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Chapter 3519: I’ve Said It Before, You Can’t Do It! (2)

“Hey, Wang Cai, what are you doing lying down? Have you stopped eating these crystal cores?”

Little Phoenix snorted and turned his head away arrogantly!

Hmph! Phoenix also has dignity, don’t try to bribe him with just a few crystal cores! The trauma he suffered just now was very serious!

“Wang Cai?” Huang Yueli poked him again, only to find that her little phoenix was still lying on his back on the ground with her limbs spread out, pretending to be dead…

Huang Yueli immediately became worried, and raised her head to look at her husband, “Moying, what’s wrong with Wang Cai? Could he be ill?”

Li Moying’s eyes flickered slightly. He was a man, so his reaction to what Huang Yueli said just now was much more direct.

He was very clear about the reason why that little thing played dead.

However, his gaze circled around Little Phoenix coldly, and he didn’t speak right away.

Little Phoenix was so stared at by him that his whole body turned cold. He originally pretended to be dead, but now, he felt that he was really going to be scared to death!

Boo hoo, the big devil is so scary. I don’t know why the female devil would fall in love with such a scary man? Wouldn’t she have nightmares sleeping with him at night?

Li Moying said slowly: “It’s nothing, I think it may be underdeveloped, so you can’t let him eat so many crystal cores at one go, what if he eats too much and has diarrhoea? Give him a little less in the future, and he will be fine!”

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes suspiciously.

However, Li Moying’s knowledge in raising beasts was obviously better than hers. One could tell from the fact that his Qilin was raised so well!

Therefore, Huang Yueli still chose to believe him, “Well, well, it seems that I did not take care of him properly and I have to control his diet in the future…”

When Little Phoenix heard this, he jumped up in fright, “No…don’t, Female Devil, I…”

However, before he finished speaking, Li Moying gently clasped Huang Yueli’s slender waist and brought her into his arms, “Alright, it’s getting late, we should go to rest, let the two little ones go play by themselves!”

Huang Yueli said worriedly: “But, it’s not good to put the two of them together like this?” She suddenly remembered something, and grabbed the clothes on Li Moying’s chest, “Moying, I only found out this afternoon. It turns out that these two will fight when they are together! I’m worried…”

“It’s alright.” Li Moying interrupted her again, and said in a serious manner: “The cubs of the beasts can only improve their strength in battle, and it’s normal for the cubs to fight each other. It’s a way to express friendship, you don’t want to interfere when others cultivate their feelings…”

“Ah, so that’s how it is…”

Huang Yueli was relieved, and was obediently led away by Li Moying.

Little Phoenix looked at the backs of the two of them wanting to cry.

What a way to express friendship!

Although they were divine beasts expressing their friendship, it was still the usual manner in which others would! Who would scratch someone’s face with their claws!

Who wants to develop a relationship with that vicious stinky girl!

Female Devil, come back quickly! You can’t just fall into the beauty trap!

It’s a pity that Little Phoenix’s wail did not attract Huang Yueli’s attention.

In the abode of Saint Iniquitous Shadow, besides the storage room, there were also several rooms for staying in.

Li Moying and Huang Yueli occupied the master bedroom, a few guards lived in the guest room, and the two little beasts were placed in the backyard to “cultivate their relationship”.