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3604 A Big Event (1)

“Even such a precious material has been taken out!”

“Such a tempting reward, even my heart is tempted. It’s a pity… I don’t think my medical skills are that good!”

“I have a relative who is a Spirit Medicine Master, I’m going to tell him!”

Everyone was extremely excited, discussing in low voices, wishing they could sign up on the spot.

However, Huang Yueli noticed something that others didn’t notice, and her delicate brows were tightly knitted together, “The Cloudy Qilin Clan has already made such a bad plan, and even openly recruited folk genius doctors… With the power of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, it is not difficult to seek treatment from the Supreme Elder of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, which shows that even the famous doctors in the God Realm can’t cure Moying…”

“However…” Huang Yueli pondered, “The Cloudy Qilin Clan is openly recruiting candidates, this may be an opportunity…”

Thinking of this, she immediately became excited, and carefully read the notice several times from beginning to end.

After reading it, Huang Yueli felt a little dejected again.

Because, although it was written in the notice that cultivators of any origin can participate, the arrangement of the official competition already excluded most cultivators including Huang Yueli.

Before meeting Li Moying, all Spirit Medicine Masters had to go through a series of screenings, comparing their skills in alchemy and pulse diagnosis.

These competitions were real, and the notice clearly states that the difficulty of the third round of competition was equivalent to the difficulty of the examination of a Saint Spirit Medicine Master.

This means that in the end, those who can diagnose Li Moying’s pulse in person are at least at the Spirit Medicine Masters at the saint level.

It’s just that some well-known doctors among the people may not have obtained a rank in the Heaven Elixir Pagoda.

For a true genius doctor, these competitions should be nothing. The requirements of the Cloudy Qilin Clan seem harsh, but they are actually very reasonable, because with such a huge reward, there must be countless Spirit Medicine Masters who will come to participate. After screening, only a handful will get in.

It was impossible for everyone to see Li Moying.

However, in this way, it became a huge problem for Huang Yueli.

Because, she herself does not have such high medical skills!

If it’s just to cure Li Moying, then no one can compare to her, because she has the skills given to her by Saint Iniquitous Shadow, and she can definitely heal him in a short time.

However, if she had to compete head-to-head with her medical skills, she was helpless.

Although she also learned some medical skills when she was in Soaring Heavens Continent, she also participated in a rookie competition to save Li Moying. After winning the competition, she did not continue to practice.

Even though she is a bit talented in healing, she hasn’t put in much effort at all, her foundation was not stable, and she can still deceive people in the lower realm, but in the god realm, compared with a real medical genius, it’s ridiculous.

Still want to win in the competition?

This was simply impossible!

Huang Yueli was a very realistic person. After thinking for a while, she immediately dismissed the idea of participating in the competition in person.

“For the current plan, the best way is to find someone to compete for me. As long as I can survive the three rounds of competition in the early stage, and I will make a move when I can diagnose Moying’s pulse, then there will be no problem.”

However, it was not so easy to find someone to replace the match.

First of all, the other party must be at least a Saint ranked Spirit Medicine Master.