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3827 All Are Simply Routine (7)

He considered himself as a man of normal intelligence.

Whether it was worthwhile to offend one person, or to offend two people, this was easy to calculate.

Li Tianyi made up his mind, he didn’t dare to look into his Young Master’s eyes anymore as he stared straight at the ground and continued speaking quickly.

“This subordinate found it strange. It’s only five o’clock, and it’s not even dawn yet. A daughter of the clan actually ran in the back mountain! This subordinate was afraid that she has encountered some danger, so he hurried over to ask, and the result is , she said…but said…”

Li Moying’s gaze sharpened!

The profound power all over his body was released uncontrollably, and Li Tianyi couldn’t speak anymore.

Huang Yueli frowned, glared at Li Moying beside her, and was about to say something, but at this moment, the girl who had been sitting on the ground suddenly yelled.

“I said that I came to find the Young Master! I heard that the Young Master has been cultivating hard these days, so I specially prepared a pot of nourishing soup with my own hands. I wanted to give it to the Young Master and give him a good supplement. Brother Tianyi, what’s the matter? It’s hard to say? Why are you hesitating? It’s really weird!”

Huang Yueli’s gaze immediately fell on the girl, “You are Li Mingmei?”

“That’s right, I am!” The girl didn’t have any intention of hiding anything, she raised her chin and admitted generously, at the same time, she stared fiercely at Huang Yueli, “You are that Divine Doctor Li? I thought you were really a Divine Doctor, hmph, in the end, you actually seduced our Young Master…you are simply a shameless vixen!”

Li Mingmei came to deliver the soup, but was blocked by Li Tianyi and the others. They couldn’t even enter the courtyard.

There was a dispute between the two sides, Li Mingmei refused to leave no matter what, and deliberately raised her voice, finally woke up Huang Yueli, and even lured Li Moying out.

Seeing the appearance of the high-ranking male god in his heart, and seeing his ingeniously handsome face, Li Mingmei suddenly felt her legs go limp.

She stepped forward delicately, intending to bring the nourishing soup she brought to Li Moying.

But who knew that Li Moying didn’t even want to listen to her, he even ordered the guards to throw her out!

During the pushing and shoving, Li Mingmei fell to the ground. When she was wronged and puzzled, she saw a beautiful woman coming out of the room, and she was so close to Li Moying.

And the Young Master, who has always been cold and ruthless, was actually so gentle to her!

Li Mingmei couldn’t react at first, but after hearing their conversation, after thinking about it carefully, she recognized Huang Yueli’s identity!

At this moment, the only woman who can live in this courtyard openly was the Junior Sister of the Divine Doctor!

Li Mingmei consciously discovered the shocking secret. She was shocked and angry at the same time, and couldn’t help cursing: “It seems that it is fake for you to treat the Young Master, and it is true to take the opportunity to hook up with the strong of the ancient gods! No wonder Li Leyun will be kicked out of Amethyst Paramount Palace, it seems that you, a vixen, are behind the scenes…”


Before she could finish speaking, she suddenly let out a terrified cry!

The aura around Li Moying suddenly exploded, and an incomparably powerful profound force rushed towards her!

Li Mingmei’s original talent was far inferior to Li Leyun’s, so she couldn’t bear it even more.

Her body flew out!

“Hey! Moying, take it easy, take it easy. Don’t do anything first…”