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3627 Playing Around (2)

“Well, there is no problem with the IOU. This time I gave you a super low price, but since we are all in the same business, there is no need to thank me too much.”

Liu Buyan took the IOU, looked at it casually, stuffed it into his pocket, turned his head and said to Lu Dongfeng with a smile.

Lu Dongfeng was so angry that he gritted his teeth, wishing he could rush up and bite him!

He had been harmed so miserably by him. Not only was he seriously injured, his wallet was bleeding, but even his reputation was also ruined. In the end, he still said such sarcastic remarks!

But who knew, this was not over yet.

After Liu Buyan received the IOU, he said with a smile: “Actually, I didn’t want to charge such a high price, because the medicinal pills I made by myself usually only charge a cost price to my colleagues, but since you don’t believe that this was made by me, so I have to charge a little more!”

Lu Dongfeng and the four judges were taken aback when they heard this!

These saint level Fire Rejuvenation Pills… were all refined by the kid in front of him? How was this possible?

But after thinking about it, he felt that there was still such a possibility. After all, Liu Buyan took out a whole bottle of pills of the same quality just now!

If he bought all of these, then it would cost hundreds of thousands of low-grade jade quartz. Where would he get so much money from?

However, the most important matter was…


The medicinal pills he made himself were sold to his peers at cost price!

When Lu Dongfeng heard these words, his mind was buzzing! What Liu Buyan said later was directly blocked by him.

Everyone was a Spirit Medicine Master. The profit of this medicinal pill was not a secret. They know it well in their hearts!

Although the various treasures of heaven and earth for refining medicine were very expensive, compared to the pills, they were only one-fifth of the value of the pills.

In other words, if he only charged the cost price, he may only need less than two thousand jade quartz to buy Liu Buyan’s medicinal pill!

Two thousand jade quartz was of course a huge sum of money to Lu Dongfeng.

However, if he sold all the treasures he had collected over the years, he could still afford this amount, so he didn’t have to show his embarrassment to Elder Lu.

Thinking of this, Lu Dongfeng immediately said excitedly: “Doctor Liu, no, Divine Doctor Liu! I didn’t expect you to be so powerful that you can even refine saint grade pills. It is really a rare medicinal pill in the entire God Realm. You are simply a genius! Just now, it was my blindness to not see the awe of yours truly. Your greatness is apparent, please do not bother with such small characters like myself!”

He changed his previous extremely arrogant attitude, and complimented Liu Buyan in various ways.

The change in attitude was so abrupt that anyone with eyes could see what was going on.


The cultivators watching couldn’t help booing.

Lu Dongfeng’s own face was also a little red, but thinking that he was already ashamed anyway, and he was not so close. If he could save such a huge sum of money by saying a few good words, he felt that everything was all worth it.

Lu Dongfeng tried his best to force a smile on his fat face, and said obsequiously: “Divine Doctor Liu, you see, you are such a remarkable genius, you certainly won’t care about a mere thousands of jade quartz, will you?”

Liu Buyan lowered his eyes, glanced at Lu Dongfeng lightly, and said slowly: “Unfortunately, I didn’t refine these pills…”