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3521 I’ve Said It Before, You Can’t Do It!(4)

After Huang Yueli spoke, she completely ignored Little Phoenix’s aggrieved eyes as she turned around and walked towards the medicine field not far away.

Yesterday, when they entered the secret realm in the morning, these medicine fields were all green, lush, and covered with various medicinal herbs. Some of them even grew a little too lush because of the age, blocking the roads in the fields.

But now, most of the branches and leaves growing on the ground have been taken away by Li Tianyi and the others, leaving only a layer close to the ground.

Huang Yueli crouched down and began to carefully examine the roots of these herbs.

It turned out that although Li Tianyi and the others had acted as carefully as possible, they were not professional pharmacists after all, and they were also inexperienced. Many medicinal herbs had their roots damaged to varying degrees.

Huang Yueli took a lot of effort to find the most complete one from the remaining branches and leaves and transplanted them into her space.

Huang Yueli’s Sky Phoenix Ring, after several upgrades, has an area of ​​four or five miles. However, after she entered the tenth level, the area no longer increased, but the profound energy of heaven and earth inside became more dense.

Huang Yueli planted a medicinal herb carefully, and then took a bucket of spirit water from the saint spring which was not too far away and gently watered it around the medicinal herb.

“Well, that should be fine!”

Huang Yueli looked at the trembling plants on the ground, touched her chin, and tried her best to recall her previous experience of taking care of herbs in the Alchemist Guild, confirming that she should have done nothing wrong.

However, the medicinal herbs in the God Realm were different from those in the Lower Realm and the cultivation methods were not necessarily the same. Moreover, the higher-level medicinal herbs have a lower survival rate. Whether they can finally take root and sprout in space can only be said to be unknown.

However, just as Huang Yueli was about to leave, she suddenly felt a slight fluctuation of profound energy by her side.

“Eh? What happened?”

Huang Yueli hurriedly looked left and right, and was surprised to find that the small herb that she had just planted had already started to sprout!

At the top of the original withered branch, a cluster of tender green leaves grew at a speed visible to the naked eye!

“Oh my goodness! I… I’m not mistaken, right?? This is a high-level medicinal herb, and Moying told me yesterday that it takes a hundred years to bear fruit when planting this kind of medicinal herb. It takes a year to get a branch! But now it’s… this is too fast??”

Huang Yueli couldn’t believe her eyes!

She stared at the tender sprout in front of her for a while, then suddenly thought of something, and she dodged and left her space.

She returned to the secret realm, and immediately dug a herb on the ground, and returned to the Sky Phoenix Ring again.

Huang Yueli hurriedly planted the herbs, stood up straight, and waited by the side for a while.

This herb didn’t respond, and it still didn’t look very energetic.

Seeing this, Huang Yueli frowned slightly, “What’s going on? Why did the same species of herb sprout so fast just now?”

Suddenly, she patted her head, “By the way, I forgot to water it!”

She hurried to the edge of the saint spring, took the water, ran back to her original position, and started watering the second herb.

The moment she poured the water out, very soon after, the second herb also began to sprout new shoots!

“This spirit spring is actually so useful!” Huang Yueli almost jumped up with excitement.