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3609 A Big Event (6)

Hearing this, everyone was in an uproar!

One piece of spirit jade was equivalent to 10,000 pieces of top-grade crystal jade!

For ordinary cultivators, that was a huge amount of wealth that could never be earned in a lifetime. Among the cultivators present, none of them can afford it.

However, Huang Yueli was still very calm.

She didn’t speak, but directly took the money bag in her hand and shook the contents out.

With a clatter, a large handful of spirit jade fell onto the rough table.

The dealer took a closer look, and his eyeballs almost fell to the ground, “This…so much spirit jade!”

He never dreamed that such an extraordinary beauty would get so much money once she made a move, which was simply blinding people’s eyes!

Huang Yueli said calmly: “Here are a hundred pieces of low-grade spirit jade. I bet the white robed Spirit Medicine Master to win. I wonder if you can keep up with it!”

When the dealer heard this, he couldn’t help but feel a battle between heaven and man, and fell into a dilemma.

One hundred low-grade spirit jade was not a small amount of money for a dealer like him.

According to common sense, he would not dare to accept such a high bet, because once Liu Buyan wins, he will have to compensate five hundred low-grade spirit jade. Although there are many people who bet on Lu Dongfeng’s victory, the amount collected still seemed impossible to reach five hundred spirit jade, hence the extra portion can only be made up by him.

However, the situation is different now.

Obviously, the winner would definitely be Young Master Lu, and the Spirit Medicine Master in white had no chance of winning.

So, taking these one hundred pieces of low-grade spirit jade was equivalent to a guaranteed profit.

Who can push out the money that was securely in hand already?

While the dealer was still contemplating and calculating his odds in his head because there was quite a bit of commotion happening here, even the two Spirit Spirit Medicine Masters who were preparing for the competition heard what was going on here.

When Lu Dongfeng heard that someone had bet on his opponent to win, a look of dissatisfaction suddenly appeared on his fleshy face.

He looked viciously at the betting table, wanting to see which blind guy dared to oppose him, Young Master Lu! Hmph! He must be banned by the Heaven Elixir Pagoda in the future!

But who knows, when he saw it, he was stunned.

Because, the one who made the bet…was actually a pretty and beautiful woman!

Lu Dongfeng’s eyes were so straight that he almost drooled, but when he looked again, the lady threw a hundred pieces of spirit jade…

Beautiful and rich…

This was the best of the best!

Lu Dongfeng immediately yelled loudly, “Lady, Lady, don’t rush to bet! To tell you the truth, I am about to become a Heaven ranked Spirit Medicine Master, and I am sure to win today’s competition. That kid is just putting on a farce, in fact he just became a low-level Spirit Medicine Master today, so he can’t be my opponent at all. You must not be fooled by the dealer. He is afraid that the bet will not go on, so he deliberately lied to win your money!”

Hearing this, the cultivators around the dealer all changed their expressions.

They were all waiting for Huang Yueli to place a bet and earn her money. How could someone jump out and tell the truth?

That was a hundred spirit jade!

They have never seen so much money before!

Now, wasn’t all of this going to fly away before their very eyes?!

However, the person who said this was Lu Dongfeng himself, and everyone else dared not speak out.

Compared to the disappointment of the others, Lu Dongfeng looked at Huang Yueli with a proud face.

He felt that he was a hero who saved the beauty just now, and it would definitely make Huang Yueli feel good about him.