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3660 Who Was Kicked Out? (3)

Because the types and quantities of medicinal materials distributed to everyone was limited, and each medicinal material was only enough to refine one medicinal pill, so how to reasonably arrange according to the resources at hand has also become part of the examination questions.

However, such an examination question was obviously difficult for Liu Buyan.

After hearing the topic, he raised the corners of his mouth in disdain, “Such a kind of competition was already outdated in Soaring Heavens Continent. I didn’t expect that God Realm is still playing trivial tricks like this…”

He opened the box containing the medicinal materials, looked at it carefully, and then laughed.

With a flick of the finger, a flame flew out from the fingertips, ignited the furnace, and he started refining.

Elder Lu had been staring at Liu Buyan’s side all the time, without blinking his eyes, just wanting to see how Liu Buyan refines.

As a result, after seeing it, the eyeballs almost fell out!

“This is…an ordinary flame?? This brat uses ordinary flame to make alchemy??”

At this moment, he suddenly remembered that Lu Dongfeng had also told him about Liu Buyan’s alchemy with an open flame, but he felt that his son was so angry that he lost his mind, and he remembered it wrongly, so he didn’t take it seriously.

Now it seems that Lu Dongfeng really didn’t exaggerate.

Then this brat’s medicinal pill technique… I’m afraid it’s really a bit powerful.

Elder Lu shuddered, and quickly accelerated his refining speed.

He can’t be compared to that brat, he must refine a medicinal pill that was much stronger than him, and let this brat know what a real saint level Spirit Medicine Master was!

It’s impossible for a Spirit Medicine Master from the ordinary mass to challenge Elder Lu!

At this time, among the crowd watching the competition, Huang Yueli was also paying attention to Liu Buyan’s situation.

The dispute just now has attracted the attention of all the onlookers.

Huang Yueli also learned from the discussions among the cultivators around her that the identity of the old man who had quarrelled with Liu Buyan was actually Lu Dongfeng’s father!

“This was really a narrow road… This old man was also so arrogant and domineering, no wonder he taught a shameless son like Lu Dongfeng! Senior Brother, don’t be cowardly, you must show him something!”

Huang Yueli secretly encouraged Liu Buyan.

Fortunately, after Li Qianyue appeared later, the dispute quickly subsided.

After the competition officially started, Huang Yueli gradually felt relieved.

She has seen Liu Buyan refining medicine hundreds of times in the past few days, and she has already been able to judge Liu Buyan’s state.

Huang Yueli could tell that the dispute just now didn’t affect Liu Buyan’s state at all. On the contrary, it seemed to motivate him, making his refinement process smoother and faster, even better than usual practice!

Sure enough, the first round of competition had only started for more than half an hour, and Liu Buyan was the first to raise his hand.

At this time, Li Yuntao was still sitting on the high platform, talking in a low voice to the Elders around him bored, but in the end, he heard Li Qianyue running up in a hurry.

“Master, master! A Spirit Medicine Master has already completed the first round of refining just now!”


Hearing this, Li Yuntao was taken aback. He sat up straight and looked down the stage, “How could it be so fast? It hasn’t been long since the competition started? Are you sure someone has already successfully refined it?”

Li Qianyue nodded, “Sure! This disciple has already gone to see it in person!”

The expression on Li Yuntao’s face was both surprised and happy, “This… this is really amazing! Is this person an ordinary person?”