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Feng Chunsheng told me to turn to Liu the Sixth.

Liu the Sixth was also a respected figure in the banks of Minnan, and Chen Yuhao might help us for his sake.


I shook my head, just because I had heard 'never lose your courage when you are poor' from my master when I was a child.

Chen Yuhao was really stronger than me. Well, I just made the bet because I didn't want to ask for help from him.

But now.

I bet with him at the risk of my shop being smashed.

I was in deep mediation.

The hour was almost up.

Now Chen Yuhao was moving the figure of the Buddha in the incense room of my shop… But how could it be broken, since it was left by my master?

I smacked the table and shouted at Chen Yuhao: "Put it down."

"Time's up," he sneered

"I have the plan already." I stared at him.

Chun Yuhao held up his right hand: "Show me."

"No need to be like that." I pointed at him and said: "Would you like me to change it with a human skin pattern?"

"A human skin pattern?"

It seemed he had never heard of it. Of course he hadn't.

Honestly, I created this pattern by myself… how could I describe it? It was just a visual tattoo.

There was once a girl. She was young and ignorant and she had made an eye tattoo on the back of her hand.

But her major was medical science and no hospital accepted her.

She managed to get hired as a pediatrician in a hospital with the help of her parents, but she was soon taken away by the director because of her tattoo.

The tattoo was actually a kind of typical art, but it was still not accepted.

She was totally rejected by organizations such as government institutions, hospitals, schools, et cetera.

That girl cried in my shop for a long time and asked me if I could help her remove that tattoo.

It was possible to remove the tattoo, but there might be some terrible scars.

I told her about the scars.

She just told me she would rather keep the scars than the tattoo. I could see her tears as she cried and talked.

Actually, I thought her hands were the most beautiful ones I had ever seen. They were as clean as crystals and each finger was very slender. There was no dead skin and the skin was covered with a layer of white fog. What nice hands.

The tattoo on her hand was the Eye of Buddha.

The eye were smiling, but there was a teardrop in its corner.

It was the eye of Buddha, who was so compassionate, with hope to the future. He was crying and smiling.

It was rare to have such a tattoo of the Eye of Buddha.

I asked that girl who gave her the tattoo.

She told me it was made by Kitajima Yuanxiao when she went to Japan.

At that time, I felt a little sad to remove this tattoo since Kitajima Yuanxiao was a very famous tattooist. His tattoos had a close relationship with Buddha, but he stopped doing them recently.

I didn't want to destroy her hands, nor did I want to destroy that precious tattoo.

Finally, I had an idea.

It was the "human skin" created by me.

I mixed the dyes into a human skin color then put this tattoo on top of the eye, which meant that I would put another tattoo on her hand.

It was rather complicated to make this tattoo. I needed to make it needle by needle by myself, which was rather difficult.

It took me a whole week to complete a small part of the human skin tattoo to cover the back of her hand.

There was still some chromatic aberration between the human skin tattoo and the real human skin when I finally finished it, but they were almost the same when I applied some concealer powder.

Now there was no scar, and the tattoo by Kitajima Yuanxiao wasn't destroyed.

That girl was so excited she invited me for a meal.

At the time, I thought of making this human skin tattoo my signature offer, but I gave it up since it was rather difficult to do with lower prices. It was not easy to make it into a commodity.

So I almost forgot about this tattoo.

Now I had the same idea to change the pattern for Chen Yuhao.

I told Chen Yuhao: "I could make a human skin tattoo and cover the 'nine dragons pulling the coffin' on your back… and then put the Yi Ji tattoo on top of that."

"Can you make a human skin tattoo?" Chen Yuhao sneered agan.

I smiled and said: "Just let me try."

"How?" he asked me.

I went inside the room and prepared the pigment.

Of course, I couldn't make the exact shade in such a short time.

After some toning, I went outside and picked up the tattoo needle with some pigment, then put a needle in the back of Feng Chunsheng's hand.

"Ouch, Shui, are you crazy? It bloody hurts! Why don't you tell me before you did that?" Feng Chunsheng growled at me.

I took Feng Chunsheng's hand, held it up, and showed it to Chen Yuhao: "Take a look."

