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3713 Forgotten Set Of Skills (2)

Huang Yueli hesitated suddenly, “Well, this… I had already forgotten about this! If the situation wasn’t so bad, I wouldn’t want to take it out…”

After hearing these words, Liu Buyan’s brows that had been relaxed just now were wrinkled again.

“What kind of manual is this? Why does it sound so unreliable? Was it really given by Saint Iniquitous Shadow? Will there be any side effects?” He pondered, the more he thought about it, the more worried he became, and he couldn’t help suggesting and said: “If it’s convenient, take out the manual, let’s take a look at them together, if there is danger, it is better to find another way.”

He looked at Huang Yueli, but found that Huang Yueli was still standing there motionless, not intending to share the manual at all.

Liu Buyan was startled, thinking he understood, he clenched his fist and coughed wryly, “It seems that I have said something wrong, the skills imparted to you by Saint Iniquitous Shadow are naturally unique secret manuals, I am not evil cultivator I really shouldn’t ask you casually…”

“Senior Brother, I didn’t mean that…”

Seeing that he had misunderstood, Huang Yueli immediately explained.

She also knew that she couldn’t hide this matter from him, so she gritted her teeth and said, “Actually…actually, this manual in my hand is…a double cultivation manual!”

“What… what?? What manual did you say it was?” Liu Buyan’s jaw almost fell to the ground!

Once Huang Yueli said the words, she felt less embarrassed, so she simply explained seriously.

“As you heard, I have a copy of the dual-cultivation method of Saint Iniquitous Shadow! According to him, this set recorded in the manual is very powerful and can greatly improve the cultivation of both sides, especially for the cultivation of evil cultivators. It reaps twice the result with half the effort!”

Liu Buyan was now sure that he had heard correctly.

All of a sudden, the muscles on his face began to twitch uncontrollably.

He never dreamed that Huang Yueli would actually come up with a double cultivation manual!

What does this mean? Was she planning to double cultivate with Li Moying?

To be honest, even though he no longer had any thoughts about Huang Yueli, hearing such words still made him very upset!

Enough! He really had enough from the two of them! They were endless!

One has been in a coma in bed for several months and hasn’t woken up yet, yet she still is able to somehow display her affection every day! How was this all done? Why were there such crazy people in the world?

Seeing that Liu Buyan’s eyes were blurred, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but frown, “Senior Brother, Senior Brother? What’s wrong with you? Did you hear me talking to you?”

It was only then that Liu Buyan came back to his senses, “Yes… I heard… You said that the Saint Iniquitous Shadow gave you a dual-cultivation technique?”

Huang Yueli nodded, “Yes!”

Liu Buyan calmed down for a while, and thought of something, “By the way, when I was in Soaring Heavens Continent, I heard people say that the wife of the Saint Iniquitous Shadow was also a peerless powerhouse in the Life Profound Realm! It was indeed very rare for a husband and wife to be such masters. At that time, some people speculated whether they had a special method of dual cultivation. Now it seems that it was so…”

When he said this, he suddenly paused, and turned to look at Huang Yueli, with a suspicious blush on his face.

“However… Although I don’t understand this kind of thing, and I haven’t seen this kind of exercise, but I also know that if you want to practice this kind of exercise, you still need both parties together?”