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3560 Secret Inheritance (3)

Huang Yueli blinked, “I’m not an evil cultivator, why would I absorb the evil qi? Besides, if the evil qi enters the body, if it’s really harmless, I wouldn’t be so immobile now, right? This is enough to show that I didn’t take the initiative to absorb evil qi!”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow was stunned for a moment, then shook his head and laughed, “You are quite shrewd, little girl! No wonder… Actually, the concentration of the evil qi I left in the secret realm is not high, even if you absorb it all, you won’t be able to absorb it all.” There are too many disadvantages. Moreover, the conditions I set at the beginning was like this, only when most of the evil qi in the secret realm is absorbed will my spiritual sense be clear and the real inheritance will be opened.”

After hearing this, Huang Yueli finally understood.

It turned out that she and Li Moying were afraid that there would be negative effects, and that they could force these evil qi out of their bodies. This action made them unable to meet the inheritance conditions of Saint Iniquitous Shadows.

But now, when she fell into the secret realm for the second time, she was in a trance, and her profound energy had been completely invaded by evil qi, so she couldn’t counter these evil qi. As a result, the evil qi in the secret realm also entered her body and evidently triggered the inheritance.

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli couldn’t help sighing secretly.

The behavior of these seniors and strong men really made them puzzled!

Saint Iniquitous Shadow looked at Huang Yueli, and said, “You fell from the top of the secret realm just now, is it because you accidentally touched the mechanism of the entrance when you left, causing the evil qi to impact into your body, and you almost died?”

Huang Yueli gave a wry smile, and replied: “Senior Iniquitous Shadow, you guessed pretty well, but I didn’t touch the mechanism by mistake, but when I was leaving, I was attacked by the enemy, and the other party’s attack destroyed the teleportation array and also dispersed the large mass of evil qi above! These evil qi bounced off the opponent’s attack and saved the live of my husband and me, but they also invaded my meridians, making me unable to move, so I could only fall in.”

Hearing the words, Saint Iniquitous Shadow shook his head and said, “This is really your fate! To tell you the truth, my original idea was to screen through the thin evil qi in the secret realm. Once I selected a disciple, I would teach that person how to refine the evil qi with my cultivation technique, so that when he leaves, he can just absorb the large cloud of evil qi at the entrance of the secret realm! Don’t underestimate that cloud of black mist, it was carefully refined by me over the years and absorbed countless devils and the energy of the God Clan powerhouse!”

“If it weren’t for your great destiny and extremely high talent, under the impact of so much energy, you would be dead now!”

After hearing this, Huang Yueli also felt a wave of fear.

Unexpectedly, the large cloud of black mist outside was actually a legacy left by Saint Iniquitous Shadow to future generations!

While cultivating, one had to also pay attention to the step-by-step process.

The concentration of evil qi in the secret realm was very low. She did not feel any discomfort after inhaling a little.

If she could follow the plan of Saint Iniquitous Shadow, first learn to refine this energy, and then gradually increase the intensity, so as to absorb the energy from the outside, her safety was guaranteed.

But now, she was directly hurled into the unknown.

Without any basis at all, such a large amount of evil qi was directly poured into the body!

One had to know, the evil qi contained in that black mist was once enough to drive dozens of arrays within a radius of more than ten miles in the entire dense forest, and countless cultivators died in these arrays! Its magnitude of power could be seen.