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3618 Really Cried (5)

Hearing this, the expressions on the faces of several referees were stunned.

In fact, they did have this plan and planned to take advantage of the chaos to deny the announcement of the result.

Even if Liu Buyan pursued it in the future, they could still explain that Lu Dongfeng was injured at the time, he made a mistake because he had been so busy and forgot about it for a while, so they would just mention the matter in passing.

But who knew that Liu Buyan would expose them directly in front of so many onlookers.

Now, the gazes of the onlookers are all focused on them, their eyes full of doubts. Under such circumstances, it was not easy for them to open their eyes and talk nonsense, so they could only say vaguely: “This…how could it be? You think too much! It’s just that Young Master Lu’s injury…”

“Oh, Young Master Lu’s injury…”

Liu Buyan looked at Lu Dongfeng’s dark face, nodded with a comprehending expression, “This is indeed a problem. Although Young Master Lu’s injury is not serious, if he does not treat it in time, he will suffer a lot.”

When the referees heard it, they heaved a sigh of relief.

Several people suddenly showed joy and nodded repeatedly, “It’s good that you understand, it’s good that you understand…”

Liu Buyan nodded, and continued: “However, this small injury can be healed if you treat it casually. Why bother to carry him to the Heaven Elixir Pagoda?”

“What? You… what did you say?”

The referees didn’t expect that Liu Buyan turned another corner while talking, thinking that they had heard it wrong.

“Treat… casually? This… this… are you kidding? This injury is not serious, but burns are the most difficult to treat among all traumatic injuries. We need to apply ointment all over his body and wrap him and he has to lie down for at least three to five days before he can be cured without leaving any scars…”

The leading referee frowned, looked at Liu Buyan with dissatisfaction, and at the same time introduced the treatment method to the curious onlookers.

What he said was not a lie, it was just… a little exaggerated.

However, most of the cultivators present were not experts, and they couldn’t tell anything wrong even after thinking about it.

After finishing speaking, the referee glared at Liu Buyan again, “Alright, get out of the way!”

Liu Buyan still didn’t move, he snorted softly, and said: “It seems that the Spirit Medicine Master in the Heaven Elixir Pagoda of Arcane City, is really not very good. It’s just such a simple burn, and they still have to keep the patient in bed. Three to five days, tsk tsk… If they are all treated like you, I am really worried that the cultivators in Arcane City will be killed by you if they are injured in the future.”

“What did you say??” The referees were so angry that they almost jumped up!

“Who are you? You’re just an earth-level Spirit Medicine Master. What qualifications do you have to say that our medical skills are not good?”

“That’s right, with your ability, you still have to be a good man, and you actually slander seniors like this!”

Facing the accusations of the four people, Liu Buyan was not flustered at all, but even laughed, “We Spirit Spirit Medicine Masters are not Seniors because of their age, but depends on the level of medical skills! You can’t even treat such a small injury properly, aren’t you ashamed to call yourself a senior?”

“We can’t cure it, so can you cure it?” The leader said angrily.

Liu Buyan said calmly, “It’s just a matter of raising my hands!”

“You…” The referee didn’t believe it at all, and snorted coldly, “You have a serious tone, and if you have the ability, you come here and cure Young Master Lu!”