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3566 Secret Inheritance (9)

Huang Yueli saw the scroll flying towards her, and subconsciously wanted to dodge it.

However, she realized that she was still unable to move!

Looking at the direction in which the scroll was flying, it seemed that it was about to hit her in the face, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but scold in her heart, secretly thinking that this new cheap master of hers seems to be very unreliable!

However, just as the scroll was about to fall, a halo of light suddenly enveloped the scroll.

Immediately after, the scroll stopped in front of Huang Yueli.

Saint Iniquitous Shadow had a panoramic view of Huang Yueli’s expression, and couldn’t help but sneered: “Why are you nervous? Do you think that your Master will harm you?”

“Hey, I didn’t mean that…” Huang Yueli nervously laughed twice.

Saint Iniquitous Shadow glanced at her and said, “Look carefully…open!”

Following his words, the golden scroll slowly opened before Huang Yueli’s eyes…

Huang Yueli was stunned for a moment, then quickly looked over at the scroll.

This was the lifelong mastery of Saint Iniquitous Shadow! And, as soon as she learns this, she could move!

However, she only glanced inside, and suddenly there was a “buzz” in her head, all distracting thoughts disappeared instantly, and all she could see in her eyes was the golden light radiating from the scroll.

These golden lights formed extremely obscure symbols in her mind.

These symbols were not any kind of characters that Huang Yueli knew, and they were not even pictures, so she couldn’t understand what they meant at all.

However, when they were projected into her divine consciousness, Huang Yueli could clearly sense that the profound energy in her body was pulled, and the evil qi that filled her dantian was like being injected with chicken blood. Same, jumping up and down excitedly!

Huang Yueli felt a surge of energy and blood, but she was unable to calm it down.

At this moment, the voice of Saint Iniquitous Shadow sounded in her mind: “Relax a bit, don’t try to control the evil qi with the skills you practiced in the past, look at the talisman in front of you, let the qi in the meridians flow smoothly. Relax a little, relax a little more…”

Huang Yueli quickly relaxed her body according to the technique taught by Saint Iniquitous Shadow.

By doing this, the effect was immediate.

Originally, she felt pain all over her body, and her meridians felt as if they were to explode anytime, but after choosing to let nature take its course, her body suddenly felt relaxed.

She could still feel that the evil qi was circulating repeatedly in her meridians, and the direction of the flow was completely different from that of her past practice. Such a disordered flow direction could easily lead to the consequences of a Qi Deviation.

However, Huang Yueli couldn’t do anything else now.

She could only choose to trust the judgment of Saint Iniquitous Shadow, and let the evil qi flow in such a weird way…

I don’t know how long it took, Huang Yueli gradually felt the benefits of such a flow of qi.

The evil qi in her body returned to her dantian after circulating for a few big rounds, and unexpectedly… transformed into profound energy bit by bit! Moreover, it was more pure than what she usually cultivates!

Such a good thing actually happened, which made Huang Yueli happy with such an unexpected outcome!

She couldn’t help being excited. Judging from this, if she can continue to practice according to this, she could turn all the evil qi in her body into profound energy! That was enough for her to directly rush to the Dao Profound Realm!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli no longer hesitated, no longer had her original worries, and began to intensify her cultivation.