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3862 Just Wait!(10)

Huang Yueli didn’t want her husband to get into a conflict with his clansmen because of her.

So, she didn’t intend to continue on.

However, Li Zijun managed to stir up the hostility of the clan towards Huang Yueli, how could she let her leave so easily.

Seeing that Huang Yueli swallowed her anger and wanted to leave, she decided that she had hit Huang Yueli’s sore spot!

This female doctor obviously pretended to be talented in martial arts to please the Young Master, and even pestered the Young Master to give her a chance to enter the training ground!

It’s a pity that her true strength was still shady, and she wanted to leave quickly because she was afraid that she would reveal her truth if she continued.

Li Zijun took a step forward and blocked Huang Yueli’s way, “Divine Doctor Li, you shouldn’t go to the tower, I’m doing it for your own good! Even if you want to show yourself in front of the Young Master, you have to see if you have the ability? If it’s self-defeating, wouldn’t it be shooting yourself in the foot?”

Huang Yueli’s face suddenly darkened.

She didn’t care about them, it was all for Li Moying’s face.

Unexpectedly, this Li Zijun was so ungrateful, so relentless!

Or… She saw the scene where she made out with Li Moying just now?

Huang Yueli sneered, and no longer held back her words.

“Young Miss Zijun, don’t you think you are overstepping this a little? I was able to come to the place of training because I got the approval from the Patriarch! If any of you have any opinions, you can talk to the Patriarch directly. Why bother acting here in all sorts of ways? Don’t worry, I will consider my own safety, after all, I am a Doctor and you are not!”

“You…” Li Zijun’s eyes widened with astonishment.

For a moment, she was overwhelmed by the aura emanating from Huang Yueli’s body, and she was speechless.

She never expected that this seemingly very delicate girl would actually have such a fierce side!

Just looking at her appearance, Huang Yueli looks like a gentle and harmless little white rabbit. Standing next to Li Moying, she was like a small bird. It’s completely unimaginable that she would have such an aura!

Huang Yueli reprimanded coldly: “Get out of the way!”

The other cultivators were not as determined as Li Zijun. Under her strong gaze, they all subconsciously took a few steps back to make way.

Huang Yueli walked straight through the crowd.

Seeing that she was about to walk to the edge of the tower, Li Zijun suddenly regained her senses.

She hurriedly called out, “Divine Doctor Li, since you think you are qualified to stay in the training place, do you dare to compete with us? If you win, then we will admit that you are qualified to stay here!”

Huang Yueli walked forward without looking back, completely ignoring her, not even pausing for a moment, completely ignoring Li Zijun.

Li Zijun’s face turned even darker.

Unexpectedly, Huang Yueli would dare to ignore her like this!

Did she think she was Li Leyun? She’s just a doctor. Did she think that she was superior to others because she hooked up with the Young Master?

She was very angry, but still suppressed her anger, and said again: “Divine Doctor Li, don’t think that I didn’t see it just now, you and the Young Master were clearly hugging each other just now! That’s why you made the Young Master bring you here!”


“How can that be?!”

“She and the Young Master… No, it’s impossible!”