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3667 This Person Is… (4)

For Spirit Medicine Masters, the difficulty of treating them was also different, so which patient they choose as their treatment target will directly affect whether they can pass this round of competition in the end.

All the Spirit Medicine Masters were aware of this.

Everyone looked at their competitors vigilantly, and each was thinking about it in their hearts.

Liu Buyan seemed very relaxed, but he subconsciously glanced at where Huang Yueli was.

There were huge crowds of people at the seats where the cultivators were watching. Even a cultivator with strong mental power like him would not be able to find Huang Yueli right away, so Liu Buyan let out a soft sigh.

His Junior Sister could be said to have predicted everything like a god, and had guessed what might happen in today’s competition from the very beginning.

Although this third round of competition was slightly different from what she had speculated in advance, the strategy to deal with it should still be the same.

At the same time, Elder Lu was also staring at Liu Buyan.

Seeing Liu Buyan’s relaxed look, he couldn’t help but sneered coldly.

This brat… was really good at pretending!

Now this third round of competition was not just as simple as alchemy, but to test the medical skills of the Spirit Medicine Master!

For earth ranked and heaven ranked Spirit Medicine Masters, it was possible to go out and make money after learning a few pills. However, it was not so simple to be promoted to a saint ranked Spirit Medicine Master.

They not only need to be able to refine saint grade medicinal pills, but also have enough ability to diagnose the injuries and illnesses of cultivators, and prescribe the right medicine. In many cases, they need to refine pills according to the cultivator’s own physique instead of relying on an unchanging prescription that’s been around.

It can be said that the exam question given by the Cloudy Qilin Clan was really testing the true ability of the Spirit Medicine Master.

Anyone who fished in troubled waters or used tricks to get past the first two rounds of competition will show their true colours here!

Elder Lu, as the Elder of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, was already hundreds of years old. He has seen many cases and was very experienced in the diagnosis of diseases.

He felt that only this round of competition could reflect his level.

And for a brat like Liu Buyan, it would be considered unlucky for him to encounter such a problem!

Maybe he can’t even diagnose the cause of the disease, let alone have the patient wake up.

At this time, all the unconscious cultivators had been carried to the middle of the competition field.

Li Yuntao coughed twice, and said, “Divine Doctors, you have already seen the patients. Presumably, what you are most concerned about is how these patients are assigned to you.”

The Spirit Medicine Masters kept silent and pricked up their ears, for fear of missing any word Li Yuntao said!

Which patients were selected was the key to whether they could pass the competition!

If it was as difficult to treat as Li Moying himself, no one would dare to guarantee that he could be awakened in such a short time.

Li Yuntao said: “It’s very simple. Just follow the order of your rankings in the first two rounds of competitions. The first patient will be selected first, and then the second patient will be selected, and so on.”

Hearing this, some people were excited, while expressions of the others immediately crumbled.

These depressed ones were all at the bottom of the ranking.

Originally, the second round was already a fluke, and now we can only ask others to pick the ones left, which must be the most difficult to treat.

It seems that they will definitely not be able to see Li Moying.