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3665 This Person Is… (2)

Elder Lu deliberately enunciated his words, emphasising that he was an “earth-ranked Spirit Medicine Master”.

Li Qianyue really listened to it, and seemed a little surprised, “Young Master Liu is… an earth-ranked Spirit Medicine Master? How is that impossible? Just because he won the first place in the second round of competition, the level of alchemy far exceeds ordinary heaven ranked Spirit Medicine Master! Elder Lu, did you make a mistake somewhere?”

“This…” Elder Lu suddenly ran out of words.

Wasn’t it so?

Now that the facts were in front of him, Liu Buyan was just an earth-ranked Spirit Medicine Master, even he himself doesn’t believe it!

However, just over ten days ago, he obviously just went to the Heaven Elixir Pagoda to obtain the badge of the earth rank? On the record of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, it was clearly written so!

Liu Buyan smiled lightly and said: “There’s no misunderstanding. I have never registered at the Heaven Elixir Pagoda for a medicinal pill before. This time, I just registered for the qualification of an earth-ranked Spirit Medicine Master to participate in the competition. Actually, I don’t know what level of Spirit Medicine Master I am, I rarely had contact with other Spirit Medicine Masters before.”

Li Qianyue suddenly realised, “So that’s it! It seems that Divine Doctor Liu was the kind of secret Spirit Medicine Master who lives in seclusion in a small town?”

Liu Buyan just smiled and said nothing, neither affirming nor denying.

Elder Lu stared at Liu Buyan for a long time, seeing Li Qianyue being more respectful and polite to Liu Buyan, he was so angry!

He knows the details of that brat!

After Lu Dongfeng was planted in Liu Buyan’s hands, in order to know himself and the enemy, he went to the Heaven Elixir Pagoda to check Liu Buyan’s files, and specifically asked the Spirit Medicine Master who gave Liu Buyan the certification examination.

The other party clearly said that Liu Buyan was at the level of an earth-ranked Spirit Medicine Master. Although he was very proficient in alchemy techniques and had a strong mental power, he knew very little about heaven grade pills. He even went back and read the introductory book of the Spirit Medicine Master.

With such a performance, who can believe that he was already at the heaven rank at that time?

Of course, it would be even more nonsense to say that he has reached the heaven rank in such a short period of ten days!

There must be some ulterior secret about Liu Buyan!

It’s just that he didn’t know what method he used, but even the Elders of the Cloudy Qilin Clan were deceived by him!

Fortunately, there was still the last round!

The last round of competition was a competition between saint level Spirit Medicine Masters. Even if this brat can pretend, he will definitely show his feet at this time!

The time limit for the second round of competition was also two hours.

After the competition, the stewards counted the number of people who passed the competition.

This time, the number of eliminated Spirit Medicine Masters was quite large, almost reaching ninety percent!

Even if it was a heaven ranked Spirit Medicine Master who has already left a name in the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, it was rare to have the ability to complete the three types of medicinal pill refining in such a short period of time.

As a result, the original team of more than a thousand contestants was reduced to fifty-two in one fell swoop.

These fifty-two people undoubtedly have the level of top heaven ranked Spirit Medicine Masters.

Each of them received the eager eyes of tens of thousands of cultivators present.

Among them, Liu Buyan was undoubtedly the one who received the most attention.

Listening to the voices talking about Liu Buyan around her, Huang Yueli raised the corners of her mouth, “Senior Brother, you are famous now!”

“Now, the final round of competition begins, all Spirit Medicine Masters, please take your seats!”