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3524 Why Is It So Strong! (1)

However, the moment before her pink lips touched Huang Yueli’s face, Lilac Jadeite suddenly found herself in mid air.

Huang Yueli didn’t feel the expected touch. When she opened her eyes, she saw Li Moying’s face darkened, and he tossed the little girl in his hand onto the grass next to her.

Immediately, Huang Yueli’s body tilted, and she was hooked into his arms, her lips were sealed again.

Moreover, this time, Li Moying kissed her very seriously. After kissing for a while, Huang Yueli almost felt that she could not breathe, so he let her go.

“Little Li’er, what are you going to do with these spirit beasts?” Li Moying said nonchalantly.

Huang Yueli glared at him several times, but the expression on her face didn’t change at all, she was still very calm, it seemed that the person who did that to the little girl and kissed her forcibly just now was not him at all.

Huang Yueli couldn’t laugh or cry.

This man was really…

Such a cute little girl, what’s wrong with a kiss? Besides, those two little ones were just divine beasts, not human beings!

However, Li Moying didn’t think so in his heart, no matter how small or cute she was, she couldn’t kiss his woman!

Looking at his arrogant side face, Huang Yueli felt helpless, so she could only say: “This… I didn’t expect that they’d have tamed so many spirit beasts! If all of these were to be raised in my space, it would cost a lot of money. There are too many resources here… How about this, I think there are several high-level spirit beasts here, maybe Big Brother Tianyi and the others will be interested, let them each contract one, and the rest of the middle-level spirit beasts can be eaten. There are relatively few, so I will keep them here.”

Li Moying nodded without any objection.

The two of them went back with a group of spirit beasts. When Li Tianyi and the others knew that they could contract a high-level spirit beast, they were almost crazy with joy!

You know, the high-level spirit beasts in the God Realm were very powerful and have a very arrogant temperament.

It was already very difficult to kill these spirit beasts, but it was ten times harder to domesticate them. Most spirit beasts would rather die than become slaves.

Those of the Cloudy Qilin Clan who are able to tame high-level spirit beasts were all elders of the Dao Profound Realm. The younger generation like them have no ability at all, nor are they qualified to contract high-level spirit beasts.

“Thank you, Young Master, thank you,Madame!”

The excitement on the faces of the four of them was hard to hide.

It was really worth it for them to follow Huang Yueli and Li Moying along on this expedition!

They didn’t encounter too many dangers along the way, and got so many benefits, whether it was the whole set of mid-level Spirit Armaments given to them by Huang Yueli, the manual that Li Moying gave them yesterday, or the high-level spirit beast contracted today, these were all things they couldn’t get by themselves!

Huang Yueli originally wanted to teach them how to contract spirit beasts.

However, the four guards were from the ancient god clans and the contract technique was much better than hers.

She could only watch from the sidelines.

The six of them stayed in the secret realm for another three days. Since the secret realm was not big, this time was enough for them to search the entire area several times carefully, turning over every corner.

This time, their harvest was not small. The secret realm of Saint Iniquitous Shadow has not been visited by others and almost all the treasures have fallen into their hands.

“It seems that my premonition at the beginning was wrong…” Huang Yueli was thoughtful.