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“Oh, you got something dirty?” I asked Miao Weiwei.

“It’s not something dirty, but every night I get woken up by my cat, but when I look up, Iseeits fierce eyes as if it is going to eat me.” As Miao Weiweispoke, she felt terrible and couldn’t speak loudly.

“So why not drive the cat away?” I asked Miao Weiwei.

“No, I can’t. It’s a pure-bred Bengal Leopard Cat.I got it from France for more than 200,000 Yuan.It’s not like those rubbish cats raised by the common families.”Miao Weiwei felt a little proud when she said so.

I asked her how about the cat in the day time?

“It is verydocile during the day time, and it only makes trouble in the evening.Every time Iwakeup, Igetscared. I also asked someone, and hesaid it’s because of aghost in the house thatthe cat wantsto bite me in the evening.The cat is possessed bythe ghost’s spirit,”Miao Weiwei said.

I thought it was a little absurd.Ihad also raised a leopard cat.It was the offspring ofa wild leopard cat and a common cat. This cat was very scaryand half ameter long,so it was normal when it wanted to bite you.

However,Miao Weiwei kept on showing how rich she was. I wanted to rip her off now, since this was a good chance.

I told her: “What about this:Since my Yin and Yang Tattoocandrive out evil spirits and repress ghosts, I will give you this tattoo, and I will give you afixed price without bargaining because we were old classmates.Twenty thousand Yuan.”

“Twenty thousand is fine. But my concern is whether yourYin and Yang Tattoo takes effect or not.What if after I get this tattooI’ll have to suffer the terriblelooksfrom my family and the cat will still want to eat me in the evenings when Iwakeup?”Miao Weiwei said.

“How can thatbe? I’m sure your cat will never giveyou any more trouble afteryou get this tattoo.” I just gaveher my firm and solemn promise.

I felt so confident just because of the words my master once told me.

My master said that those who had a Yin and Yang Tattoo would never be attackedby animals.

Because animals, especially cows, dogs and cats, were very psychically-attuned, they could see many things that peoplecouldn’t see.

Ifyou hada Yin and Yang Tattoo on your body, it was a kind of ghost spirit, and cats would justwant to run away when they seeit, so how could they be fierce to you?Even the aggressive leopard cat was still a cat, so it wouldn’t dare show its teeth to those with aYin and Yang Tattoo.

“Really?”Miao Weiwei asked in reply, and then she said a few very disrespectful words: “Ijust had to make sure.Iwouldn’t pay in vain though Iamrich. As my old classmate,it would be shameful if you deceived me.”

I got angry, but thinking that friendliness was conducive to successfulbusiness, I just struggled to contain my rage and said: “Of course it’strue. Now, let me give you the address.You willknow thatI would never deceive you when you come. We areequally honest with both adultand child customers.”

“Ok, I will come later.”

After hanging up, I sent the address of my tattoo studio to Miao Weiwei.

After solving this issue, I rode my electric bike directly to the tattoo studio. Ididn’tgo to dig up the grave soil since Ialready had new business.Anyway, I would pay to get it since digging up someone else’s grave would be a bad deed to mycredit in the next world, and would also tire me out.

Mimi came just when I opened the studio.She looked better today but felt a little nervous

I smiled to her: “So how about it now, Mimi? You didn’t waste your money, right? You look better today.”

Mimi nodded quickly, saying that my tattoo really worked, but she said she still had strange dreams. She told me: “My brother, I just remember that it was Xiao Bai that I met in the dream, so did you think she would really kill me?”

I didn’t know about this. Mimi got the oddities fromXiao Bai;nowXiao Bai didn’t peep on her but still appeared in her dreams. This was abnormal, but I really didn’t know what was causing that.

I told her to be back first and not be afraid, she could wait for my materials and I would color the red lotus Yakshaon her back to make a complete Yin and Yang Tattoo, then she would fear nothing.

“All right, brother, just be quick. Though it is only a dream, I get so frightened.”Mimiemphasized this before she left.

I told herI would keepthis in mind and act quickly.

I called Liu the Sixthafter I sent Mimi away.

Liu the Sixthwas a hard man ofnoble character, and I had to turn to him for the tomb soil and the soul since he could collect them. He knew well the folk Taoist magic arts and my previous master also turned to himfor the soul when he made Yin and Yang Tattoos.

Several months ago, he came to me once and asked me whether I wanted to do theYin and Yang Tattoo business, and said I could buy the soul from him if I wanted so.

At thetime, I didn’t take it seriously, but luckily I got his telephone number.

I took out my phone and called Liu the Sixth. Over the phone, I heard himbreathing heavily, and there was a woman besides him groaning or moaning continually. Anyonewould know what he was doing there.

I just wanted to hang up whenLiu the Sixthopened his mouth: “Are you Mr. Liao’s apprentice? So, what’s up?”

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