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3770 It’s Simply A Miracle (6)



Which of their eyes could see how pitiful Li Moying was?

Why, in Liu Buyan’s opinion, not only was Li Moying not pitiful, but he was probably already so happy that he was about to fly to heaven?

His Junior Sister was usually quite shy, not as shameless as Li Moying yet he still insisted that she was to feed him.

But now it’s different!

Not only did Huang Yueli personally cook delicious and easy-to-digest meals for Li Moying, but she also fed him so patiently!

Moreover, he doesn’t know what misunderstanding these Elders have. They think that Li Moying refused to eat just because he has no appetite?

Obviously, taking advantage of his own injuries, he deliberately pretended to be pitiful in order to win the sympathy of his Junior Sister, right?

It’s a pity that Liu Buyan was the only sensible person here, he can only watch Li Moying acting there, and his liver was hurting with anger.

Because Li Moying deliberately did not cooperate in various ways, and wanted to attract more attention from his little fox, the feeding process lasted for a long time.

Huang Yueli was always very patient, no matter what Li Moying asked, she would always obey.

Actually, it’s not that she can’t see Li Moying’s thoughts, but in her opinion, her husband was really pitiful enough, so even if he doesn’t pretend, she was willing to do anything for him.

It’s just taking care of him as a baby. It’s not difficult, at most, it’s like taking care of their baby in advance!

(Baby Li: ???)

After finally finishing the meal, Huang Yueli put the porcelain bowl and spoon on the low table and was about to get up.

Suddenly, she noticed another pitiful sight entangled behind her.

Huang Yueli stared at those beautiful peach blossom eyes, couldn’t help laughing, lowered her voice and said, “Moying, what are you doing? Patriarch Li and the others are very worried about you, so you can tell them a few words, wait They’re gone, I’ll make you something else delicious, alright?”

Li Moying snorted, “I don’t want to eat, I want…”

“What do you want?” Huang Yueli was startled.

Li Moying hooked the corner of her mouth, “You know it clearly, don’t pretend to be stupid!”

Huang Yueli’s complexion changed, and she couldn’t help but glared at him, “You…what are you thinking about every day! My Senior Brother has already said that this month was absolutely not…not allowed ! Stop thinking about it, take care of your wounds!”

“Impossible?” Hearing this, Li Moying raised her eyebrows, and said with a half-smile: “Little Li’er, are you delusional? I’m not talking about something you can’t do for a month, just I just want you to wipe my mouth. You touched my face with a spoon just now, so I can’t talk to the Patriarch with a mouthful of porridge? Where are you thinking?”

Huang Yueli was already about to get up and leave him here, but when she heard this, her body froze and the expression on her face froze.


She looked back, and there was indeed a trace of dry rice porridge on the side of Li Moying’s mouth, making his supposedly perfect handsome face look like a little cat who didn’t wipe his mouth after stealing it!

Huang Yueli quickly picked up the silk handkerchief at hand, and wiped it on Li Moying’s mouth.

Since the porridge was a little dry, it took several times to wipe it clean.

While she was wiping, Li Moying kept staring down at her slightly red face.