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3815 Really Wronged (3)

Li Moying shook his head, “No, I feel very good now.”

After receiving his affirmative answer, Li Shihong was relieved, “That’s good, that’s good! I’m still a little worried about your sudden advancement, for fear that something is wrong with your body, in case your meridians haven’t fully recovered. If you can’t bear the impact of so much profound energy, then you will be in big trouble! Fortunately, everything is normal.”

The Elders also followed suit.

Li Moying had a calm expression on his face, “Elders, you were too worried. I just had a sudden epiphany during my cultivation. I felt that this opportunity was very good and couldn’t be delayed, so I made progress along the way…”

After hearing his understatement, everyone was speechless for a while.

From what Li Moying said, it seems that advancing to the next level is as simple as eating and drinking!

God knows, for a young cultivator of his age, being able to break through the early stages of the Heart Profound Realm was already a genius among geniuses.

From then on, if one wants to advance a small realm, one needs to spend several to ten years of hard work, and have to go through various arduous experiences.

But these, to Li Moying, did not exist at all.

Li Shihong suddenly thought of something, and asked with concern: “Moying, are you sure that your body is really alright? To be honest, your advancement this time is really beyond everyone’s expectations. After all, you have just been seriously injured earlier. You just woke up not long ago, according to common sense, after only a few days of recuperation, it is considered very good to be able to recover 30% to 50% of the previous strength, but, you not only recovered, but also… advanced?”

What was this?!

Could it be that their experiences in the past two months were all hallucinations?

In fact, Li Moying wasn’t injured at all. Instead, he absorbed some powerful energy, and took some complete and nourishing elixir!

“That’s right, Young Master, are you really…really not feeling any discomfort? If there’s something wrong, even if it’s just a little uncomfortable, you have to say it!”

“The old man dares to say, Young Master, you are really a little impulsive this time. It is too dangerous to advance to the next level before your body has fully recuperated!”

“While Divine Doctor Li is here, don’t shy away from medical treatment. Tell her if you feel uncomfortable.”

The Elders also reacted.

Judging from their own experience, Li Moying’s behavior was really abnormal, too abnormal!

Worried, everyone couldn’t help persuading them.

Li Shihong even turned to Huang Yueli directly, and said, “Divine Doctor Li, how is Moying’s current situation? Can I trouble you to give him a diagnosis now?”

Huang Yueli nodded upon hearing this, and walked towards Li Moying.

“Young Master Li…”

Huang Yueli stood still in front of him, and a sweet voice sounded in the room.

Li Moying sat cross-legged, a little shorter than Huang Yueli.

He raised his head and focused on the little fox slowly approaching, his eyes becoming more and more gentle.

Huang Yueli bit her lips, and secretly gave him a look, warning him to pay attention to his eyes.

Fortunately, her body just blocked the eyes of Li Shihong and the others, otherwise, she would be exposed!

Li Moying didn’t take it seriously at all. When he saw his wife, who was in the way?

However, after being glared at by his little fox again, he could only touch his nose and said, “Divine Doctor Li, I’ll have to trouble you again.”