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3716 Forgotten Set Of Skills (5)

Huang Yueli had been talking to the chef the entire time, so she didn’t notice the conversation between the two of them, until Liu Buyan’s laughter reached her, and she looked over suspiciously.

“Senior Brother, what are you talking about?”

Liu Buyan raised his teacup, blocking the smile on his lips, “I’m not laughing at anything. Junior Sister, you’ve asked so many recipes, have you learned all of them?”

Although Huang Yueli felt a little strange, she didn’t take it to heart.

Liu Buyan was completely different from Li Moying’s stern personality, who doesn’t get close to strangers. As long as one doesn’t offend him, he will definitely act like a romantic nobleman, and he can chat with anyone. It’s not surprising to be able to chat and laugh with Li Shihong.

She smiled and said, “I didn’t learn everything, but I still remembered a few, such as this crystal dumpling, this plum cake…”

She pointed them out one by one, as her gaze became gentle.

Li Shihong also laughed when he heard that, “Young Miss Li’s taste is very similar to Moying’s. He likes these dim sum the most.”

Huang Yueli pursed her lips and smiled, “That’s really a coincidence!”

She didn’t think about choosing Li Moying’s favourite dishes to learn, but it was based purely on her own preferences, but maybe because the two of them have been together for a long time, their tastes have become very similar, so she picked out these dishes. These dishes were exactly the same as Li Moying’s favourites.

However, Li Shihong didn’t think much of it at all, thinking it was really a coincidence!

After the three chatted for a few more words, Li Shihong gradually became restless.

Liu Buyan and Huang Yueli exchanged glances, knowing very well that Li Shihong couldn’t wait to urge them to treat Li Moying, but he didn’t know how to speak so as not to appear rude.

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli took the initiative to say: “Senior Brother, we’ve almost finished eating, shouldn’t it be time to check on Young Master Li’s situation?”

Liu Buyan naturally listened to his Junior Sister’s instructions, and immediately responded, “Exactly, we came up with a rough treatment plan after discussing it for most of the night yesterday, and we have to try it today.”

When Li Shihong heard it, the two of them actually worked so hard!

When I went back in the middle of the night yesterday, I didn’t rest right away, but was still discussing Li Moying’s condition, and he was immediately very moved.

He said a few more polite words before personally sending the two of them to Li Moying’s room.

After Li Shihong left, the two were about to enter the house.

But when she reached the door, Huang Yueli’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

“Who is it?” Huang Yueli’s gaze suddenly became cold, and she swept to a hidden corner outside the courtyard gate, “Come out for me!”

Liu Buyan’s cultivation was far worse than hers, and she didn’t feel any abnormality at all.

When he was astonished, he saw two figures appearing in the shadow of the corner.

Both of them were dressed as guards, and when they realised that their whereabouts had been spotted, they both seemed a little flustered.

However, they quickly calmed down and came forward to salute, “Divine Doctor Liu, Young Miss Li, subordinates greets you both.”

Liu Buyan recalled it at this moment, frowned, and said, “Who sent you here? Didn’t I say yesterday that no one was allowed to approach this room within a radius of ten miles during my visit? ”

“This…” The two hesitated for a moment before replying, “This subordinate was following the orders of several Elders…”

“Several Elders’ order?” Huang Yueli sneered.