and tumbling furiously. He thought he saw a faint shadow of something within.

A feeling akin to epiphany gradually formed in his heart.

"Just let me see a little clearer…" he mumbled. He had a strong feeling that if he could just see clearly, then he would be able to find the answer, and he would obtain the right to answer just what was the meaning of Creation.

As Zi Che lifted his right hand in the world outside Su Ming’s mind, the world let out a loud rumble around the platform Su Ming had seated himself. The giant blizzard that had turned into the savage human face appeared in the air just to Su Ming’s side, and it was approaching quickly. The giant blizzard brought with it an earth shaking presence that did not just intend to bury Su Ming underneath, but also the entire ninth summit!

That sight even created a false impression that this blizzard was a work of nature, not due to a person using a mystical ability.

Zi Che did not intend to let Su Ming live. If he had not joined the ninth summit, but joined any other summit and became a true Freezing Sky Clan disciple, then Zi Che would find his hands tied. After all, they would belong to the same school, and the rules within the school were very strict, and it would be difficult for him to act in the day like this.

Yet Su Ming entered the ninth summit, the ninth summit that belonged to Freezing Sky Clan, but at the same time not. The disciples here did not have to follow the rules set by Freezing Sky Clan, but because of that they were also not protected by the rules of the school. That was why Zi Che thought about killing Su Ming without even a word and subsequently throwing his corpse to Si Ma Xin, who was rushing back to Freezing Sky Clan.

To him, the man who always referred to himself as Grandpa Hu was trash. There was no need for him to be careful of him. As for the person who loved planting things, he was a very effeminate and weak person to Zi Che.

Even the eldest senior brother of the ninth summit was just a coward who loved isolating himself. Zi Che had heard about him before. When disciples from other summits came to teach that trash Hu Zi a lesson, his other two senior brothers did not act at all. The trash who loved planting stuff would especially pretend to be asleep to avoid trouble and let his junior brother fend for himself.

In fact, there was even one time when he saw such a thing happen when he was passing by the ninth summit. At that time, he was filled with disdain and contempt towards the ninth summit.

The only person he was wary of was the old man – Tian Xie Zi!

However, he had already made preparations before he came to this place. He was the second summit’s prodigy and his Master placed high value on him. In his mind, if Tian Xie Zi attacked him without care for their differences in status, then his Master would definitely not stand by and watch.

With all these preparations, he was certain that nothing could go wrong. He lifted his right hand and readied himself to point at Su Ming so that the human face in the blizzard could swallow him up and let him achieve his goal for coming back this time.

Yet at the very moment he was about to swing his right hand down, a gentle voice traveled forth from behind him. That voice was very serene, as if the speaker was talking to a friend, and there was no hint of any anger in it.

"Brother, you’re stepping on my flowers… That’s… not good."

At the very moment that voice came, Zi Che shuddered. A serious look appeared in his eyes, which were covered by the bamboo hat. With his current power, if anyone appeared around him, he would notice them immediately. This sort of thing, where a person appeared beside him and he did not notice, should only be possible for Tian Xie Zi alone on the ninth summit. Yet the person’s manner of speech made it clear that he was not Tian Xie Zi.

"There’s only ice under my feet. There aren’t any plants."

Zi Che let out a cold harrumph. He did not turn back, but he did not try pointing towards Su Ming with his right hand either.

"Look again."

The gentle voice got closer to him, and a handsome man in white gradually approached Zi Che from behind. There was a smile on his lips and his face was kind. He walked to Zi Che’s side, went past him, then stood… before the sitting Su Ming.

Zi Che was silent. He did not lower his head, but he could clearly feel green grass and flowers growing under him when the man walked past, and he… was stepping on them.

Shock rose from the bottom of his heart. He looked at the gentle looking man before him. He’d seen this person before and knew that he was the second disciple in the ninth summit.

Yet he never expected that the person who he thought was trash would… make him feel shaken.

A sense of danger, something that was rarely felt by him, surged forth abruptly in his body.

Zi Che was silent, but after a moment, he let out a cold harrumph and took a swift and huge step forward with his right foot. With his lifted right hand, he also pointed towards the man blocking him from Su Ming without any hesitation.

Yet the very instant he pointed with his right hand, the bamboo hat on his head shattered abruptly and turned into an innumerable amount of pieces that tumbled backwards, revealing a long haired man who looked to be in his thirties.

The straw cape he wore also burst apart with a bang and turned into smithereens, revealing the black robe he wore underneath. A mouthful of blood spilled out from Zi Che’s mouth and he started trembling viciously. An intimidating pressure that shocked him spread out from the smiling man standing before him like the winds in spring. No one else could feel that pressure. In fact, from Zi Che’s perspective, this might not even be pressure.

This was a type of stress formed by a gaze and also a temperament that created an indescribable but still spine chilling terror within him.

The source of that terror came from the hands of the man standing before him!

Those ordinary hands, those hands that were not lifted but placed by his sides, touching his sleeves, seemed to hold the keys to his life and death!

Those were the hands of Creation!

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