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3625 Really Cried (12)

With so many people watching, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and ask, “How much is your medicinal pill…?”

Liu Buyan smiled slightly, “It’s not expensive, it’s just ten thousand low-grade jade quartz!”

“Ten thousand pieces of low-grade jade quartz!!”

“My goodness! Why is it so expensive!”

“Saint grade pills are so valuable!”

The ordinary cultivators who were watching at the sidelines were all shocked by this astonishing sky-high price.

Not only them, even Lu Dongfeng and the four judges also changed their faces.

The leading judge immediately said: “How dare you say that you are not taking the opportunity to blackmail? Saint grade pills are usually only one or two thousand low-grade jade quartz, and you actually want to sell it for ten thousand jade quartz! It is simply a robbery!”

Liu Buyan said slowly: “Doctor Chen, you have to be responsible for what you say! Everyone is a Spirit Medicine Master, don’t you know that the price of the medicinal pill is not only based on its grade, but also on the specific quality of the medicinal pill? The quality of pills varies greatly in quality and efficacy, and the price will naturally vary by several times.”

As Liu Buyan spoke, he took out the medicine bottle from his sleeve, and poured out several pills from it at once.

“My Fire Rejuvenation Pills are all top-grade saint level pills. The grains of the pills are threefold, and the color is even more perfect. According to the market price, ten thousand low-grade jade quartz is still considered cheap! ”


Liu Buyan stretched out his hand in front of the four judges, and showed them the pill.

The four of them took a closer look and were all dumbfounded on the spot.

Although their own strength was not up to the level of Saint Spirit Medicine Masters, they still knew their stuff.

These pills were indeed the best saint grade pills. One could tell just by looking at the pill pattern outside and the faint halo surrounding the pills.

The faces of the four of them immediately became extremely ugly!

They couldn’t figure it out, the young man in front of them was just an earth-level Spirit Medicine Master, how could he take out a saint level medicinal pill so casually, and it was even the best among the saint grade!

Moreover, he even took out so many at once!

Now, the evidence was right before them, they couldn’t even deny it!

Liu Buyan was right. If you’re lucky, it’s not uncommon for such a pill to sell for twenty thousand jade quartz at the auction house. Ten thousand jade quartz was indeed cheap.

Lu Dongfeng originally wanted to refute and find out some faults in the pills, but after seeing these pills, he was speechless.


The muscles on his face were twitching involuntarily.

Ten thousand low-grade jade quartz!

He had been a Spirit Medicine Master for so many years, and the money he earned was less than a thousand jade quartz!

He couldn’t afford so much money by himself, so he had to go home and ask Elder Lu for it.

If Elder Lu knew that he not only lost the Pill Competition, but also made such a fool of himself, he would definitely deal with him using the family’s law!

Liu Buyan didn’t expect them to answer, but just said with a faint smile: “Young Master Lu, if money is tight for you, you can just write an IOU, and I’ll go to Elder Lu to ask for money some other day. Seeing that you are still not in the best condition, so I won’t bother you to write it, I’ll just write the IOU in your stead.”

He took out a brush and paper, vigorously wrote a few sentences and handed it to Young Master Lu.

“Wait, show me the IOU!” Doctor Chen feared that he was playing tricks again, so he immediately stood up and snatched the IOU away.

The four judges huddled together and studied the IOU carefully.