Chen Yuhao gasped at the sight of the point on Feng Chunsheng's hand. He nodded quickly and said: "Great. I could never imagine anybody could make a human skin tattoo."

"Is that what you want?"


Chen Yuhao put his right hand over his heart and bowed to me respectfully, saying: "Sorry. We will talk about the signboard tomorrow, and I will also give you a present for the best tattooist."

Then he turned back and left the tattoo shop: "I just thought I'd come and join you on that ghost house matter."

After that, he carried his big wooden box and disappeared.

Chen Yuhao was a real man. Though he was a little rough at that time… He was open and aboveboard with others. He was highly responsible person accepted both wins and losses.

Feng Chunsheng was there carefully looking at that point on his hand, and said: "Well, Shui... l can't understand why Chen Yuhao thought it was good and left, since it's so yellow?"

I told him that I had already showed my ability, though it was not the right shade of color this time. In any case, he knew about it… I am someone who could make that human skin tattoo.

"Awesome, that's really awesome." Feng Chunsheng gave me a thumbs up.

I looked at the smashed signboard, shaking my head, and said: "it is such a pity that it's broken. It has been with me for so many years."

"Don't worry, Chen Yuhao will bring a new signboard tomorrow." Feng Chunsheng comforted me.

Well, what should we do, since there was nothing else?

Luckily enough, Chen Yuhao promised to join us on the ghost house matter.

Chen Yuhao finally promised this.

On the other hand, I just thought… I could change the pattern for him, so that he could feel more satisfied, but I couldn't do so just because I was in such a hurry.

Whatever, it was OK for this stage. I would think more about it next time.

After solving this matter, Feng Chunsheng and I went out drinking.

We felt happy.

We would solve the ghost house matter successfully for Mimi now that Chen Yuhao joined with us.

We were drinking excitedly.

After a few drinks, Feng Chunsheng began to complain: "When I was young, I worked with a few bad partners, then… Oh… So bad… my family was broken up and they all died. But you, Shui, you are really a good man. You have to stay upright, curious and kind-hearted, so that you can success in the near future in this Yin business."

I also proposed a toast with him and said: "Well, Brother Chun… you are really my guide, when I get successful and earn a reputation in this business, I will share my money with you, and this is true at any time and any place."


He clapped my hands and said: "Cheer up."

Then we downed a glass of wine.

We were drinking happily there, when… a woman appeared behind him crookedly.

That woman was wearing a bubble sweater and staggered about.

She looked beautiful, with round breasts, and I glanced at her with appreciation.

But… she just rushed at Feng Chunsheng.

Then, she began to vomit…

A strong smell of alcohol, mixed with dirty things, all poured onto Feng Chunsheng's hair.

"Damn it!" Feng Chunsheng punched the table and lifted the beer bottle; he looked very angry.

I didn't know what to do. Should I beat her up? She didn't do that on purpose, and what's more… She was a woman. How could we beat a drunk woman since we were men?

Actually, my first reaction was almost bursting into laughter.

"Damn it." Feng Chunsheng cursed angrily: "I'm gonna be sick whenever I eat for the rest of the month."

He didn't know what to do; he wanted to touch his head but it was very filthy.

Finally, he took up a bottle of mineral water and poured it on himself, then he ran back to the tattoo shop: "Shui, watch that woman, don't let her go! Damn, I have to cut my hair now. I'll have to advance a claim for spiritual damages from her."

One could imagine how rude Feng Chunsheng was at that time. It was a crowded restaurant, so everyone had to make way for him.

Then I looked at the woman on the ground. I took out some tissue paper and wiped her mouth.

I had to say, this woman was very lucky, she didn't even lie on that mess.

I got her up and took her to a bench across the road… I had to wake her up.

It was dangerous for a woman to lie outside like that.

I thought for a while, then I went back to my shop, brought a big bottle of mineral water, and threw it to the ground next to her.

Flop, flop.

When the water dropped down, the woman woke up.

"Oh, oh, where am I now?"

The woman threw her hair back. She looked up and asked innocently: "Where am I? Who are you?"

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