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3571 Strangely Hurt (5)

Moreover, Huang Sanbai chose to kill Li Moying near the secret realm obviously out of bad intentions.

This time, if Li Yuntao and the others hadn’t retaliated and beat him into a sorry state, no one would have known about Li Moying’s death at all. Even if the incident happened, Huang Sanbai would have enough reasons to deny all allegations!

After all, there are many crises in the secret realm, and the symptoms in Li Moying’s body are so strange, who can tell clearly how he died?

While the two were talking, several doctors came out again.

The oldest Doctor Zhang came up to report: “Patriarch, we have really tried our best, but the Young Master’s injury…”

“What’s wrong with the Young Master’s injury? Is there nothing you can do??”

“This… so far, we haven’t found a cure, but we have some guesses about the Young Master’s injury…”

“What guess? Say it quickly!” Li Shihong urged impatiently.

Doctor Zhang hurriedly said: “The Young Master’s symptoms are definitely not caused by injuries! We speculate that if the Young Master is not seriously injured but unconscious, either he was poisoned, or someone used some special skills to open the meridians… and did something to it.”

“Poisoned? What kind of poison has he been poisoned by? Special skills… what skill exactly?”

“This…we don’t know yet…”

“I don’t know? How could it be possible that we don’t know? Our Cloudy Qilin Clan has been passed down for millions of years, and we can’t even identify a single poison or skill?”

“This… the situation of the Young Master is indeed very strange! Besides, Huang Sanbai is an elder of the Holy Phoenix Clan. He is already more than a thousand years old this year. His knowledge will definitely not be less than ours. It is hard to say where he found this unfathomable poison…”

Hearing such evasive words, Li Shihong was furious, but he couldn’t say that Doctor Zhang was wrong!

Just like what he said, if Huang Sanbai really intended to murder Li Moying, he must have come prepared. It’s normal to have a potent poison on his body.

He stared at several doctors, “Then tell me, what should we do with this matter! How long will it take you to determine the specific reason for Young Master’s coma?”

The doctors said one after another: “This is really uncertain…”

Seeing that Li Shihong was about to get angry again, Doctor Zhang said cautiously: “Patriarch, I think it’s best for the clan to come forward and negotiate with the Holy Phoenix Clan. It’s best to find Huang Sanbai, and let him take the initiative to explain what happened to the Young Master and let us know what kind of poison he has administered! If possible, it would be better to let him hand over the antidote! This is much better than us pondering like headless chickens…”

Li Shihong frowned. Although he was dissatisfied with the performance of several doctors, he had to admit that this was the correct way of thinking.

He called Li Yuntao over and handed over the matter to him.

“Yuntao, you saw Huang Sanbai attacking someone with your own eyes at that time, so you will be in charge of this matter! On behalf of me, put pressure on the Holy Phoenix Clan and make them hand over Huang Sanbai! ”

“Yes! This subordinate obeys the order!” Li Yuntao immediately went to carry out his order.

Li Shihong stayed in the bamboo house for a while more and only after seeing that it was really impossible for Li Moying to wake up in a short time did he leave. Before he left, he had to repeatedly order the doctors to guard Li Moying carefully, and report to him no matter what happened.

“I want to see what Huang Tianhao, that insidious and cunning person, would say! This matter… Hmph! We’ll wait and see!”