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3718 Bashful Matter (1)

It’s not like him, when he first arrived in the God Realm, he was so miserable!

And not long after Li Moying came here, he became the Young Master of the Ancient God Clan, a peerless genius second to none in the God Realm. This gap… was really too big!

After hearing this, Huang Yueli couldn’t help raising her eyebrows.

Speaking of which, Li Moying’s luck was really much better than hers.

Although she too was the same and was a god-level talent, after she arrived in the God Realm, nothing had been smooth. She even has her own clan yet she could not return. She had to avoid Huang Sanbai’s pursuit everywhere.

Li Moying was different. When he was alone, everything went smoothly. Yet every time he was unlucky, he was with her…

“Junior Sister, Junior Sister, what’s wrong with you?” Liu Buyan’s cry rang in her ears.

Huang Yueli suddenly came back to her senses, and shook her head, “It’s alright, I’m just a little distracted.”

As she spoke, she walked to Li Moying’s bedside.

On the bamboo bed, Li Moying was still lying flat, looking as if he was asleep, no different from when they saw him yesterday.

Huang Yueli’s slender fingers brushed across the bridge of Li Moying’s nose, her gaze fixed deeply on his face.

After a while, she finally said, “Senior Brother, it seems that there is no other way.”

Liu Buyan nodded upon hearing the words, “Then I’ll go out and avoid it for a while. I’ll come back here in the evening…”

As he spoke, he turned around and was about to go out.

Huang Yueli stopped him from behind, “Wait, Senior Brother, where are you planning to hang out for so long?”

Liu Buyan paused, “This… I haven’t thought about it yet. However, Patriarch Li has promised us just now that he will not send anyone within a radius of ten miles from this hut. If he can really keep his promise, then as long as I don’t leave the vicinity as much as possible, we should be fine.”

Huang Yueli was not as at ease as he was.

She frowned, “What Patriarch Li said should be fine, but I’m worried that there are guards like just now, spying on us…”

“Then what should we do?” Liu Buyan hesitated.

Huang Yueli thought for a while, and suddenly her eyes lit up, “Yes!”

She made a move with her right hand, and after a golden light flashed, a little Phoenix with golden-red feathers appeared in the room.

As soon as Huang Yueli saw the shining feathers on it, she hurriedly shouted: “Wait, Little Wang Cai, you can’t appear here like this, quickly transform into a human form! Hurry up!”

Under her repeated urging, the Little Phoenix, which was still flapping its wings and didn’t stop, suddenly swayed, and when it reappeared, it turned into a little boy.

He was obviously frightened by Huang Yueli’s nervous urging voice, and thought that something serious had happened, so he was looking left and right nervously, observing the surrounding situation with a look of shock on his face.

After he saw clearly that there was no danger around him, a look of irritation appeared on his chubby face.

“Female Devil, why are you making such a fuss? You scared me to death! Huh? Isn’t that the Great Demon King? You finally found the Great Demon King?”

He stretched his neck and looked towards Li Moying who was on the bed.

Huang Yueli said: “That’s right, we found Li Moying, so now we are on the territory of the Cloudy Qilin Clan!”

After hearing this, Little Wang Cai’s face froze, “Ah? This is… this was the place of the Cloudy Qilin Clan? No… no wonder I feel so uncomfortable… I am not acclimatised, I feel dizzy and have a stomachache. I’m going to pass out…”