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Chapter 3511: Isn’t This Courting Death? (4)

The No. 1 killer organization in the God Realm claims to be able to kill any kind of expert, so the fee was naturally No. 1 in the God Realm!

Even for experts in the Dao Profound Realm like Huang Shuangyu and the others, this was not a small sum!

Huang Sanbai shook his head, “This mission is very important to the clan, there is nothing wrong with being careful! God knows if Li Moying will have any treasures that’s heaven defying! You two should also be careful, once you see Li Moying and the others coming out, immediately send me a message, and I will rush over with the Dark Lord’s people!”

Huang Shuangyu didn’t really approve of hiring external help but seeing that Huang Sanbai insisted so much, they couldn’t say anything more.


“Alright then, Third Brother, let’s go there and watch. You just wait for our good news!”

After Huang Shuangyu and Huang Fuzhao left, Huang Sanbai’s face suddenly turned gloomy.

“Second Sister, Elder Zhao, I didn’t want to hurt you, but it’s a pity… Who made you so unlucky to have to take on such a task?”

He glanced coldly outside the door and made sure that there was no one in the corridor, so he immediately put on a black cloak and stepped out!

He went straight to the location of the emblem of the Dark Lord branch.

What he said to Huang Shuangyu and the others just now was not entirely a lie.

From the outside, the branch of Dark Lord looks like a dilapidated and dangerous building. It seems that it will collapse anytime and anywhere. The gate was even covered with spider webs, making people afraid to approach.

Only a master with extensive knowledge can recognize the emblem of “Dark Lord”, and recognize that this was one of the top forces in the God Realm!

Huang Sanbai walked straight to the door, the window beside the door suddenly opened, and a cold voice came out: “Who? We don’t welcome outsiders, hurry up and leave!”

Huang Sanbai’s expression did not change, “This old man is here to discuss a business with you…”

“We only do big business here, and ordinary people can’t afford to pay!”

“What this old man wants to buy is the life of the only god-level genius in the God Realm! Is this deal… big enough?” Huang Sanbai said slowly with a cold face.

When the people inside the window heard this, they seemed to be a little stunned, and didn’t speak for a long time.

Huang Sanbai did not rush to speak again, but waited quietly.

After a while, the dilapidated door creaked open…

Huang Sanbai sneered and walked in.

Inside the secret realm of the Saint Iniquitous Shadow.

Huang Yueli and Li Moying didn’t know anything about the impending crisis.

The two walked hand in hand to the hut in the middle of the secret realm, followed by the two cubs of divine beasts bouncing noisily behind them.

They were still some distance away from the door of the hut when they heard the noise coming from inside.

The two hurriedly pushed the door and entered. As soon as they entered, they were blinded by the scene in the room!

From the outside, this room doesn’t look very big, but in fact, it has been transformed with an array method, and it was very spacious.

And in such a large space, all kinds of treasures were piled up everywhere.

In the whole row of cabinets on the left, there were all kinds of small bottles densely arranged, with the names of medicines written in red on them, and they all looked like medicinal pills.

In the cabinet on the right, book after book were neatly lined up, Huang Yueli glanced at it quickly, and found that among these books, there was no shortage of various attributes.

What made her heart speed up was that on the last cabinet, there were still things she needed most!