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3826 All Are Simply Routine (6)

Li Moying forcibly changed the subject, grabbed his wife’s arm and tried to bring his precious little fox back to the room.

“Oh, wait! Wait a minute!”

However, Huang Yueli didn’t cooperate with him at all as she stood in place.

The gap between Huang Yueli’s cultivation level and his was not too big, and he was reluctant to be rough on his wife, so for a moment there, the two of them were in a deadlock.

After Huang Yueli struggled a few times, she didn’t bother to argue with Li Moying any more, she turned directly to the guard standing beside her, and asked, “Brother Tianyi, have you been here all this time? What happened? Tell me quickly, don’t hide a single word!”

Li Tianyi and the rest of Li Moying’s bodyguards were also seriously injured when they were in Forest Shade Town, and they remained unconscious. Later, they were also rescued by Li Yuntao and the others.

Although they mainly suffered trauma and meridian damage, they inhaled very little evil qi, but after all, they did not have such powerful and perverted talent as Li Moying. This small dose was enough to keep them unconscious for several months.

After Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan arrived, she also took time to help them diagnose and treat them, and they finally woke up.

Li Tianyi and the others were grateful for Huang Yueli’s kindness, and they even recognized her as their Young Mistress in their hearts.

Before their bodies fully recovered, they rushed to Li Moying’s side to take care of him.

Li Moying wanted them to go back, but they refused to leave, so he could only agree.

However, considering that Li Tianyi and the others were also going to participate in the God Realm’s Grand Meet, Li Moying didn’t arrange anything for them.

After all, this grand event for young geniuses in the God Realm may be just a formality for a peerless genius like Li Moying who has already become famous, but for ordinary young disciples, this was definitely an excellent opportunity to prove himself, if missed, it will never come again.

Needless to say, the God Realm’s Grand Meet was much more important to Li Tianyi and the others!

Not only that, Huang Yueli also took the initiative to give them some spiritual armaments that she had refined, as well as the elixirs obtained from Liu Buyan, which made them even more grateful to her.

Now, hearing her question, Li Tianyi was crying in his heart.

He really had the worst luck!

Why did she have to pick him out of all as soon as they arrived?

This question was one that might make him lose his life!

If he answers, he will offend his Young Master, if he doesn’t answer, he will offend his Young Madame!

Li Moying and Huang Yueli stared at him closely, their gazes were burning, cold sweat broke out on Li Tianyi’s forehead, dripping down in large drops.

“Ahem, well, what happened was…” In the end, he still couldn’t bear the pressure and opened his mouth, “This Young Miss Li Mingmei is the granddaughter of Elder Yu and a genius in our clan. This subordinate happened to be on watch today, at five o’clock, they found someone approaching the small courtyard, and when they went over to look, they found that it was Young Miss Mingmei.”

When Li Moying heard that Li Tianyi had acted so honestly, his gaze became even colder.

Li Tianyi was so frightened that the clothes on his back were drenched with sweat, and he really realized what it means to be trembling and walking on thin ice.

However, he still decided to continue talking.

Because, according to his observations of the Young Master and Young Madam during this period, to offend the Young Master himself is to offend one person, and if to offend the Young Madam, it was to offend the Young Master as well!