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3857 Just Wait!(5)

Hearing this, the eyes of Liu Buyan and Huang Yueli lit up at the same time.

Back in the Soaring Heavens Continent, there were quite a few big sects that had similar trial Illusion Arrays, but none of them were on such a large scale.

Moreover, the Illusion Arrays that can transform into high-level monsters were generally exhausted. This one of the Cloudy Qilin Clan can also transform into the phantoms of cultivators that have existed in the past, which was simply unimaginable!

I don’t know what kind of Array Master was able to complete such an Illusion Array.

Only a big Ancient God Clan with hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation can do it.

Liu Buyan couldn’t help sighing, “I must say… Li Moying, you are really lucky! After arriving in the God Realm, you still have such good resources. At least you haven’t forgotten about us and know that you want to bring us here to cultivate. ”

As soon as the words fell, Li Moying glanced at him, and said coolly, “Don’t be sentimental, I just brought Little Li’er here, as for you… If it wasn’t for worrying about an excuse, why should I bring you such a burden?”

Upon hearing this, Liu Buyan’s face turned green.

“Li Moying! What do you mean? Don’t think that I can’t beat you now, so you can talk nonsense! I’m your Sworn Brother! Huh? Come on, what do you call me again?”

This was what Liu Buyan was most proud of recently.

Back then, when they were still in the Lower Realm and when the two were Sworn Brothers, Liu Buyan was actually one year younger than Mu Chengying.

However, after Li Moying was reincarnated, he was younger than him, and the age difference was not even one or two years.

When they became Sworn Brothers again, Liu Buyan turned into the Elder Brother.

The corners of Li Moying’s mouth twitched, completely ignoring him.

What Elder Brother? He really wanted to throw Liu Buyan out!

Looking at the interaction between the two, Huang Yueli couldn’t help being amused, and shook her head, “Alright, stop talking so much nonsense, let’s hurry up and start cultivating!”

She really had enough of the two of them!

Obviously, he wanted to help Liu Buyan, so he specially brought him to the training place, but he just refused to admit it, and looked so disgusted…

Forget it, maybe this was an alternative way for them to express their friendship, so she should leave it alone.

His little Junior Sister had already spoken up, so Liu Buyan didn’t continue to argue with Li Moying. He looked around, picked a tower that was empty, and walked over to it, ready to start.

But just before he walked in, Li Moying suddenly spoke again.

“By the way, don’t blame me for not reminding you… Enlightenment in the tower will consume a lot of mental power of the cultivators, so our Cloudy Qilin Clan will limit the strength and time of the cultivators who come to seek enlightenment, not only It’s for the allocation of resources, and it’s also for fear that someone will get hurt due to excessive enlightenment. For someone like you, it’s probably enough to stay for an hour, so don’t hold on… Otherwise, if your soul is damaged, we can’t save you! ”

Liu Buyan’s heart skipped a beat, he really wanted to slap Li Moying away!

It’s a pity that the strength was not enough…

He gritted his teeth and said, “Thank you for your reminder! However, you are really worrying too much. It’s fine for me to stay for a few more hours!”

With that said, he strode into the tower without even turning his head.

Not long after, the lights above the tower lit up.