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3811 Eyeing (3)

Huang Yueli glanced at her, and said: “From what you said, this matter is indeed has potential. However, even if your Patriarch asks everyone to rely on their own abilities, women with low status in the clan would not dare fighting for the limelight with the heavenly geniuses in the clan? I don’t know who are the most likely to be selected, and how many young ladies are there?”

When Li Sijing heard her asking such a question, she thought that Huang Yueli was gossiping like other young women, and that she had found the same kin.

She immediately became excited, and said incessantly: “Divine Doctor Li, you have asked the right person! There is nothing I don’t know about these things in the family! Among the daughters who are chasing after the Young Master, Young Miss Leyun is the most active. Yes, you’ve seen her before, but she’s gone now. The next most promising is Young Miss Li Zijun, she is the granddaughter of another Elder of ours, and their branch also has a Supreme Elder from the Life Profound Realm and has a special status in the Cloudy Qilin Clan. Young Miss Li Zijun is also a top-level genius, but she is a few years younger than Young Miss Leyun, so her cultivation level is a little lower.”

“Li Zijun?”

Huang Yueli frowned, and immediately remembered this new number one rival in her heart.

Li Sijing nodded and said: “Yes, let me tell you another gossip. In the past, the two young ladies, Li Leyun and Li Zijun, often fought openly and covertly for the Young Master’s attention. Unfortunately, the Young Master treated them both the same without any pretense. Later, relying on the authority of the Patriarch, Young Miss Leyun finally overwhelmed Young Miss Zijun. During this time, Young Miss Zijun has been practicing hard to participate in the God Realm’s Grand Meet, but she seldom shows up in front of others.”

“So that’s how it is…” Huang Yueli nodded secretly.

However, before she was happy for a while, she heard Li Sijing continue to say: “However, Young Miss Zijun will be out of seclusion these few days. Maybe the moment she hears the news that Young Miss Leyun was severely punished and feels that her chance has come! To be honest, if Young Miss Zijun can successfully marry the Young Master, as the saying goes, barking dogs don’t bite!”

The corner of Huang Yueli’s mouth twitched, and she looked at Li Sijing with even more displeasure.

What was with this saying that barking dogs don’t bite?!

This girl seems to be very optimistic about Li Zijun!

Huang Yueli stared at Li Sijing and looked at her with horror, then said slowly: “Well, I understand what you said. This Young Miss Zijun comes from a good background. It seems that she is really a rich person. We should be able to start from She’s making a fortune on her! Any other clients?”

Huang Yueli originally asked casually, but who knows, Li Sijing immediately slapped her thigh.

“Yes, yes, of course! There are several more!”

“Like Elder Yuntao’s cousin…”

“The Patriarch also has a niece whose cultivation level is a little lower than that of Young Miss Leyun…”

“That’s right, and…”

Li Sijing likes gossip the most, and it’s rare to find a bosom friend who talks eloquently.

She didn’t notice that Huang Yueli’s face became more and more gloomy as she reported one name after another.

Well, I didn’t expect that she had only been separated from Li Moying for two years, and that this man had provoked so many rotten peach blossoms!

Hmph! This was really getting on her nerves!

Huang Yueli was already planning how to “educate” her attractive husband when she returned home at night.

However, the priority now was to deal with these toads who want to eat swan meat.