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3656 What Is This Kid Doing Here? (5)

Seeing that he was trembling with anger, Li Qianyue hurriedly comforted him and said, “Elder Lu, of course I believe what you say. Since you say that this person has bad character, then he must not be a good person. If it was another occasion, I would not hesitate to kick him out but today…”

He turned his head and hurriedly glanced at Li Shihong and the others on the high platform, and said in a low voice, “Elder Lu, even our Patriarch came out in person on such a big occasion today, so nothing can happen!”

Seeing his hesitation, Elder Lu felt angry, but he still had a bit of reason, knowing that he couldn’t get angry at the talented cultivators of the Cloudy Qilin Clan.

However, it is impossible for him to be willing to let him leave it like this.

Ever since he heard that his son was slapped in the face by an unknown Spirit Medicine Master ten days ago and owed sky-high debts, he has been looking for the culprit.

Elder Lu didn’t believe that someone could crush his son like this in this field. In addition, Lu Dongfeng poured dirty water on Liu Buyan desperately in order to clear his name, and said all kinds of ugly things, which made Elder Lu believe Liu Buyan was a scumbag with despicable methods.

He searched for so long, but he couldn’t find anyone.

I finally met him today, and immediately relied on his status as a saint ranked Spirit Medicine Master, wanting to call him out and seek “justice” for Lu Dongfeng.

Who would have thought that Liu Buyan’s words were so sharp, not only was he not frightened by his identity, but he was speechless after a few words, and he almost vomited blood on the spot!

New enmity on top of the old enmity.

Want him to let it go? Let Liu Buyan go to the competition with peace of mind?

Elder Lu glared at Liu Buyan angrily, and suddenly thought of a solution, so he said loudly: “Young Master Qianyue, I understand your concerns, this villain cannot be done by your Cloudy Qilin Clan, so let the old man do it! Because the elders of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda of Arcane City have the right to deprive the qualifications of Spirit Medicine Masters! I will declare this kid’s earth-rank Spirit Medicine Master badge invalid!”

“Elder Lu actually deprived that kid of his qualifications as a Spirit Medicine Master!”

“Oh my Gosh! This matter has become a big deal! How did this kid offend Elder Lu?”

“Ahem, I seem to know that ten days ago, at the Heaven Elixir Pagoda…”

When Elder Lu was arguing with Liu Buyan, neither of them was a low-key person, and they didn’t control the volume at all.

The audience who were far away couldn’t hear their conversation and didn’t know what was going on, but the Spirit Medicine Masters who were closer could hear their conversation.

Many people were stunned by this scene, and asked people around them one after another.

And Liu Buyan fought with Lu Dongfeng in front of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, and slapped the latter severely in the face. This incident has long been spread in Arcane City.

So, someone immediately described the situation at that time vividly.

Those who knew the truth a long time ago looked at Liu Buyan with great sympathy, and couldn’t help feeling sorry for him.

Liu Buyan’s ability to beat Lu Dongfeng in the Pill Competition shows that he has at least the strength of a heaven-level Spirit Medicine Master, and it is no problem to pass two rounds of competition today.

For a young Spirit Medicine Master like him, passing two rounds of competition was already an honor.

But now, he offended the elder because he won against Lu Dongfeng in the Pill Competition!

He would be deprived of the qualifications of a Spirit Medicine Master!