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3706 Utterly Shameless (1)

Liu Buyan was puzzled and wanted to ask further questions.

However, at this time, the knock on the door resounded again.

Huang Yueli also quickly helped Li Moying to lie down on the bed, covered him with a quilt, and nodded to Liu Buyan at the same time.

Liu Buyan knew that he couldn’t procrastinate any further, so he took a deep breath, turned around and opened the door.

“Divine Doctor Liu, you finally opened the door! It took so long to diagnose the pulse, we are really a little worried, if there was any disturbance, please forgive me!”

The people outside the door quickly walked into the room.

As the Patriarch, Li Shihong still held his breath, cupped his hands towards Liu Buyan, and said a few words of apology.

But Li Yuntao and the others behind him didn’t have such patience. They anxiously probed Li Moying’s bamboo bed one by one.

They didn’t let out a breath until they saw Li Moying lying on the bed. Although he was motionless, he didn’t look like he was injured in any way.

Liu Buyan folded his arms around his chest, and said calmly: “You are welcome, Patriarch Li. Young Master Li was the future Patriarch of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, with a distinguished status, and I am just an ordinary Spirit Medicine Master, so you can rest assured It’s normal. How was it? Have you seen it now? Young Master Li is lying there, with no missing arms or legs. If you are worried, you can lift the quilt and check him from head to toe.”

When Liu Buyan spoke, although his tone was calm and nothing special, as long as anyone with ears could hear it, he was already quite displeased at this moment.

When the Elders heard this, they felt a little guilty. For a while, no one spoke.

They were really anxious outside just now, and on the other hand, they really didn’t pay attention to Liu Buyan, a Spirit Medicine Master with an ordinary background.

Although Liu Buyan claimed to be a collateral lineage of the White Fen Clan, he himself said that his bloodline was already very thin. With such a bloodline, even if he came to the White Fen Clan to recognize his relatives, it would be useless. Naturally, it was impossible. They are on a par with the noble Elders of the ancient gods.

That’s why the Elders had no fear and questioned him with a superior attitude.

But now, facts have proven Liu Buyan’s innocence.

Moreover, it would be a little embarrassing for some things to be pointed out.

The atmosphere froze for a while.

Li Shihong was about to come out to smooth things over, but at this moment, a figure came out from behind Li Yuntao, strode up to Liu Buyan, and said in a bad tone: “This doctor, please be more polite! Where do you think you are? This is the Cloudy Qilin Clan!”

When Liu Buyan heard this, he couldn’t help being slightly taken aback.

What he said just now was tricky enough. In his opinion, anyone who was a bit ashamed will feel guilty after hearing it.

So, he never expected that someone would rush out unceremoniously, pointing at his nose and cursing.

He frowned slightly, and looked at the person who came, but found that the other person was a young woman, and she was quite an outstanding beauty. Although she couldn’t compare with his Junior Sister, but after he arrived in the God Realm, among the God Race he had met, she can already be said to be a second to none beauty.

It’s just a pity that she has an outstandingly beautiful face, but her face was full of arrogance. At first glance, she looks like a domineering master.