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3567 Hurt Strangely (1)

After all, Huang Yueli was a god-level genius, and her talent in cultivation was astonishingly high.

Once she decided to cultivate well, her speed of cultivation exploded exponentially!

Saint Iniquitous Shadow had been standing beside Huang Yueli to protect her. Seeing this scene, he was also taken aback.

“I’ve expected that this little girl is extremely talented, and she will achieve great success in practicing this set of cultivation skills. But I didn’t expect that she would master the skill of transforming evil qi so quickly, and the speed is obviously accelerated! What kind of level of comprehension is this? Terrible, terrible!”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow has been in the God Realm for tens of thousands of years. He thought he was well-informed, but he had never seen such a genius!

“It’s unimaginable! I didn’t expect that my luck would be so good! This is really… In this way, she should be able to complete the first level that originally took five years to complete within two months!”

Fortunately, Huang Yueli could no longer feel any changes in the outside world, and did not hear his words.

Otherwise, she would definitely be so angry that she would curse out loud!

Saint Iniquitous Shadow never told her that it would take at least five years to cultivate this set of techniques! She was still in a hurry to rescue Li Moying, how could she delay here for five years!

Saint Iniquitous Shadow looked at Huang Yueli’s sweaty face and nodded, “This little girl is really nice! I just don’t know how talented her husband is? Seeing how smart she is, she shouldn’t have married someone useless, right? But, it’s impossible for her husband’s talent to be higher than hers… No, no, it’s impossible to be almost the same as her!”

Just when Huang Yueli started to cultivate, Li Moying was sent back to Cloudy Qilin Continent as quickly as possible with the desperate efforts of the two Divine Generals.

Li Shihong, the Patriarch of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, greeted him personally, followed by several elders.

He had already received a summons from Li Yuntao and Li Yunhai in advance, and when he learned that Li Moying was attacked by Huang Sanbai and was seriously injured, he immediately became very anxious.

As soon as he saw Li Yuntao get off their airship, he hurried up and asked, “Where’s Moying? Where is he? Are you awake?”

Li Yuntao’s face was heavy, and he shook his head, “The Young Master is not seriously injured, but I don’t know why he has been in a coma. Subordinate doesn’t dare to move him rashly… Patriarch, subordinate did not protect the Young Master… …”

“What’s all this, how can you still say such things! If you two were not alert enough and arrived in time, Moying would have been killed by that old man Huang Sanbai long ago! We have a common hatred with the Holy Phoenix Clan, we must seek justice in the future! Don’t talk about it now, let the doctors go and see Moying!”

The best doctors of the Cloudy Qilin Clan had been summoned long ago and have been waiting.

Hearing Li Shihong’s order, they hurriedly followed Li Yunhai into the airship to give Li Moying a diagnosis and treatment.

Li Shihong also followed in person.

In the most magnificent room on the airship, Li Moying was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, his face flushed, and cold sweat constantly breaking out from his forehead.

This symptom can be seen as a serious internal injury, or damage to the primordial spirit.

Li Shihong was very anxious, but he didn’t dare to interrupt the doctors’ diagnosis and treatment. He could only forcibly suppress his anxiety and wait for the results of the diagnosis and treatment.

Several genius doctors took Li Moying’s pulse in turn, and after observing his other symptoms, they all had puzzled expressions on their faces.