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3559 Secret Inheritance (2)

“At first, after such a long time, no one could successfully pass the various tests I left behind. I was already planning to give up. I didn’t expect that a genius like you who is suitable for cultivating my lifelong skills would appear!”

Saint Iniquitous Shadow looked at Huang Yueli, smiled and nodded.

He was very satisfied with Huang Yueli.

Originally, as long as that person had a heavenly talent and met the other conditions he set, he was ready to pass on his skills to the other party.

After all, god-level geniuses were extremely rare in the God Realm. They could be met but not sought after, and they had other conditions to meet as well. It was really hard to find them. Saint Iniquitous Shadow did not have such extravagant hopes.

But now, seeing Huang Yueli… this really surprised him!

After hearing this, Huang Yueli was not that excited.

After all, she has also entered many secret realms, and has a certain understanding of the inheritance of various masters.

The moment Saint Iniquitous Shadow revealed his identity, she had roughly guessed why this once peerless powerhouse showed up.

She asked in bewilderment: “Test? Senior Iniquitous Shadow, sorry but I’m very confused, what kind of test did I pass? How come I don’t understand anything you say at all?”

If the so-called test was to decipher the arrays at the periphery and the entrance of the secret realm and successfully enter the secret realm, then when she entered with Li Moying and four guards a few days ago, she had already fulfilled the conditions.

However, she was not able to obtain the inheritance at that time. Even after they searched inside and outside the abode for several times, they did not find this secret room or any clues related to the inheritance.

But this time, she didn’t come in by her own strength at all. On the contrary, she fell into a state of semi-consciousness and embarrassment.

How could the conditions be met at such a time?

Hearing this, Saint Iniquitous Shadow smiled and said, “You must be very surprised. Why didn’t you meet the conditions when you entered the abode last time? In fact, the treasures and medicinal materials I left in the thatched hut and the medicinal field were originally what I was going to give to passersby. As for the real inheritance, I will only leave it to young cultivators with certain qualifications!”

“Certain qualifications…” Huang Yueli repeated in a low voice, thoughtful.

Saint Iniquitous Shadow further explained: “That’s right, the most important requirement for me to find a successor is that this person must have a special physique and be able to withstand a large amount of evil qi entering the body!”

Huang Yueli was startled, then remembered her current state, and couldn’t help but let out an “ah”.

Saint Iniquitous Shadow said: “Actually, when you first entered the abode, you should have noticed that the air in this secret realm is full of evil qi. Ordinary cultivators have very low tolerance to this evil qi. Those who are a little higher, although they can barely use their profound energy to resist for a while, but after a long time, their meridians and spiritual consciousness will be damaged, and they cannot last for a few days at all.”

“However, for cultivators with special physique who can become evil cultivators, it is completely different! Evil qi enters the body and can perfectly integrate with their original profound energy. Not only will they not be injured, but they will also feel very comfortable.”

Having said that, Saint Iniquitous Shadow paused, with a look of doubt on his face, and looked at Huang Yueli.

“Strange, why didn’t you absorb these evil qi when you first entered the secret realm?”