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3615 Really Cried (2)

If Liu Buyan hadn’t refined the Special Jade Pill, the referee would have shouted out a long time ago, announcing Liu Buyan’s failure, but now, he was hesitant…

Obviously, Liu Buyan not only refined the medicinal pill, but the quality was quite good as well!

Liu Buyan saw that the referees were just watching and didn’t speak, so he couldn’t help raising his eyebrows, and a trace of coldness flashed in his eyes, “Seniors, shouldn’t you take out my medicinal pill and let all the cultivators who came to watch the Pill Competition take a look and make a judgment as well?”

“That’s right! Take it out and let us have a look!”

“Did that kid in white really refine the Special Jade Pill?”

“How could he be faster than Young Master Lu? I don’t believe it! Unless seeing is believing!”

The onlookers urged the referee one after another. They had long wanted to see the medicinal pill that Liu Buyan had refined. Although they were not professional Spirit Medicine Masters, they could identify the real high-quality medicinal pill just by looking at it. Experienced cultivators will have their own judgments.

However, the referees remained silent.

The three lower-level Spirit Medicine Masters all looked at the leader in unison.

Seeing that he couldn’t evade, the leading heaven-level Spirit Medicine Master coughed and said dryly: “This…don’t be so impatient! The quality and quantity of alchemy is what is compared in such competitions, not the speed of alchemy, so, it would be fairer to wait for Young Master Lu to finish the refinement, and then bring it out for everyone to judge.”

As soon as the words fell, Liu Buyan let out a mocking sneer.

“Fair?Hmph, this is really fair!”

A layman may not understand it, but it is impossible for a professional Spirit Medicine Master not to know that after the pill is formed, it cannot be kept in the pill furnace forever.

Because the remaining temperature in the pill furnace will also have a certain impact on the formed pills, and the pressure and humidity in the furnace are not suitable for storing pills.

In order to maintain the best quality of the medicinal pill, it is usually taken out immediately after refining, and stored in a special jade box, so as to minimize the loss of medicinal effect.

And if it was kept in the pill furnace in such a manner, the quality of the pill would drop in a short time.

By saying this and doing so, the referee was obviously helping Lu Dongfeng.

They wanted to use this method to delay time.

On the one hand, Liu Buyan’s advantage of completing the refinement earlier was wiped out, and on the other hand, the quality of his medicinal pill was also reduced. This way, the possibility of Lu Dongfeng winning is much greater!

Knowing this, Liu Buyan coldly glanced at the referees.

Seeing his cold and stern eyes, the referees felt chills all over. They were a little confused why a fledgling young Spirit Medicine Master would have such sharp eyes, making him feel like a martial arts master with extraordinary strength!

Before he had time to say anything more, the onlookers felt dissatisfied first.

Although they were not Spirit Spirit Medicine Masters, and they didn’t know that the quality of the pill would drop because of this, they were not fools!

Although it is true that when they had such alchemy competitions, the number and quality of the refined pill was compared, the speed of refining was also very important, and it was not as insignificant as the referee said.

The speed of refining was the embodiment of power!

Ordinary cultivators have such a simple cognition.

All of a sudden, everyone protested.

“What’s the situation? We just want to see the medicinal pill!”

“That is, many of us have placed bets just now, and have the right to know the result of the competition!”