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3669 This Person Is… (6)

“Elder Li…”

As soon as Liu Buyan opened his mouth, everyone’s hearts were raised.

Li Yuntao nodded slightly, “Young Master Liu, have you selected the patient for diagnosis and treatment?”

Liu Buyan nodded and said, “That’s right, I’ve already chosen!”

As soon as this remark came out, even Li Yuntao was a little shocked, his brows raised, “Young Master Liu, are you certain? Once you’ve selected a patient for diagnosis and treatment, you can’t change it later!”

Even Li Yuntao didn’t expect that Liu Buyan would just take a few glances so casually, and it was considered a rather good choice.

To be honest, anyone who knows a little bit doesn’t know what Liu Buyan was looking at?

Li Yuntao was also optimistic about Liu Buyan, and he was a little biased towards him in his heart, so he asked one more question on purpose.

However, Liu Buyan’s attitude was very firm, “Yes, I have already selected the patient, and I’m certain of my choice.”

After talking about this, Li Yuntao stopped trying to persuade him, and asked directly: “Which one was Young Master Liu planning to pick? Qianyue, go and write down the number.”

Liu Buyan pointed to a cultivator in the easternmost corner, “That’s the Young Master in the grey robe, his number seems to be Number 23!”

“Number 23!”

Hearing Liu Buyan’s words, everyone looked in the direction he pointed.

It’s a pity that the audience on the periphery were too far away, and they couldn’t see clearly with their eyes widened.

And the Spirit Medicine Masters in the venue couldn’t help but take a few steps forward, and approached the east corner, wanting to see what was going on with the patient Liu Buyan picked, and why he was picked by Liu Buyan.

However, after seeing Number 23, most people were stunned.

Because, from the perspective of these Divine Doctors, this Number 23… should be the most difficult to treat among these patients!

This person was young, only about thirty years old. Although he was unconscious, his breathing was steady and his complexion was as usual, except that his lips had an unnatural red colour.

The cultivator was seriously ill and was in a coma. His lips were either grey or bruised, and it was impossible for him to be red.

Ordinary doctors may take it for granted based on the colour of their lips that this kind of patient’s condition was not serious, and most of them are just weak and weak. However, experienced Spirit Medicine Masters could tell that this unnatural colour was a manifestation of excessive profound energy in the body.

Being unconscious with abundant profound strength, if the cause of this problem cannot be found, then there was no solution at all.

If he was treated according to qi deficiency and frailty, and he was given nourishing medicine, it will aggravate this person’s condition. If it was not done well, it will directly cause the profound energy in his meridians to explode, endangering his life!

Liu Buyan actually chose such a difficult patient?

From Elder Lu’s point of view, any patient Liu Buyan chooses at will still have hope of being cured, but this one…the possibility of healing him was close to zero!

“This brat was really ignorant! How could he make such a low-level mistake! Could it be that he thinks that this person can’t be cured? It’s really ridiculous! I said it a long time ago, an earth-ranked Spirit Medicine Master , even if he gets to the third round by luck, he is destined to be beaten back to his original form! If he puts people to death, it will be a big joke!”

Elder Lu looked at Liu Buyan’s direction and smiled darkly.

At this time, Li Yuntao also looked at Number 23, and his pupils shrank suddenly.

“This Number 23…”