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3711 Utterly Shameless (6)

He was very worried that if he continued, Liu Buyan would really no longer care, so even if the Elders were worried, they had no choice but to agree to Liu Buyan’s conditions.

After the two parties reached an agreement, Li Shihong sent Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan back to their rooms.

The rooms of the two were next to each other.

Liu Buyan sent Huang Yueli to the door of the room, and said: “Junior Sister, you’ve exhausted yourself too much today, you should take a rest soon! Moying’s condition can’t be too late to study until dawn tomorrow. Did you hear that?” ? You have to take care of your body first, if you fall down too, no one will be able to save him!”

Huang Yueli pursed her lips and nodded, “I know what’s in my heart, Senior Brother, don’t worry!”

Liu Buyan was still not at ease, but he had said all that needed to be said, so he could only go back to his room.

Before dawn the next day, the two ran into each other in the courtyard.

Liu Buyan saw Huang Yueli’s face, and immediately turned dark, “Didn’t I tell you to let you take a good rest?”