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3668 This Person Is… (5)

“Alright, let’s start now!” Li Qianyue walked over with a smile, and waved to Liu Buyan, “Divine Divine Doctor Liu, please start first.”

All eyes immediately focused on Liu Buyan.

All the Spirit Medicine Masters were envious and jealous of him.

Elder Lu gritted his teeth even more, clenched his fist secretly, his heart was full of unwillingness.

What’s so great about this brat, he’s just an earth-ranked Spirit Medicine Master, yet he can beat so many outstanding Spirit Medicine Masters and be the first to pick patients!

This was a shame to the saint ranked Spirit Medicine Masters present!

It’s a pity that no matter how unwilling he is, he can’t stop Liu Buyan.

Under the admiring gazes of tens of thousands of onlookers, Liu Buyan walked to the centre of the venue in an unrestrained manner, and began to select his patient for diagnosis and treatment.

He walked very slowly. When he passed each patient, he would stop for a few breaths to carefully observe the patient’s condition, and then walk to the next person.

The ordinary cultivators in the audience didn’t know what he was up to. After waiting for a long time without seeing Liu Buyan’s selection, many of them lost their patience.

“What’s going on here? Why does it take so long to choose someone?”

“There are more than fifty Spirit Medicine Masters present, and it already took him such a long time for him alone. I don’t know how long it will take for so many people to select if they are going to take their time to choose them one by one!”

“Can it be that today’s just about selecting people, so you can’t see the results of the competition?”

Huang Yueli listened to the discussions around her, she didn’t move her expression, but she knew very well that if she wanted to save a cultivator who had been in a coma for several months, it would certainly not be possible to do it today, and the competition should be divided into several days.

The cultivators didn’t understand, and were quite dissatisfied with Liu Buyan’s performance.

However, in the eyes of the Spirit Medicine Masters, Liu Buyan’s performance was quite shocking!

Because, he actually only observed each patient for a few breaths, and even the longest ones were only about 20 breaths, and he went straight to the next one!

Moreover, he still hasn’t turned back!

Did he make a mistake? This was picking patients!

If one would want to pick out the patients who are the easiest to cure, you must first have a preliminary diagnosis of the condition. Even if it was only a rough diagnosis, you will inevitably have to look, hear, ask, and feel the pulse when necessary. Judgement was the crux and there was no incentive if rushed.

How could it be like what Liu Buyan was doing?

This was simply like going on a holiday and watching the scenery!

Did he think he was shopping on the street? Do you think patients were fruits and vegetables displayed in the vegetable market? Just by looking at them a few times, you can see what’s going on with them?

The Spirit Medicine Masters looked at each other, looked at Liu Buyan, and didn’t know what was going on with him?

Could it be that his medical skills have reached such a level that he can make a diagnosis with just a few glances?

As for Elder Lu, he simply sneered from the bottom of his heart.

This brat…was he going to reveal his secrets this time?

How can there be a Spirit Medicine Master who diagnoses patients like him?

He obviously doesn’t understand anything, that’s why he’s pretending to be incapable here!

He wants to see what kind of patient Liu Buyan can pick out this time!

Everyone had their own thoughts, and they all watched Liu Buyan’s every move.

Although Liu Buyan walked slowly, he didn’t stop much, so he came to the end not long after.

He turned around and faced Li Yuntao on the high platform.