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3572 Strangely Hurt (6)

The secret realm of Saint Iniquitous Shadow.

Huang Yueli was still in the process of cultivating the new inherited skills.

At the beginning, she cultivated with the mindset to just be able to get back to action as soon as possible. With the sole intention to quickly leave to find Li Moying, she persevered on but as she delved deeper and deeper into her cultivation, she gradually felt that Saint Iniquitous Shadow was indeed worthy of being a peerless figure that appears once in ten thousand years in the God Realm. What he had created was broad and profound, and it was more effective than all the martial and profound skills she has ever cultivated before.

The evil qi in her body was gradually transforming into her own profound energy under the circulation of this new skill.

Moreover, it wasn’t just her profound energy that increased.

The golden characters kept flashing in her mind which deeply stirred her consciousness, and made her comprehension of conception improve by leaps and bounds as she felt a sudden enlightenment.

Such a chance of enlightenment was more than what she comprehended through the conception drawing. It was not even limited to the fire attribute itself. The conception contained in the golden characters belongs to the origin of heaven and earth, one that harnessed all attributes.

Although Huang Yueli’s talent was best displayed in the fire attribute talent, and her improvement was the fastest, but in the process, she also gained some understanding of the conception of other attributes.

Although these comprehensions do not help her improve her cultivation, they could play a great role in actual combat.

When Huang Yueli’s dantian was filled with profound energy, and her conception reached a higher level, advancement became a matter of course.

On the third day of cultivating, Huang Yueli steadily advanced to the eighth level of the Dream Profound Realm.

On the tenth day, she had rushed into the ninth level.

As long as she advanced one more time, she will be able to become a cultivator in the Heart Profound Realm.

A person in the Heart Profound Realm who was less than twenty years old was unprecedented in the God Realm.

Huang Yueli was immersed in her cultivation, so she didn’t feel anything, but Saint Iniquitous Shadow who had been protecting her from the side looking at her incredulously!

This was the real peerless genius!

It was a very honorable thing to be able to help her reach the peak and become one of her masters.

However, after Huang Yueli cultivated for a few more days, her progress was no longer so obvious.

From the ninth level of the Dream Profound Realm to the early stage of the Heart Profound Realm, it seems that there was not much difference, but it was indeed a big leap.

For the vast majority of cultivators in the God Realm, this was a huge bottleneck, even an insurmountable moat!

More than 90% of cultivators will never be able to break through to the Heart Profound Realm in their lifetime, and can only stay at the ninth level of the Dream Profound Realm.

Of course, for a genius like Huang Yueli, it was impossible to really get stuck here, but it would take a certain amount of effort to pass this limit.

Huang Yueli was so absorbed in her cultivation that she completely forgot where she was.

In fact, she had been able to move since the first time she advanced, but she didn’t move at all!

Saint Iniquitous Shadow looked at her focused face, and a satisfied smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Not only is she gifted and savvy, but she can also concentrate on cultivation without any distractions. Such a genius…is really rare to meet! If so, let me help you again!”

Saying that, Saint Iniquitous Shadow suddenly raised his hand, and swung his palm down heavily!

——It actually hit himself in the chest!

Receiving a blow with the power of the Life Profound Realm, he himself couldn’t bear it and immediately spat out a mouthful of blood!

However, once his blood touched the air, it instantly turned into a black mist.