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3603 There Is No Way (6)

Li Shihong was obviously taken aback, “This… how do you know?”

Divine Doctor Lin said: “I also heard it by accident. Judging from Patriarch Li’s reaction, this should be the case! That would be great! Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew is a very precious material for us Spirit Medicine Masters. When the divine grade pills are made into pills, they all need to add Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew to form them. Today’s Spirit Medicine Masters can’t refine the divine grade pills because Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew is becoming more and more scarce.”

Li Shihong pondered and said: “This… there is indeed Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew in our clan. However, to refine the divine grade pills, the strength of the Spirit Medicine Master is more important, right? If there is not enough ability, even having Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew will not help!”

The Cloudy Qilin Clan found a whole bottle of Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew in an ancient ruin more than a thousand years ago. The clan has a complete collection of books, so it is impossible not to know its function as an important ingredient to refine the divine grade pills.

However, even after many saint ranked Spirit Medicine Masters in the clan used these Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew, none of them were able to refine the divine grade pills.

After several attempts, Li Shihong finally realised that the problem was not with Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew, but with the Spirit Medicine Master!

Divine Doctor Lin said with a smile: “It’s true, but if you haven’t tried it, who would admit that your strength is not enough? No saint ranked Spirit Medicine Master can resist the temptation to become a divine ranked Spirit Medicine Master! If Patriarch Li can come up with A small bottle… no, just a few drops of Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew as a reward, and a public competition will be held, and at that time, the Divine Doctors who live in seclusion in various places will be moved by the wind and gather in Arcane City!”

Li Shihong was still frowning at first, but when he heard the analysis of Divine Doctor Lin, he suddenly had an idea!

“That’s right! Your Excellency is absolutely right! There must be a brave man under the reward, and it is half the battle won to get so many genius doctors to show up. At that time, we will use Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew as a reward, let them openly compete, and finally choose the one with the highest skills to diagnose and treat Moying. I don’t believe I can’t find a genius doctor who can cure Moying!”

Li Shihong quickly made up his mind.

Although Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew was very precious, it was nothing compared to Li Moying’s life.

He couldn’t wait to raise his voice and shouted: “Come, come! Pass my order, immediately post a notice, offer a reward to the twelve continents of the God Realm, and recruit folk genius doctors with real talents…”

This was the current top priority of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, and no one dares to neglect it.

In the afternoon of that day, notices of the Medicine Competition were plastered all over the streets and alleys of Arcane City.

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In addition, the notice of the competition was sent to the Heaven Elixir Pagoda for Spiritual Medicines, and Divine Doctor Lin was responsible for mobilising the resources of the Heaven Elixir Pagoda for Spiritual Medicines, so that all Spirit Medicine Masters on the twelve continents would know about it.

And Huang Yueli was in Arcane City, so of course she saw the notice with her own eyes and was one of the first to get hold of this news.

“Any cultivator, as long as he thinks he has enough strength in medicine and alchemy, can participate in this competition… The highest reward in the competition is… Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew! What is Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew?”

Huang Yueli didn’t know much about the medical skills in the God Realm, so she couldn’t help muttering to herself.

Fortunately, among the onlookers, there were still some people who knew some medical skills, and they quickly introduced the origin of Heaven’s Origin Immortal Dew to everyone.

For a moment, everyone let out bursts of exclamation.

“This time, the Cloudy Qilin Clan really did a great job!”