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3704 The Only Way (3)

“Alright, but you have to be careful this time, and if you find something wrong, you have to stop immediately, do you hear me?” Liu Buyan said worriedly.

Huang Yueli naturally nodded obediently and agreed.

Even so, Liu Buyan still doesn’t trust her very much in his heart, but now he could only watch her carefully.

Huang Yueli placed her hand on Li Moying’s back again, circulating the evil qi in her body, gradually imbuing the evil qi into Li Moying’s meridians…

This time, because of previous experience, the start went very smoothly.

It only took Huang Yueli half the time of the last time to successfully let the evil qi in Li Moying’s body circulate through the meridians for a full circle.

Seeing that the evil qi had reached the periphery of Li Moying’s dantian again, Huang Yueli held her breath, pulled herself together, and carefully probed inside.

As soon as the energy vortex composed of evil qi and profound energy sensed the entry of external energy, it immediately rushed over!

Huang Yueli has already thought of a way to deal with it. According to the law of luck recorded in the “Iniquitous Shadow Secret Manual”, she will increase her own strength little by little, and gradually integrate with these energies.

In the beginning, the two energies collided.

Huang Yueli’s meridians were also slightly damaged, her body couldn’t help trembling, and a trace of blood spilled from the corner of her mouth.

Liu Buyan immediately became nervous, “Junior Sister?”

However, Huang Yueli still closed her eyes tightly, her body remained in the original posture, and she just spat out a word, “Continue!”

Liu Buyan gritted his teeth, wishing he could grab Huang Yueli and force her to stop!

However, he also understood that at this point, it was impossible to stop halfway. He can only choose to believe in Huang Yueli!

Huang Yueli suffered a small setback, but she didn’t take it to heart, and continued to make a second attempt.

This time, she succeeded.

Her evil qi was also wrapped in that energy vortex, and merged with the evil qi in Li Moying’s body.

As time passed, more and more energy in her body entered Li Moying’s dantian, and she could sense the situation in Li Moying’s body more and more clearly.

When she was able to see the whole situation of Li Moying’s dantian, Huang Yueli couldn’t help being surprised!

Because, although she knew that Li Moying had absorbed more evil than her, she never thought that he would absorb so much more than her!

It’s almost twice as much as her body!

Looking back now, when the two of them were attacked by Huang Sanbai and those assassins clad in black, Li Moying rushed out and directly protected her behind him, and he himself withstood most of the attacks!

At that time, his physical condition was weaker than hers, and he had almost no defence. That’s why he was so thoroughly invaded by the evil qi…

Thinking of the situation at that time, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but feel a little sour.

But she calmed down quickly, concentrated her mind, and looked for a way to help Li Moying.

She was immersed in this process, unaware that two full hours had passed in the outside world.

It was already night when Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan entered Li Moying’s room.

Two hours passed, and the sky was already dark.

They stayed in the room for so long, and Li Shihong and others waited outside the door for so long.

Liu Buyan could still clearly hear the sound of pacing back and forth from the door from time to time. It seemed that Li Shihong and the others couldn’t wait any longer and were thinking about when to knock on the door to ask.