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3526 How Can It Be So Strong! (3)

Huang Fuzhao was leaning on the trunk of a big tree with a rather impatient expression.

“In my opinion, they either didn’t go in or they died inside! How long are we going to stay in this ghostly place? Staring at such an empty forest every day like a fool!”

At first, he thought that this monitoring task was not too difficult, but after staying in this desolate woods for a few days, Huang Fuzhao began to feel uncomfortable all over.

Even though they would sometimes come to the wilderness when they were practicing in seclusion or going out for training on weekdays, they all had a purpose and had something to do.

Now, asking him to wait for people here day after day, and he has to keep his ears open to pay attention to the surrounding situation even while cultivating. There was really nothing worse than this!

Huang Shuangyu was two hundred years older than him, so her patience was naturally much better.

She glanced at Huang Fuzhao, and said unhurriedly: “That’s something we can’t help. Judging from my experience, Li Moying must have entered this forest, otherwise, he must have returned to the Forest Shade Town. When my Third Brother sees him, he will definitely send someone to notify us.”

Huang Fuzhao also understood this truth, but after hearing this, he became even more irritable.

“Then there’s no need for us to really stay here for a full month, right? Even if it’s us, two exponents at the Dao Profound Realm were to enter that ghostly place, wouldn’t we almost lose our lives in it? Li Moying and the rest of his little entourage who are merely in the Heart Profound Realm will definitely die in less than an hour! I have been here for four or five days, and I can be sure that Li Moying is dead, can we go back?”

Huang Shuangyu shook her head, and said slowly: “Elder Zhao, please be more calm and don’t be impatient. My Third Brother made it very clear. This matter was personally explained by the Patriarch. We have to go back and reply, and we must have reliable news. You can’t tell the Patriarch that Li Moying might be dead inside, right?”

Huang Fuzhao was originally full of resentment, but usually his disciples and concubines would go along with him and comfort him, but now the old woman beside him is not polite at all!

He couldn’t express his resentment, and became more and more anxious, and couldn’t help pacing back and forth in the forest.

“Elder Sanbai is really lazy. He only knows that he sent the two of us to this ghostly place, but he stays in the inn in Forest Shade Town, eating and drinking every day! If we had known, we should have discussed the timing with him and we can change shifts every day!”

Thinking of this, his eyes lit up, “Yes, that’s how it should be! The shift should be changed! Why didn’t I think of it earlier? I’ll send him a message!”

As Huang Fuzhao said, he took out a pen and paper from the interspatial ring.

But just as he was about to write, Huang Shuangyu suddenly shouted in a low voice: “Wait!”

“What are you waiting for? Elder Shuangyu, are you willing to stay here for a month?” Huang Fuzhao said disapprovingly.

Huang Shuangyu frowned suddenly, made a silent gesture, and then lowered her voice and said: “It seems that we don’t need to stay here for a month!”

“What?” Huang Shuangyu was shocked suddenly!

He hurriedly turned his head and looked in the direction Huang Shuangyu pointed.

In the dense forest, a team of six young people was slowly coming out from the depths of the shadows.

The young man in the lead was tall and handsome, not to mention, the aura of a strong man was apparent!