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Chapter 1753: Our Qu family is Saved

Old lady Qu was overjoyed. This good news was too exciting.

“Yes, Madam. You don’t have to worry. Our company is really saved.”

The secretary was so excited that she did not know what to say. As she made the call, she looked at the stock market on her computer. The beautiful curves were very exciting.

“That’s good, that’s good.”

Old lady Qu was so agitated that her eyes were brimming with tears. She looked at Qu Jingwan and said, “Jingwan, you don’t have to go through the marriage. As long as our Qu family’s company doesn’t close down, grandma won’t push you out. You’re still our Qu family’s young mistress and no one can do anything to you. Just stay in the Qu family and go wherever you want to go. As long as the company gets better, all problems won’t be a problem.”

Old lady Qu was very agitated and her gaze became gentle.

“I understand, grandma.”

Qu Jingwan’s expression was calm, but she was thinking about how quickly Pei Ge’s promise had come true. As long as Pei Ge wanted it, Ji Ziming would probably do anything for her.

“Jingwan, our Qu family is saved!”

Old lady Qu tugged on Qu Jingwan’s sleeve and was surprised to find that the person who should be agitated was not agitated at all. In fact, she seemed to have known that this would happen.

“Why aren’t you excited? Shouldn’t you be glad that you don’t need to go through a business marriage? Don’t tell me you already know?”

AOld lady Qu was unwilling to believe that the Qu Jingwan in front of her had the ability to turn Qu family’s company upside down and make it return to how it was before.

Although it was hard to believe, it really happened.

“It has nothing to do with me. I didn’t know that something like this would happen. I only know that our Qu family will not close down so easily. Moreover, I know that our Qu family will get better. Although it might not be able to replace Ji Group, our Qu family is still one of the best in business.”

Qu Jingwan put in a lot of good words to repel Old lady Qu’s distrust of her. However, even if she said it again, Old lady Qu was still unwilling to believe it. She knew what kind of person Qu Jingwan was. Although Qu Jingwan did not have the ability to turn the company’s crisis into safety, Ji Ziming could.

If Pei Ge could, then Qu Jingwan could have gone to look for either one of them.

“Tell me the truth; did you go look for Ji Ziming?”

Old lady Qu’s voice was stern and her eyes were vicious.

“I didn’t.”

Qu Jingwan looked up at Old lady Qu’s face and said calmly, “Grandma, didn’t you say that you won’t let me look for them, so I won’t do anything to make you unhappy.”

“But only Ji Ziming has this ability in the capital. If you didn’t look for him, who would be willing to help us like this? I really don’t understand who that person is.”

When Old lady Qu said this, she looked at Qu Jingwan with vicious yet clear eyes.

“You must promise grandma not to lie to me.”

“Grandma, don’t worry; I’m not lying to you. Believe me; I’m telling the truth.”

Qu Jingwan was very serious but also very quiet and clear.

“Alright, I believe you because you’re my granddaughter. I believe that you won’t lie to me and I have faith in you. This is all for the Qu family’s sake. As long as you know that you are a member of the Qu family now, you must do something good for them.”

Old lady Qu’s eyes were sharp. Although she said that she believed Qu Jingwan, there was still a hidden suspicion in her eyes.

“Okay, grandma. I’ll go back to my room.”

Qu Jingwan stood up and wanted to go back to her room. She had experienced emotional ups and downs today. all the things that she had thought through did not go along with her wishes.

However, this agreement with Pei Ge had a chance to turn things around. Yet, it was a transaction after all and she had not thought through what Pei Ge wanted.

Nonetheless, Qu Jingwan knew that Pei Ge had already started preparing.

Hence, she needed to prepare the ‘evidence’ regarding Old lady Qu.

Pei Ge was right. When Qu Jingwan thought of going to the Ji family, she was already on the path of betraying Old lady Qu. It was just that Old lady Qu had not realized it yet.

What Qu Jingwan wanted to do was not to let Old lady Qu find out because all these were all for the ‘deal’ with Pei Ge.

Just as Qu family’s stocks were rising and the company was getting better, Zhang Manhua’s house was also cheering.

Mao Nana excitedly followed Zhang Manhua to make a bowl of handmade noodles. However, no matter how hard she pulled, no matter how hard she pulled, she could not make anything similar to Zhang Manhua’s. The thickness and texture of the latter’s noodles were even and the texture was excellent.

“This handmade noodle is so hard to make.”

Seeing that the noodles she had pulled out were too horrible to look at, Mao Nana stood at the side with an aggrieved expression and pouted her lips.

“If you can’t make it, then don’t make it. It’s so ugly. Who wants to eat it?”

Qu Xiujie leaned against the kitchen door. Although he said that he wanted to chase Mao Nana out of the house, he was soft-hearted and let her stay in the room next to his.

Qu Xiujie raised his brows and looked at the girl who was wearing a black woolen skirt with a pink apron and a light yellow long-sleeved shirt. Although the clothes were wide, they accentuated Mao Nana’s long legs.

Be it from behind or the front, she was a top-notch beauty. A beauty like her staying in the house and following Qu Xiujie wholeheartedly was not something a girl like her could do.

She was just like a child who liked to stick to him.

The softest part of Qu Xiujie’s heart was slowly being crushed by the person in front of him. As long as he saw her, his heart would suddenly become sensitive. With just one look, he seemed to have great motivation.

Mao Nana’s long legs were too eye-catching. Even if the two of them were walking on the streets, her legs were still very eye-catching. Regardless of men or women, they would turn around to take a few glances. Every time Qu Xiujie saw this scene, he wished he could take off his clothes and cover Mao Nana’s legs.

Their conversations would often go like this.

“Can’t you wear a pair of long pants? Do you like wearing short skirts that much?”

“What’s wrong? Are you jealous because of me? Are you jealous?”