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3673 Amazing Skills (3)

Because, so far, Elder Lu was the one with the most remarkable healing effect!

Under the treatment of the three or four Spirit Medicine Masters before, they were only able to make their patient’s fingers or eyelids move a little.

But Elder Lu’s patient directly opened his eyes and even made a small sound from his mouth!

This shows that the medicinal pill he refined was extremely powerful, it was simply amazing!

Li Yuntao quickly sent two disciples down, and respectfully invited Elder Lu to a private seat on one side.

Li Qianyue, who was originally high-spirited, also bowed his head to Elder Lu this time. His polite and ingratiating attitude made Elder Lu feel very comfortable!

This was the treatment worthy of a genius doctor like him!

What was Liu Buyan, that brat?

Now, he, Elder Lu, was the genius doctor valued by the Cloudy Qilin Clan, and he was the guest of Elder Tao. After Liu Buyan made a fool of himself, he will let Li Yuntao kick out that brat who was trying to gain fame!

While thinking about it, Elder Lu looked at Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan was wearing a silver-white Spirit Medicine Master’s robe, leaning leisurely on the back of the chair, resting his chin on one hand, his eyes were slightly cold, as he glanced at the Spirit Medicine Masters in the venue.

With his lazy and calm attitude, it seems that he is not in such a critical competition at all, but drinking tea and enjoying the flowers in his backyard.

Except for him, the other Spirit Medicine Masters were anxious and nervous, which made Liu Buyan’s attitude look particularly eye-catching.

Elder Lu stared at him with hatred in his heart!

This brat’s appearance was really good, so with his pretentious attitude, it gave people the illusion that he’s an expert.

Hmph! It’s a pity that if it is fake, it will never be true!

He wanted to see how Liu Buyan would step down after picking such a patient who was the most difficult to diagnose and treat!

After Elder Lu, there are not many Spirit Medicine Masters left.

Moreover, they were all top existences among saint ranked Spirit Medicine Masters.

Therefore, the success rate of diagnosis and treatment has also been significantly improved.

Among the seven people, five of them succeeded in their patients waking up, and two of them behaved similarly to Elder Lu’s, making the patients open their eyes immediately.

Li Shihong and others saw it on the high platform, and their faces showed joy, and they nodded repeatedly.

They all felt that they made the right decision this time. They actually singled out so many Spirit Medicine Masters who have researched on this symptom at once!

Now, the only one who hasn’t had time to make a move was Liu Buyan.

Everyone’s eyes were once again focused on him.

“Divine Docter Liu, are you ready? If you are ready, then please go ahead!” Li Yuntao looked at Liu Buyan and urged him personally.

Only then did Liu Buyan put down the teacup in his hand, stood up slowly, and walked to the stretcher of patient Number 23.

He took out an exquisite Jun porcelain medicine bottle from his sleeve, and poured out a few pills from it.

Elder Lu’s eyes were fixed on Liu Buyan all the time, and he didn’t even dare to blink, for fear of missing any details.

Therefore, he could see very clearly that what Liu Buyan poured out of the medicine bottle was clearly a few Profound Serene Pills!

The quality of those pills were very good, obviously the refining was very successful, but that couldn’t change the fact that they were heaven grade pills!

Liu Buyan actually wanted to use heaven grade medicinal pills to cure such an intractable problem?